Monday, January 17, 2011


Happy Monday Makeover Day to YOU! Since it's MLK day things are a little hectic around my house since there's no school, but Luke still had basketball practice this morning so I had to run him to that which is a 30 minute drive AND the roofers showed up this morning to put our new roof on! Hence the tardiness in this post. I like to have it for you first thing in the morning but it looks more like noon is my deadline today!

Today, I bring a bit of a different makeover to you. (And because I NEED some makeovers, girls!!!! If you like these makeovers I'm begging you to get me's the only way the Monday Makeover post can continue.)

I receive lots and lots of emails each and every day and I love them so much. A few weeks ago I got one and I'm going to share it with you. It's a letter from one of my blog readers who also read my book.

So, for today's Monday Makeover Model, here is a letter from MICHELLE!


I have a question about the Monday Makeovers. My makeover has really been more of an
internal change than an external one. I was raised by a woman who is very artistic and has excellent taste and so I have always tried to dress and look my best. I did get rid of the black and a few colors that weren't right for my soft ash blonde coloring but other than that the change on the outside of me has not been that drastic; so I don't know if that would make me a very good candidate for your blog.

I want to tell you how much I loved your book, I even bought an extra one to loan out to my girlfriend and Mom. Besides learning to pick the colors that are best for me you encouraged me to accept and love myself. I never had a healthy self image, even when I was at a lower weight I always saw my flaws and imperfections - some of that was self inflicted but most of it was from the lies that the devil whispered or shouted at me himself or using other people around me.

 I am 5'4" and currently weigh *** (you and my doctor are the only ones who know that!) (Don't worry Michelle, I didn't tell! SB) anyway, after 21 years of marriage my husband left me for a young woman and it devastated me. I thought he didn't love me anymore because of my weight (even though I have always tried to camouflage the "fluff" by dressing nice) and because my body was not young and perfect. Imagine my surprise when I saw his young girlfriend and saw that she was bigger and lumpier than me, I really was upset thinking there was something seriously lacking in me!

God started working on me before I ever read your blogs or book, but He definitely used you to let me truly see with the scriptures that He doesn't just love me but that He is enthralled with my beauty! My weight hasn't changed, I still look like me, but
I have a confidence and a glow from the inside out that I have never had before.

So, whether or not you can use my testimony, I have to tell you Thank You! Thank you, Shari for encouraging me, thank you for being obedient to God and writing this book, thank you for being the wonderful amazing Christian beauty consultant that you are! Thru the grace of God, His love and goodness, you have helped to change my life and I will never be able to tell you how eternally grateful I am to you for being a part of that!

God bless you completely!

In His Love,

Oh Michelle, thank YOU for that amazing letter. I am humbled that I get to do what I do and that the God of the universe allows me to do it.
Girls, I don't like to "toot my own horn" or even let you see others who toot it for me, but her letter touched my heart so much I wanted to share it with you. And just so you know, the credit for the book goes Christ who allows me to do this thing I do.
Love to each of you,


Mariah said...

that was a very touching letter! God bless you Michelle! I can tell you are absolutely beautiful!!! :) The Holy Spirit within you making you confident is so attractive :)...God is good to heal such painful circumstances, isn't He?

Libbi H. said...


Danette said...

Michelle, I hope some day I get to where you are. Thank you for sharing your life and heart!

~Brenda said...

Michelle, you are truly amazing to have shared your story with us!
I can tell God has changed your insides and when He does; our outsides really glow! Even though you didn't send a picture, I know you are beautiful!

You may never know how many women you have inspired today.

I can tell you are a blessing to those around you!

Jason and Brenda said...

Even though your letter was directed at Shari, I feel encouraged by your words. Thank you for sharing and for being so real. I also am so grateful for Shari's book!
Brenda B.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, what a beautiful letter. Thank you for putting into words what you and I have experienced through Shari's teachings. We are learning about the freedom of Christ's love being unleashed in our lives. Sister, it is a beautiful thing! You are not alone. I am lifting you up in prayer. We all have places in our lives that need to be touched by our healing Father's hand. ♥Monica

Carol said...

That's the best Monday makeover yet. And there have been some astonishing makeovers. Michelle, to get to where you are now from where you were....God is doing great things in you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. God bless.

Kim said...

Thanks so much for sharing that letter!!!

Deb said...

You are truly beautiful both inside and out. Your words really inspired me.

Shari, I know I already said this on facebook but you were truly inspiring on Saturday in Adrian. Your presentation was so much fun.

If any of you girls have a chance to see Shari in person, it is so worth it. She is an amazing person.

The Calm of His Presence said...


Your letter says it all! The beauty God gives us on the inside as we grow deeper in His Love is so much more important than what we look like on the outside. We can look perfect on the outside but be a wreck on the inside. When God's love shines through us that is when our true beauty shows. I know your letter was a great source of inspiration to many people. Thank you for sharing your heart.


Daphne said...

Michelle, I am amazed at the stories that are shared here, and your story is truly touching. It brought me to tears. I imagine that most of us have felt pain and I believe that your courage to share this has touched more hearts than you know. The Lord is using you in amazing ways. Continue to share your beauty for Him!!

Prayers and Blessings!

Michelle Angelique said...

I am so truly touched by the love and support that you all show. I wasn't expecting this email to be published for you all to see but I am thankful that the testimony I have thru Jesus has touched so many. It seems as a nation that we have raised women to believe that they aren't worthy or beautiful. I wish that all women, no matter their age, could read Shari's book and have the Holy Spirit to love on them and show them how beautiful they are in Jesus' eyes. I guess for that to happen we will all have to be in heaven, but oh, how wonderful it would be if we could reach all the women around us and show them while we are here on earth!

God bless you all and may His Word, Love and Grace reach everyone and show them how much worth they have to Him!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I agree with all the comments - this was very good! What growth she has shown us all. What a wonderful way to show God's glory!!!

Anonymous said...