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Merry Christmas to you!!!!!
I love that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus together and blog and talk and blog and talk!

It’s Makeover Monday and I’m thrilled to introduce you to today’s Makeover Model, Tammy Rude.
For those of you who are new to this blog, each Monday we visit here to meet a woman who has read my book Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad and see how it’s affected her both physically and spiritually.
 Let’s meet her now!

Tammy has been married for 23 years, second time around, and a mother of three children (two living); Ryan 28 and Sydney 17. She lives in Upstate New York and hates the winters! She has two doggies that keep her company during the day, Boudie and Sadie, while her daughter is in school. Here's Boudie for your viewing pleasure!!!!!

She’s been a stay at home mom for the last 10 years. Before that she was an owner of a dance studio for 13 years until she found out she was pregnant with Sydney and it was then that she closed her studio.

Listen to what Tammy had to say about what she currently does in her life:

“I started volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in 2006 and in a few months, I was asked to be the program coordinator for their abortion recovery ministry. This ministry is very close to my heart because I, too, made the choice to have an abortion and lived with that “secret” for many years.

Now, God is using me to help women come out behind the wall of shame through this ministry “Beyond the Choice.” Being at the center I’ve been given many opportunities to educate pastors and people in the church about how abortion affects all of us. Over the last several years, I’ve shared God’s amazing grace at ladies groups, churches and even our local University about my abortion and the effect it had in my relationships.

After attended the She Speaks Conference in 2007, God made it very clear to me to start writing my story (God’s Story) through blogging even though I never considered myself a writer. Since then, I have met and spoken to many women across this country, listening to their stories about the moment in their lives that they, too, made the “choice” and how it affected them. It has been such a privilege for me to serve our LORD in this way.”

Loved hearing about you, Tammy…thank you for sharing your heart with us and for sharing your past and passion for women to bring God the glory.

Okay girls, let’s get to the makeover! Take a look at Tammy's BEFORE picture:

Now take a look at Tammy's AFTER pictures and get ready to be WOWed!!!!

Whohooooo....doesn't she ROCK?????? See what the right hair color can do you for you???? Unbelieveable!!!!! Here we go!

Tammy, describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read this book:

Once pretty woman but now an old lady with the constant question; “How do you grow old gracefully?” I’ve always tried to take care of myself throughout the years, but when I turned 50, I thought “why try? It’s not going to get any better.”

Inquiring minds want to know all about you! Give details!

I’m 5’1, 52 years old, 115 lbs, red hair (for now) and blue eyes. I was adopted at the age of 2 and lived out in the country until my adult life. I owned and operated a dance studio for 13 years in Upstate New York. I love to act and have performed in the play (three years in a row) at our church “The Christmas Shoes” as the dying mother. I also do monologues of women in the bible; the woman at the well, young Mary, Eve, etc.

Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

Yes. After finishing this book, God pressed upon my heart that everyday that I’m given, I need to do it with excellence, and to take care of this body (you only get one). He has placed me here at this time for a purpose, to run this race until the end…in heels!

What was your favorite chapter and why?

Oh, I can’t pick just one chapter because on every page it revealed to me that it’s OKAY to “maintain and look fabulous at any age.” I’ve invested in better skincare and have gotten rid of my OLD makeup and brought on the new…what a difference! Ladies, my face is glowing!

Wait a minute, there WAS one chapter that transformed my lower half and it was Chapter 7 “Jeans: A Girl’s Real Best Friend.” I learned that wearing the right style jeans changes everything! I’m not sure if I can tell you where I found my “jeans” that fit perfectly for this 52 year old body, so let me ask Shari, I’ll be right back. OK, I found the jeans on HSN and the designer is Diane Gilman and I love them! No muffin top and you don’t have to unbutton the top button if you eat too much during those special events.

What was the most transforming part of all of this?

I went back to red hair! Once I hit the big 5-0, two years ago, I had my hair highlighted and highlighted and highlighted until it was blonde, convincing myself “that’s what you do when the gray (white hair) starts to budge its way in.” Boy was I wrong!

Since I’ve returned to being a redhead I’ve gotten so many compliments. So for now …red it is!

Who do you see in the mirror now?

A woman who is back in the GROOVE and dressing up what God gave me with accessories and style.

Any final words for us?

After reading this book, it taught me to live in the moment and stop worrying about this aging thing and say… “Go ahead, and put some fresh paint on this old barn.”

One time when my mother was standing in front of the mirror at the age of 80, putting on her lipstick; I thought… why would you even care about lipstick at this point in your life? So, I said “Mom, what does it feel like to be 80?” Before answering, she finished applying her lipstick, and placed it back in the cabinet. Then she looked straight into the mirror and said “Oh honey, when I look into this mirror I see a wrinkled old face but inside… I’m still 18” as she pointed to her heart with a smile on her face. I replied “I get it, Mom.”

Why do you recommend this book to others and what benefit does it have for someone who reads it?

This book has it all! It will help you to determine your body type, your style, what works for you and will give you the tools to work on the outside, while God is working on the inside.

Thank you, Tammy!
That was wonderful! We loved getting to know you!!!
And girl, you look AMAZING!!!!!

Last Monday’s winner of the beautiful crocheted dish cloth from Brenda Breckbill is…………..Terry!!!!! Please email me your mailing address so Brenda can get that in the mail to you!

In honor of Jesus’ birthday I’m going to give away a beautiful bracelet to someone who comments on Tammy’s makeover….
so give her some love, girls!

And also, if you’d like to visit Tammy at her blog and read her story in full, please click here. The story is on the left hand side of her blog.

See you back here on Wednesday!!!! Did you like the newsletter? It went out on Friday!!!!! If you didn't get it, let me know and I'll personally email one to you. There's a neat giveaway in there, too! So check it out.

Love ya!



Libbi H. said...


Ruth said...

Hi Tammy, as a fellow red head I think you look great as a redhead again. I love that you look so confident and content within yourself in your after shots. And I love that you are allowing god to redeem the choices you made in the past for His glory.

(P.S. I live in New Zealand so you may not want to include me in the giveaway offer Shari.)

Seams Inspired said...

Beautiful! Your eyes are bright and confident in your 'after' snaps. You're gorgeous, girl...inside and out! :o)

Kim said...

She is so beautiful!!!

One More Equals Four said...

Tammy, you look wonderful! Every week, I think these makeovers are so amazing and think I cannot be surprised again...and every Monday I am floored at the amazing transformation...mine is coming, eventually! Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I had to chuckle as I read about the jeans. I LOVE DG2 jeans from HSN. I actually got rid of all of my other jeans and have replaced them with DG2. I have boot cut, skinny, jeggings, boot cut jeggings - they are really made for women not teens. Now, Tammy, you look fabulous. You went from pretty to pretty amazing ;) I, too, went through the highlights, etc. until I realized that coloring the gray to what my natural color used to be was the ticket (and much simpler). Your clothing style and colors are fabulous. You keep on rockin' it.......


Danette said...

Tammy, you look at least 20 years younger! Outstanding!!! You look fantastic!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Adelyn said...

gorgeous! absolutely amazing. oh wow.

b said...

Oh my goodness! The change is unbelievable and you are beautiful! Who would have thought going back to red would make so much difference!! I love what your mother said and I couldn't agree with her more! I've always loved being whatever age I am. It really is what's inside that counts... but nothing wrong with looking good while being what God wants you to be!

Sara said...

Wow! You are just beautiful! I love the red hair!

GrammaGrits said...

Thanks for sharing her 'story' of life and change. Bless her for her heart for the Pregnancy Center and helping others. What a beautiful lady - inside and out!

Daphne said...

Tammy, you look gorgeous! The hair made such a difference and I LOVE your clothing choices :-) The purse is amazing, too. Just yesterday I told my hubby I needed a new purse (I am a one purse gal and use mine until it falls apart!). I suggested that maybe he could get me one for Christmas...his response, "Only if you pick it out!! I am not going in there!"...referring to the maze of shelves in front of us full of purses ;-) Keep it up, girlfriend!! Merry Christmas, all!!

~Brenda said...

Tammy you look absolutely stunning!
I love your red hair, outfit and handbag; you look younger!
Thanks for sharing your story and for helping others who have had abortions.

Michelle Angelique said...

Tammy, you are a beautiful woman inside and now your outer appearance reflects that beauty! I would stay red if I were you sweet sister because you look amazing! God bless you and the work you are doing for Him!!! smiles

Vanessa said...

Wow! You look amazing! Congratulations! :-)

Crystal said...

Tammy, you look amazing. You have a polished and professional look that will take you wherever the Lord leads you. Enjoy the journey : )

Wendy Pope said...

tammy, you look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great wardrobe selections. Have a blessed New Year.

Elizabeth said...

WOW Tammy! GREAT job! You look amazing. It really does make a difference when you go to or close to your natural hair color. God has made us beautiful and wonderful!! He knew what would look best on us when he knit us in our mother's womb. :) Congratulations on your beautiful makeover! WAY TO GO!

Brenda and Jason said...

All I can say, Tammy, is that you are positively fabulous on those "after" pics! I didn't know a hair color change could make such a difference. I would never have guessed you were 50 in the latter pictures. I think the hair color change made you look at least 15 years younger! The wardrobe choices really rock as well! I'm happy for you! Brenda Breckbill

Andrea said...

Tammy - you are beautiful! And I think your red hair is amazing... the transformation between the before and after pictures was stunning! Kudos to you :)

Lauri said...

See what your book inspires, Shari! Tammy, you look incredible. I thought you were beautiful as a blonde...and as a brunette ~ WOW! Thank you for being an inspiration. At 42, I am starting my "graceful" aging process :) I adore the second outfit...what a fabulous purse!

Have a blessed holiday season!

Anonymous said...

Wow....that is an amazing change!!
God is really using your book Shari!!
Kerri Lynn

Michele said...

Wow! Tammy you are even more beautiful now then you were in the before picture. Clothing color choices look fabulous also.

Ruth Cekola said...

I love the red hair, it looks SO natural! The outfits are fabulous, too. Don't you just feel like a million bucks?!

Regina said...

Another WOW! You look so beautiful with your original color hair and clothing that compliments your coloring. You glow!!

Deb said...

I love your new look. Your red hair really compliments your coloring. It makes you look younger and more youthful.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, your makeover is my favorite so far. Your look fabulous....glowing and full of energy and life.

Before I read about you, I caught myself thinking that I wished I had your build; then I read your story and you are the same height as I am.

I am in the process of reading Shari's book and now feel even more empowered to be able to get my groove back after seeing your pictures and reading your story.

Thank you for sharing,

Beth S said...

Your transformation is so encouraging! I love how you recognized the changes you wanted/needed to make, to make you feel good and reflect God's beauty in you!

Tammy said...

Thank you, Shari, for writing a book that inspires us "good girls" to put some style into our step!

I love your book and your blog.

Your readers have been so kind and encouraging to embrace life at ANY age with their compliments...Thank you everyone!!!

Merry Christmas,
Tammy Rude

NicoleM said...

Holy Cow! This is an amazing makeover. I think the outside of you is reflecting the beauty you have on the inside!

God's Girl said...

Amazing transformation!!! You can she her in glow just spilling out! You look beautiful!!!

God's Girl said...

Amazing transformation!!! You can she her in glow just spilling out! You look beautiful!!!

Elin said...

Tammy, you look amazing!
Thank you for sharing with us!

Lisa said...

What an amazing transformation! You are beautiful and I love the outfits!!!

Kelsie said...

Tammy, you look SO gorgeous! The hair - oh my! What a transformation - you had a lovely face before, but the total after package...just awesome! Keep up the great work!! And Merry Christmas! :-)

Molly said...

Beautiful! I agree with the comment about choosing our natural haircolor as we age. It is still the most flattering. I recently discovered that as well. Tammy you look absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your makeover and inspiring the rest of us.

Terynn said...

A girlfriend/co-wrker introduced me to your site and I love it!

Tammy's makeover is one of the MOST dramatic and for me, it really is all about the hair color!! Wowza. Smokin'!!

Good job, Tammy! You look-a mahvelous!

Anonymous said...

Great makeover. I just love your new do. Looks great on you.
Christmas blessings to you.

Mariah said...


I think it's great you were able to drop the best friend has been a "blonde" her whole life, just recently she went back to her natural brunette hair color and she looks gorgeous!

Praise God and all He is doing in the ministry you're in! I think that's wonderful! :)

Be Blessed said...

Tammy, Your comment "..., but when I turned 50, I thought “why try? It’s not going to get any better.”
Often that is how we feel, but I know that God expects us to love and care for what He gave us. May you feel God's love and the beauty that He gave you!

Be Blessed

rskmom said...

Love, love, love the return to red hair. You look super!

Shelia B. said...

WOW!!!! When I first saw the 'before' pic i really didn't think it was that bad. Just needed a wardrobe update but then i saw the after pic and oh my transformation. Love the red hair and the clothes. You ROCK!!!!

Erin said...

Wow Tammy you are beautiful! You look amazing! Sharis's book is so transforming. Both on the outside and the inside!

Lizabeth said...

Hi Tammy! Congratulations on your transformation. It's beautiful!
I've asked for this book for Christmas as a result of seeing these "makeovers." Really I think that it's more just revealing who we really were created to be, rather than a simple makeover. Now, your inner beauty shines even more brightly Tammy!
I actually recognized your name as soon as I read it and you look familiar. I am thinking we live in the same part of upstate NY! God bless you, your family and your little dog! He's beautiful too! Merry Christmas!

Penny said...

WOW!! Tammy, you look beautiful. Your tranformation is so encouraging to finally get working on my own. Thanks for sharing!

Linda @ Country Road Faith said...

Hey girl over 50,
I think you're nifty.

You go girl, as they say nowadays.
How exciting to look like a new person. Keep on keepin' on