Friday, January 7, 2011


Happy Friday everyone!

WELCOME to the first ever FYI FRIDAY post...this will be a day when your beauty and fashion questions will be answered! Each Friday I will answer a few questions and if you don't see your question answered this week, look for it on another Friday. Keep the questions coming and prayerfully the Friday post will be something you look forward to each week and will help you in your never ending search for REAL significant beauty, on the outside AND on the inside!

Here ya go!

 Q: I am a Warm, so I know that Chocolate Brown is my neutral. Is it possible to wear green tops (from the warm palette) with dark brown pants? (I am afraid of looking like a tree... lol!)

If green and brown work together, which type of green works best? If they don't work, what other pant colors (for a winter wardrobe) can I wear with green - other than jeans? 

A: Hi Karen, you had my whole family laughing as I read your question aloud! My son thinks you WOULD look like a tree but I don't agree and since I'm the fashion expert in this house and NOT him, then you should go with my opinion!
Brown and ANY shade of green go great together! Why don't you pull in an accessory piece like a scarf or necklace that has some of those colors in it to tie it all together. You might even add another color into the mix, like a dark blue denim jacket to make the ensemble more hip. Either way, you are good to go with the green and brown combo.

Q: What are your tips to get a really great cut and style? Also, how much should I tip the girl who washes and cuts and styles my hair?

A: Oh girl, the key to a REALLY great cut and style is in the hairstylist herself! (or himself). Just like anything, there is the good, and there is the bad so it's VERY important to get your hair cut by someone who knows what they're doing. Find someone whose hair always looks good and ask them who cuts their hair. Then try them out yourself. It's really the only way. Keep away from the cut and pay kind of places (supercuts, etc.) because in most cases (not always) but in most, the hairstylists are new and not as experienced in the industry yet.
And for how much to tip? 20% is the going rate.

Q: My questions deal with color. I have my color swatches, but I wonder how "close" the matches need to be. I'm a clear and when I am shopping, it seems to find the match. Also, I'm thinking about knitting an orange sweater for next fall - thinking ahead, but the colors I like aren't on my list.

A: The colors don't have to be exact but should be close. If the color is OFF by just a little bit, then it's fine...go for it! Just remember that as a CLEAR, if the color is brighter, you'll be fine. If it's softer, then stay away. And as for knitting an orange sweater for next fall: Go for it! I'd LOVE an orange sweater for my WARM wardrobe....I'll send you my address! hahhah...Oh wait, you mean YOU want the orange sweater? Ah, No. Basically because Orange isn't going to be big next's more about purples and pinks, which is more your thing anyway (but ALWAYS mine...)smile.

Okay gals, that's it for today! I'll get to more next Friday. Also, I know many of you prayed for my planning meeting today. Thank you so much!
It went very well but my brain is on overload. Some of you won the webinar in one of November's posts and next week you'll be getting details on that. We discussed all kinds of things so as my brain unloads I'll tell you some things that are going on. In the meantime, know that your prayers meant the world to me.

See you on's another FABULOUS makeover!!!!

Love you!


Libbi H. said...

Nice tips~!

~Brenda said...

Shari, This post is very informative and even though I didn't ask the question about wearing brown & green together; as a WARM I now know I can. This is the first FYI Friday and I love it already!

Happy to hear your planning session went well yesterday.

Karen said...


Thanks for answering my question. (Glad I made your family laugh...)

I really like your idea about wearing a dark blue denim jacket with brown and green. I don't think I would have thought of that on my own.

I so appreciate that you answer our personal fashion questions! You are a blessing to us all!!

One More Equals Four said...

I love this! Thank you for doing it! I have so many questions I hardly know how to begin. I guess one question I would love answered is for those of us who are EXTREMELY fashion do I figure out which style I am...I would love to see several examples of each style to get a better idea. I mean, I see pictures I like and know that I like them, but I'm not really sure which category they fall under, does that make sense?

Mariah said...

love this, how fun!

Ruth said...

I wish I had read your comment about the haircuts 2 weeks ago! You are so right. Yes, it was cheaper but I am really looking forward to this cut growing out so I can get one that doesn't look so terrible! Thanks for all these great tips and for making yourself available. Bless you,

Katie said...

First, I love this mother-daughter pair! Ladies, you seem like you have a lot of fun in life!

Second, I have an accessories question. My natural tendency is to go with silver jewelry when I wear black or gray as my neutral, and gold when I wear brown or cream. Is this right, or is it an internal rule I don't have to follow? I don't have a lot of jewelry in pop colors because I haven't ventured that far out yet. (and let's just assume that I can wear both black and brown because I'm still figuring out if which is my DCC)

Thanks Shari!