Friday, January 28, 2011

FYI Friday! Makeup, Dresses, and Dressy Pants

Happy Friday to you fabulous fashionistas!

Okay, it's time for some Q and A, so let's get to it!

Q: What kind of makeup foundation would you recommend for the winter months that won't leave me feeling dry and flaky? I'm using a mineral powder one now but would like something new? Thanks! -Bridget

A: I'm excited to recommend a new one that I found and love! It leaves my skin feeling moist and soft with no oily feel OR dry feel. It's Maybelline's Age Rewind Makeup. It costs about $10 or $11 but you'll find that because you can get it in drug stores and discount stores they often have great coupons. I've never had to pay much over $7 since I started wearing it. I think you'll really like it.

Q: What kind of dress do you recommend for my plus size body type? I gain in my tummy. I'd also like to know what kind of pants to buy for a dressy occasion. Thank you! -Ida

A: The key to buying a dress is to remember that you want to look balanced. A soft belted dress (as long as it's not right on your tummy) and one that doesn't cling to your body will look good on MOST EVERY BODY TYPE.
Make certain that you buy a dress in a color that flatters you and your figure. Here are some pics dresses that most EVERYONE can wear. Take a look:

And for pants for a special occasion, look for styles like these
in the dress department of your local department store. NOW is the time to purchase your special occasion outfits because you don't want to be running out to find something new when a wedding or party comes up and you have to IMPULSE shop. NOT Good!

I love Palazzo pants on most body types but save the skinny pants for the X body's or slightly less fluffy gals. Unless, of course, you wear a long tunic over them. If you have a pair of dressy pants in your wardrobe you can then add a pretty silk blouse or tunic in a pop color and be ready for ANY occasion. Tuxedo pants and jacket is a great way to go!

Here you go...some pics!

I'm lovin' all these!

Have a fabulous friday and an amazing you!!!



Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'm loving FYI Friday! These dresses are really cute, especially the green dot one. And the dressy pants are great too. I haven't been able to find many of the wide leg dress pants. Skinny pants seem to be all I find and that is so NOT going to work for me. Could be that I'm just looking in the wrong places. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your willingness to serve as God has enabled you to serve His people.
I have two questions for you--

1. I think I am a deep during the summer months (when I have a bit of a tan) and a clear during the winter months. Are there colors that could cover both DCC's without having to be thinking two different color groups during those seasons?

2. How would you advise color coordinating family photos when each member has a different DCC?

Thanks again, and blessings on your day!