Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: Pure Natural!

Today we feature the clothing style of


A woman who has the fashion personality of a Pure Natural is someone who likes to dress comfortably and also someone who who isn't big on dressing up.

She has an understated sense of style, though she can be fashionable, she definetly isn't the fashionista in the room.

Pure Natural's are the gals who like natural fibers like cotton, silk, linen and wool. She's the gal you'll find in jeans and a t-shirt or a long skirt and tank.

She's the one in the room who probably isn't wearing a lot of makeup and her hair is typically cut in a casual style that's easy to care for. Take a look at some styles the Pure Natural might wear.

Now let's take a look at some accessories a Pure Natural might have in her wardrobe...or would like to ADD to her wardrobe.

And now some SHOES that a Pure Natural woman may like in her closet...and wear on a very regular basis:

And finally, a few more clothing choices you might like as a woman who loves the look and feel of breezy, comfy cotton or guazy fabric.

So do you feel it? Are you lovin' it?

Is this YOU?

Come on girls, tell us if it's this you???

Love you!

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Libbi H. said...


Jason and Brenda said...

This definitely gives me a much better feel for the Pure Natural. I wonder if it's possible to be a mix between this and Classic Modern. I am curious what your pictures for Classic Modern will be. Thanks for the details. They're greatly helpful. Brenda B

Anonymous said...

Shari, thank you - this was a great pictoral walk through the pure natural. Like Brenda, I think I am a Pure Natural followed closely by Classic Modern. I like the comfort level of PN, but don't feel professional in many of the clothing choices I lean toward. I like the fitted and slimming look, but want it to be comfortable and not restricting. Do you have suggestions for dress clothes, business casual that doesn't come off too casual? Monica

Kathy said...

This is ME!!!! Thank you so much for your book, too. I felt really liberated to know that the Pure Natural style of clothing I preferred was, indeed, a legitimate style. I always felt such pressure to be a real fashionista, but that just wasn't me. I always felt like the LL Bean or Lands End look I preferred was just a junky style. As a result, I didn't take as much pride in my clothes. Now that I know that I can dress the way I want and it still looks good(probably even better because it's really who I am), I am enjoying clothes much more! It's a slow work in progress, but I can feel myself shifting and changing. Thanks so much!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Shari - do you have some pictures or suggestions on how to wear scarves if you're a Pure Natural? I want to try to do the scarves thing, but am unsure of how that would look. For some reason, they always look pretty on other gals, but seem silly on me when I wear them. I have just taken to wearing my outdoor scarf around the office when it's cold. But I'm sure that's cringeworthy :) Thanks!!

Kathleen said...

When I read your book, I thought I identified with this style, but looking at these pictures, I think I'm definitely more of a classic modern. I like the comfy fabrics, but want the more tailored look. I can't wait to see what you show us for classic modern so I can see how I match up!

Ruth said...

I feel the same as Kathleen. I'm looking forward to the classic modern pics as well. This is really helpful Shari!

Carol said...

Kathleen, I am with you girl! I always felt like LLBean wasn't a style and I am SO glad to know I'm not too weird with that! Well, maybe I'm weird, but I'm OK! :-) There's a little CM in me,which helps for work. But given my choice, I prefer PN. Thanks for the validation Shari!

Carol said...

Whoops - I meant Kathy, not Kathleen!

~Brenda said...

Pure Natural describes our oldest niece to a tee!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I definitely have Pure Natural leanings - it's the comfort and cotton thing - but am more of a Classic girl. I can't wait to see what you have for that next week!

The question about scarves makes me think - could you do a post just on tips for wearing scarves?

Kathy Friend said...

I long to be a bit more of a Pure Natural?=.

This is not me...but I SO admire those who are. I am horribly jealous of the girls who can wear lip gloss (maybe) and look fantastic. I love the notion of a little bohemian, a little sporty...I wish my feet could love those super cute little tennis shoes.

Would love to see some pics of you gals who have this Pure Natural thing down!

withpatience said...

I am new to your blog and haven't yet read the book--our library doesn't have it! But the pics here of the pure natural are so ME! I love the white dress with black leggings, the red tennies, the white pintucked shirt--where can I get these? I'm heading to Barnes & Noble this week to find your book!