Friday, January 14, 2011

FYI Friday! Winter Coats, Purses and Accessories

Happy Friday to everyone! This is Renee writing for Shari today...I am her assistant and we are in a hotel room in Detroit, Michigan getting ready for her event in Adrian, Michigan this weekend so as I write, she is hollering out answers! It's snowing here...BIG flakes! So here we go with the questions and answers:

Q: At this time of year, I'm drooling over the clearance sales.  I'm specifically thinking of purchasing a new "dress coat" - I'm a WARM - should I go with chocolate or camel if I want to wear it for at least a couple of years?

This is a great time of year to purchase a new coat!  I have seen some wonderful coats and bargains recently.  Keep in mind that to take advantage of the sales you have to make a wise decision so that your purchase will maintain its style and you will enjoy your color choice for several years.

Here are some color choices that would be fun for you. Select the ones that match your dominant color characteristic:

Clear:  red, black, black and white tweed
Deep: black, deep chocolate brown, burgundy, charcoal
Warm: camel, brown, olive green,
Light: light blue, white, light gray
Soft: winter white, tan, navy, camel
Cool: white, icy blue, pewter, purple

Have fun shopping!  As you try on your coats, look in the mirror and be sure you have a good fit all around your body.  Do not be afraid to go up a size if you need to.  Coats should not pull, or they will look too small and emphasize areas we may want to disquise. Because coat purchases can be a significant purchase, keep in mind where you will be wearing  and make a selection that will work in several situations.

Q: What color of purse do you recommend that could coordinate with most outfits? 

Aren't purses fun to accessorize with!?   A good rule in making a color selection for your purse is to coordinate with the color of your hair.  If you only have one purse, choose one that is closest to the color of your hair and it will coordinate with your wardrobe if you are following your dominant color characteristic.
Here are some choices:

Deep:  Choose colors such as deep brown, black, gray
Clear:  Black, Silver gray
Warm:  Brown, mahogany
Cool: Gray, silver
Light:  Black, camel, taupe
Soft:  Medium Brown, Soft gold, silver/gold metallic mix

Once you have your neutral purse selected, here are some choices for pop colors in purses:

Deep:  Burgundy, Turquoise
Clear:  Bright Red,  Bright yellow or Zebra print
Warm: Orange, Rust or Leopard print
Cool:  Blueberry, Hot pink
Light:  Lime green, rose pink
Soft: Coral, Teal

Have fun selecting your purse!  Remember to choose a purse that fits your frame!   Are you a Rock Star, a Glamour Girl, or a Movie Star? 

Q: I have an accessories question. My natural tendency is to go with silver jewelry when I wear black or gray as my neutral, and gold when I wear brown or cream. Is this right, or is it an internal rule I don't have to follow? I don't have a lot of jewelry in pop colors because I haven't ventured that far out yet. (and let's just assume that I can wear both black and brown because I'm still figuring out if which is my DCC) :

This is a great question!  If you know your dominant color characteristic, here is a quick reference for accessories:

Deep:  silver and gold
Clear:  silver and bright gold
Warm:  gold, silver/gold mix, pewter
Light:  silver, gold, pewter
Soft:  gold and silver, or most metals
Cool:  Silver or pewter

Your decision to go with silver when you wear black, and gold when you wear brown is a safe bet, but you will look your best when you take a minute to determine your dominant color characteristic.  Go to mycolor web site and see what your best colors are!

Okay girls, that's it for today! Can't wait to see you on Monday!
Love ya, Shari and Renee


Mariah said...

that was fun and informative!!! :)

Libbi H. said...

Good to know! :)

~Brenda said...

Enlightening post; I'm enjoy learning more!

Stephanie L said...

Good info about the purses! I am a clear (I think - I am so close between a Soft and a Clear on the DCC website...not sure what to do!) and a yellow purse would be so much fun! But I also really LOVE this deep turquoise purse. Would that work? And how do I ultimately decide what DCC I am? I had my husband do the "test" for me, too and he came up with both clear and soft as well for me, depending on just a shade different for my hair color.

Anonymous said...

That was fun! Thanks!

Deb said...

Thanks for all of the great information. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Adrian. It should be a fun day.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

I'd love to buy a new coat in chocolate brown (I'm a warm) but we might be moving from Rhode Island to south Texas this year. I'm doubtful that I'll need a "real" coat but it sure is tempting when I see these great sales!