Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: London College of Fashion Report on Modesty

Happy Wednesday to you!

Today is being devoted to the topic of MODESTY.
As a Christian Modesty Expert, my goal with each audience I speak to is threefold:
  • Point others to Jesus
  • Help individuals see themselves as beautiful the way Christ views them
  • And to embrace modesty as a fashionable way of life
I was recently contaced by researcher Jane Cameron of the London College of Fashion in the UK. They have a faith-based Fashion and Internet Retail Study program for those interested in delving into this world/topic. Here is a description of the program:

Faith-based Fashion and Internet Retail studies the growing market for modest clothing among women of the three Abramic faiths: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. With increasing numbers of women who are religiously motivated to dress modestly, online retailing is making it easier for women who dress this way to combine fashion with faith.

Beginning at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) there is a worldwide chat with international and national people who are interested in the topic of faith-based modesty. They contacted me to join them so I'll be doing that at random times through out the day.
I'd like to invite YOU to join the discussion too. It will be a 24 hour chat time so you can join in at anytime.
Your questions, insight, opinions and ideas are welcome.

The Fashion/Modesty Project has three main aims:

1) To discover if the expansion and diversification through e-commerce of clothes for modest dressing is creating a new retail and style category of 'modest fashion' that has the potential to transcend specific religions and reach out to consumers across faith groups.

2) To explore the extent to which 'modest fashion' is beginning to be recognisable as a form of dressing adopted by women from different faith communities.

3) To evaluate the social and personal impact of modest fashion for the future development of interfaith dialogue and religious/secular community relations.

As Christians, I'd love for as many of you as possible to join in the discussion.
It should be an exciting 24 hours!

Please join the discussion at this LINK anytime beginning at 2pm EST for a 24 hour period.

A few personal notes, Bootcamp was amazing even though we were snowed in and had to force Dillards to stay open for us! LOL. I think we were the only sales they had for 2 days but they did push out out the door at 5pm the first day! The women came one way and left another.....YES!  Pictures to post next week!
Also, I know I said the webinar would be announced today but it still has some final details to get worked on so I hope it will be next week. So sorry for the delay in that. And also, if you have not received your prize that you won over the holidays will you PLEASE email me and tell me? With all the sickness we had here I tried to get them all out but I think I might have forgotten a few....I hate that and want to make sure you get what was promised.

I love you girls!



Carol said...


I thought of another question - when you wear glasses, how should you adjust your eye makup? If I wear very much eyeshadow (especailly a highlight color under my eyebrows) I feel really self conscious. I'd like to play with some options.

Libbi H. said...


NikkiMc said...

Glad the subject of modesty and fashion is getting attention! Living in a college town, I notice that it is a subject that many need to think about!
Question for you: At this time of year, I'm drooling over the clearance sales. What can I "safely" buy this year that will not scream "LAST YEAR" when I wear it next season? I'm specifically thinking of a new "dress coat" - I'm a warm - should I go with chocolate or camel if I want to wear it for at least a couple of years?
Thank you!

Mariah said...

etiquette posts would be great some time. what to wear to a wedding as a guest. day party vs. night party, a job interview, funeral :(, the like...:)

Anonymous said...

What color of purse do you recommend for a soft, that could coordinate with charcoal or brown, maybe a pop color?

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Faith-based modesty. That's an interesting topic. I don't really think if my modesty being motivated because of my faith (Christian), maybe it is. While not wanting to cause a man to sin because of my clothing, I think my motivation is more from respect for myself, the men around me and my husband. My body is for my husband - so why would I want to show it to other men?

I had a conversation with a woman in the my life-stage this afternoon. She shared that her sister-in-law is very into appearance and wears very low cut tops. Their mutual father-in-law once told my friend that when he talks to the sister-in-law he doesn't know where to look: either the distracting overly made-up face or the falling out boobs. Both grab his attention instead of what the woman is saying.