Friday, January 21, 2011

FYI Friday! Eye Makeup, Long Tops and Plus Size Maternity

Hi Fabulous Friday girls!

Ready for some answers to some questions?

Here we go!

From Carol: When you wear glasses, how should you adjust your eye makup? If I wear very much eyeshadow (especially a highlight color under my eyebrows) I feel really self conscious. I'd like to play with some options.

Answer:  Have fun with eyeshadow and experiment. I think we tend to do the same ole thing all the time with our eye makeup so we get in a rut. Anybody relate? As far as wearing eye makeup with glasses, the most important thing to remember is to keep it even and balanced and not wear too much because you think others can't see it. You can wear 1-3 shades of color on your eyes. Sometimes I just wear one lighter color over my entire lid and take it all the way to my brow. If you're going to do this wear a matte color, not one that's too shiny...this will make it stand out too much. Another great way is to wear a color that you like (sometimes I wear green, blue or brown)on the bottom half of my lid (halfway to brow) and then the highligter above that. If you want to "lift" your eyes then wear a deeper shade in the crease and this will do the trick. Basically, with glasses, you have to wear a little more makeup for it to be seen. For those that don't wear glasses, follow the same tips, but just use less. Complete your look with an eye pencil in brown, black or charcoal and finish with mascara.

From Elizabeth: Hi Shari! I am a mother of 2 (my newest one arrived in Oct) and I am struggling with finding some appropriate clothes to wear. I would love to do the makeover for myself and be a model for you but in my searches for my new style I can't seem to find shirts that are long enough for me. I am back to my original size but I have a pooch over my belly from the c-section. I'm 5'8/9ish with a long torso and all the cute shirts in the mall are too short for me b/c they hit right on the pooch! Do you know of any stores that carry longer shirts? Thank you for your weekly encouragement and for the book! I'm loving them both! I pray that God will richly bless you as you attempt to help all of us out there. :)

Answer: You might need a shaper to suck in the little extra poochiness and that will help a bit. But for longer length shirts, try stores that carry tall sizes. Here are some that have tall's in their tops:


My other piece of advice is to look for longer length tunics that are VERY popular right now. Another really good option is to look for longer length blouses in the women's department of most department stores. Look for tunics and blouses like these:

Sometimes it's just knowing what to look for and then voila! You'll find it! Look in stores like TJMaxx and Ross for good picks too.

From Katy-Anne: Do ANY of you ladies know where to get AFFORDABLE (as in $25 or less) plus sized maternity clothes? Ones that are decent and or have a little style to them? I've checked Old Navy, but so far they are the only ones to have anything. I don't fit a Motherhood XL because they are more like M or L's. There are some absolutely gorgeous maternity boutiques but I don't have a hundred bucks to throw away per shirt or dress right now. Getting a heap of stuff for a hundred bucks would be a totally different story.
I've begged friends on facebook to let me borrow some of theirs, but I get no response. I need them really bad as I'm no longer modest without them.
If anyone knows of anywhere (besides useless thrift stores that don't have any plus sizes either) please let me know asap.

ANSWER: Well Katy-Anne, after some research I found a BUNCH of plus size maternity clothes on EBAY. As of today, they had 791 items for sale and at REALLY good prices. You can tell by the pics if they'll be modest or not so I hope you'll check that out. Let me know if it works out!
Here are 2 shirts that I saw today and one was $16 and the other $ they are:

They're pretty cute, aren't they?

Well girls, I'm off for the weekend, no speaking this weekend so spending time with my family. Oh and by the way, I finally figured out how to do the WEBINAR!!! I even got training on it this week...LOL! So, you'll be receiving a code next week to invite you to the free webinar that I promised you! It's gonna be fun! Sooo, here's the thing, I need to know what it is you'd like the theme of the webinar to be....what do you want to talk about where you'll actually SEE me (!) and be able to be "live" and ask questions and visit together? Let's see if we can get a theme going here and let me know.

Also, please "like" my new Facebook page for Fashion Meets Faith, okay? Here's the link. It's going to be a fun place to visit! Thank you for forwarding it to your friends too.

Love you girls!!!! Happy Friday!


Libbi H. said...

Nice tips!

Ashley said...

Katy-Anne: Also for plus sized maternity, look at JCPenney and Target! I found a great coat and denim skirt at Target that I was able to wear my whole pregnancy. JCPenney's offers some great sales and coupons sometimes. Make sure to sign up for (you shop through their site and they pay you a percentage back in cash- once you reach $15, plus they have coupons too); Right now, you get 3% back for JCP. I also found some stuff at a local consignment store that sold baby and maternity clothes. I also have another friend that got a bunch of maternity clothes off Craigslist. You may want to try there too! Hope this helps!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Great advice, as usual!

I just have a word for Elizabeth. I'd suggest you hold off investing money in new clothes until spring. I've done the c-section thing 4 times (the last one in Oct. 2 years ago) and it takes a while for your body to recover - especially if you are nursing! Your ab muscles are recovering from being stretched by pregnancy AND by being cut for the surgery. Invest in a shaper for now and focus on eating healthy meals and exercising. I'm sure you'll see that baby pouch go down by spring. And then you can get some cute spring clothes. Otherwise your hubby will be saying "didn't you just buy new clothes?" Or is that just my hubby? :)

Ruth said...

Have a great weekend with your family Shari. I'm really looking forward to the webinar. Being here in NZ I'm not likely to ever hear you in person so I'm excited to be able to see you "live".
As to topic, I would personally love to hear about different makeup styles and techniques as I am a total newbie with makeup. But I know most people are further ahead than me there and I'm confident from what I've seen so far that whatever you talk about I will really benefit from.

Anonymous said...
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~Brenda said...

Shari, I too wear glasses and eye makeup; thanks for the advice. I am looking forward to the webinar and I would enjoy learning how to make sure I am dressing age appropriate for being in my 50’s.

Mariah said...

Hi Shari, I've mentioned this before, but I would like a visual on how to determine dominant character colors on others...I have a few ladies I'm working with now, and would really like the help with that. Maybe others would like to know how to differentiate between their DCC too, idk...if so, that would be a fun webinar topic! :)
Have a blessed weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

Hope you have a great, quiet weekend. I would love really detailed info on how to dress each body type. For example, I am a b body type but I was a little confused after reading the book. Like if I am supposed to column dress, how do I wear blue jeans? Do you wear blue tops or do you go with something different? Can I wear pattern at all or should I stick with solids. Not sure if others struggle with that too but I know I have been a little confused. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how to dress my body type better too. And learning how to cover up my acne with makeup, until my new face stuff gets rid of it, would really help.

Megan C said...

Hi. I finally got your book...yay! I'm on the color chapter, and really struggling with my dcc. Clarification would be helpful. Thank you for obediently sharing God given beauty advice.