Sunday, January 2, 2011

MONDAY MAKEOVER: A Look at our 2010 Makeover Beauties!

Hello 2011 and See Ya Later 2010!

I couldn't think of a better way to kick off our first Monday Makeover 2011 than to say a BIG Thank YOU to the women who made Makeover Monday's possible in 2010.

This has become just a popular as What to Wear Wednesdays and I'm excited to see the Model line up for this new year.

If you would consider being in the line up, we'd love to have you! I've heard from quite a few women who received Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad as one of their Christmas gifts so if you are one of them, please
 be one of our models!

And so,
a tribute and thank you to the amazing women of 2010!

Our Makeover Models who brilliantly lived out the book, and became physically and spiritually
enriched because of it.
We love you!

Sue Tipler
Tabitha Dumas

Mariah Richards

Brenda Hill
Carol Grinslade

Ashley Brandes

Mary Boswell

Brenda Breckbill

Tammy Rude

 Kim Brinks

Wow! Aren't they all beautiful?

The winner of last week's book by Jill Savage called Real Moms, Real Jesus is....drumroll......Mary Boswell!  My family randomly selects the winner based on the number of comments received so how fun it is to see Mary win! I think this is the second time you've won, isn't it Mary? 

Also, what I'd love to have happen in comments today is that first, I'd love to hear from the Makeover Models themselves and tell us how they're progressing...will each of you do that?  And second, if you have NOT been a makeover model but you have questions FOR the models above, ask them below...and third, if you comment and tell me YOU'd like to get in the line up, YOUR name will be entered twice!  Oh wait, what are you winning? How about a copy of my book to give to a friend...or maybe you haven't read it yet but you've decided that if you win it, you'll be a model....whatever the case....comment below!

Love you girls!

p.s. thank you for all your prayers while I was lasted sooooo long. My whole family got it and honestly, it lasted over 9 was awful.

Happy New Year!


GrammaGrits said...

I'm reading your book and learning now, but I'd love to have one to pass on to my daughter! Glad you and your family are all well. Blessings on the New Year!

Vanessa said...

I'd like to win a copy of your book! :) Or scarves... or something fun like that! :)

The Calm of His Presence said...

Yay! I love to win things. Shari you are right this is the second time I have won. After I read the book I will pass it on to my sister who just found out she is pregnant with her first child! I actually gave her your book for Christmas. It will be perfect for her when she is ready to get back into "regular" clothes after her pregnancy. I am still working on the accessories area. I received several beautiful bracelets and scarves for Christmas!

Glad you are feeling better!


Libbi H. said...

Do the models travel to your house, or vice versa?

Shari Braendel said...

Hi Libbi, the models do the makeover on themselves while or after reading the book! It's an easy to do process and you don't even need the 'real' me...just the 'book' me! hahahha! love ya!

Carol Grinslade said...

Shari - Glad you're feeling better. There sure was a lot of colds & flu going around this holiday season.

I am still a work in progress. I have a lot of wardrobe I'd like to purge and replace. That's just a time and money will happen eventually. But when I'm in somehing new or something that I had that works color and style wise, I feel so GOOD about myself. more confident, standing taller, proud to be God's daughter.

Thank you so much, Shari! And Happy New Year to everyone!

~Brenda said...

Shari, so happy to hear you and yours are feeling better! What a surprise when I saw your post this morning; thanks for showing our makeover ‘after’ photos!

I received 2 compliments during Christmas time on my hair! It’s the same style I am wearing in my photo; I am keeping this style! I now enjoy shopping for new clothes with a purpose and even though I only a few pieces so far in my ‘warm’ colors, they coordinate with each other so I can mix and match.

I now understand why it’s important to have brown shoes that will go with all of my outfits. I am currently searching for a brown handbag with gold hardware. The process of changing my wardrobe takes time and money; whenever I buy something new I really appreciate it.

I have never worn a fashion statement ring; so when I saw one in my warm colors for half price at JCP, I bought it. Also, I am more adventurous trying and buying new styles as I feel more confident since I have read your book. I speak of your book/blog so often that it seems like we are friends. The other day; my husband told me I looked nice and then asked if the outfit was Shari approved colors. Of course, they were! Everything makes sense to me about the colors I am wearing and I have to write this; Shari, you are one smart cookie!

If I win your book, I will give it to my sister-in-law.

I have made scrapbook pages of my makeover blog post! Brenda Hill

Anonymous said...

This was a pleasant surprise to see one of my "after" photos posted again. I wore my hair down yesterday (absolutely no styling because I was overdue for a trim and styling would have been impossible), and I got about 20 compliments! So, when I go back on Wednesday for my trim, I'm going to let my fabulous hair dresser know I'm going easy this month and want her expert trim for me to simply wear my hair down. It is so amazing what a master designer can do! You were so right about them being worth their weight in gold. How many hairdressers can cut your hair so stylishly that you don't even need to do anything to it to get compliments and look like you tried it!
Also, I've lost 20 pounds now to this point. I feel so much better about how I look and I even feel lighter as I move around. I want to lose almost 40 more, but I'm happy with where I am now, even!
I am having SO much fun shopping and not settling. I just wait for those sales and pair them with my coupons (JCP has some good ones), and then I something else on my wardrobe list. I haven't found a shawl anywhere! I don't know where to get what I want. I don't know if anybody else knows where to find one. I want the kind that looks crocheted or knit(I crochet but don't have enough experience to pull that off) in a cream color.
If any of you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask!
Keep "glowing" Jesus' beauty!
Brenda Breckbill

Ruth said...

Hi there all you lovely ladies. I've said it before but I'll say it again. The thing I really notice about all these photos is the inner confidence these ladies all seem to have- they are content with how they look. If you aren't worried about how you look then the 'real' you can come out so much more easily.

Mariah said...

Hi beautful ladies!
I'm continuing to spend a little here and there on myself. My husband has been very reassuring recently, so I don't feel too guilty. In fact, I just celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary and he surprised me with a gorgeous wedding band/wrap for my engagement ring. When we were married(at age 18) we couldn't afford bands. I waited 7 years, and it was worth it, it's beautiful!

Also, I got so excited about reading the book from Shari that I prayed about starting up image consulting in my neck of the woods (Cheyenne, WY). I have a line of ladies already interested. I'm really excited to help them outwardly, but also to point them to a confidence in Christ. Some don't know the Lord, so it's great to show Him off! :)

I'm almost set with my complete wardrobe. I got rid of everything and replaced it with my colors and style. It's so fun and easy to get dressed now. :) The free wardrobe sheet that Shari offers on her website is a GREAT tool. I use it all the time, even for a guideline for my kids and husband. I don't have enough items to quite fill that up, but almost!

Shari, I'd love to win a book for one of the ladies I'll be consulting!

Elizabeth said...

I have really enjoyed reading your book Shari! I've decided your next book needs to be about shoes...what shoes go with what, etc. :) I struggle with creativity so to be honest I've struggled with putting together outfits. I'm a teacher with reddish/brown hair so I think I need to get some brown boots/shoes but I'm not sure what color pants would match. Thanks for your newsletters! :)

Daphne said...

Hi, All :-) I got Shari's book for Christmas and read it all that day! I felt very overwhelmed at first, but my husband reminded me to take one thing at a time...he's wonderful :-) I have purchased a couple new things in my colors and cute styles. I found great deals at Sam's Club, believe it or not! I will have to work on slowly rebuilding my wardrobe as our budget permits. I also found a great new handbag at Kohl's and since I had some Kohl's cash from Christmas purchases, I only spent $4 for it!! I would love to be in the Monday Makeover lineup sometime :-) I have a dear friend with whom I would share your book if I win it.

Thanks for everything you do, Shari!

Anonymous said...

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Tammy said...

Your book helped me to see that getting older doesn't mean I have to resort to "house dresses and gray hair."

I learned that with the right colors, clothing, hair and attitude, I can look FABULOUS at any age!


Emily B ( said...

All the ladies featured were just beautiful! The makeovers were incredible...

I'm working on me this year---getting healthy and promoting my best assets...what better way to do that than having your book to help! Thanks Shari!

Katy-Anne said...

I have a major fashion crisis and am calling SOS.

Do ANY of you ladies know where to get AFFORDABLE (as in $25 or less) plus sized maternity clothes? Ones that are decent and or have a little style to them? I've checked Old Navy, but so far they are the only ones to have anything. I don't fit a Motherhood XL because they are more like M or L's. There are some absolutely gorgeous maternity boutiques but I don't have a hundred bucks to throw away per shirt or dress right now. Getting a heap of stuff for a hundred bucks would be a totally different story.

I've begged friends on facebook to let me borrow some of theirs, but I get no response. I need them really bad as I'm no longer modest without them.

If anyone knows of anywhere (besides useless thrift stores that don't have any plus sizes either) please let me know asap.


Stephanie said...

I am so loving this blog! Thanks, Shari! I love that it is more then just exterior stuff - that what is in us - Jesus - is the ultimate accessory!

I just ordered the book and it should arrive today! Yay! If I win the book, I want to give it to my mom. We are both in need of wardrobe purges. She, because she just retired and never spent money on her own clothes and me, because I had my last baby 6 months ago and now really need to figure out my style! :)

I would love to be a Makeover Model - just because I figure if I can actually do this, then anyone can. I am so not good at picking out clothes and wearing what looks good on me. I have been so encouraged by everyones stories!

I do have a question for Kim- where did you get your purple shirt? I love the color (I am a CLEAR too) and the cut of it! It looks fabulous on you! Your hair looks amazing, too!

Brenda and Jason said...

@Katy-Ann: It is really hit or miss at garage sales and reuzit shops, which is where I would find my maternity clothing. I was also very blessed that I was able to borrow most of what I needed. I'd encourage you to even check out some online options like Craigslist (being careful and safe, of course) or the website. Both could be a great asset in helping you find very low cost or free maternity clothing in a larger size. I, as well, know that some brands run their sizes on the skinny side. I hope this helps. Congrats and good luck.
Brenda B.

amelia said...

Is this drawing closed? I just found your blog! After two pregnancies, my body shape and hair color changed and my hair got curly! I've been at a loss as to what to do with this new me! I look forward to reading your book!

Lauri said...

I am sick today with a cold, caring for a toddler, Melody, that has a flu which the flu shot apparently did not cover...yes, all this is happening in sweats with no makeup...I took my 13 year old daughter to a speaker on chastity last of their door prizes was a shirt "Modest is Hottest" daughter didn't win it but did love it...I am finding your blog very inspirational...I purchased your audio book which I think now I need to get a visual copy as, although I love your voice and love taking the notes down (reinforcing the lessons you teach), I think I would get more out of a visual. Sorry, I feel I am jumping around here with my 20 pound sinuses saying to lay down with my daughter and turn on your audio book...I wanted to say, thank you for the diversion given to me today, for your inspiring words, and tomorrow, I promise (myself) I won't wear my sweats :)

Lauri said...

@Katy Anne ~ I was in the same bind as you...I hit the jackpot at a GoodWill store. Local stores tend to donate their inventories to GoodWill and I found one which filled my closet with maternity clothing that fit. Also, if you have Kohl's in your area, I their maternity clothing tends to fit those that have trouble with fitting into smaller lines, such as Motherhood (but I loved their maternity panties). Good luck and God Bless!