Friday, February 11, 2011

FYI Friday: Color, Horror-Mones and Scarves!

Happy Fabulous Friday, Fashionistas!

First of all, the winner of yesterday's awesome accessory goes to.....


You are the winner beautiful woman so email me and give me your address so I can send you something magnificent!!!!!

I'm so glad you all loved the Fashion Personality Series so much...I enjoyed bringing it to you so we'll have to do more things like that.
Maybe body types next???? Hmmmm....Or Color Groups????
Whatcha think?

On to today's QUESTIONS...for FYI Friday!!!!!

Here we go:

Q: I've been rolling this one around in my head this past week.
Back in the 1900s (late 80s/90s), your correct color just needed to be near your face.
But I am now wondering if I should even have khaki/tan pants or skirts in my wardrobe.
What's your opinion on this?  Thanks! Diana

A: I think the reason color experts said you only had to wear the correct colors near your face is because no one wanted to be so bossy to tell you to wear the right colors all the time....and then along came Shari....hahahahaha!!!!!

Sooooooo, as you begin to wear your best colors, you def want to keep them near your face. BUT, in order to build a successful wardrobe that will mix and match, all the time, from season to season, you will eventually stop buying the wrong colors (even on the bottom!) and replace with the RIGHT colors...even ON your bottom!
So, bossy Me tells you to start buying khaki and tan....for pants and skirts, too...if khaki and tan ARE your best colors...if not, you know what they are.

Q: Black twill pants - even the ones that are supposed to resist fading fade so quickly. I've tried the trick for jeans that you use, Shari, but it doesn't seem to work on twill. Any suggestions? Thanks, Carol 

A: You may already do this, but you MUST wash them inside out. And honestly, that's the best thing I know to do other than the tip I gave you in the book that you seem to already know about. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, to maintain the consistency of dark color jeans, simply soak them in warm water with a cup of salt for about 20-30 minutes, then wash inside out using a cold water rinse.

Q:  Does someone always tend to fall into one style category (Fashion Personality?) Because I know my mood changes a lot (thank you, horror-mones). And with my mood change I like to change up my I a bi-polar dresser? or what? lol, I guess I do kind of relate to Creative Original, but not fully...idk...:) I go from girly and romantic, to hippie, to classy, to rock n roll, to -Mariah

A: Oh Mariah you're cracking me up...and I'm sure everyone else is cracking up too after reading this! Horror-mones????? Now THAT's a good one!  And Bi-Polar Dresser???? Girlfriend!
See, here's the thing. The reason for the style categories is because most women need guidance on figuring out how to put things together...hence the style categories make it so much also helps to know what your style category is so you can shop and know WHAT to buy. Most women are mainly ONE category and then can add accessories from other categories to go outside of their fashion style box. But we all know, dear Mariah, that you are a fashionista and can probably wear all of them...and look good too! Love ya! Mean it!

Q: Do you have some pictures or suggestions on how to wear scarves if you're a Pure Natural? I want to try to do the scarves thing, but am unsure of how that would look. For some reason, they always look pretty on other gals, but seem silly on me when I wear them. I have just taken to wearing my outdoor scarf around the office when it's cold. But I'm sure that's cringeworthy :) Thanks!! Kathy

A: Good question! The most important thing is to wear a scarf that is a natural light weight fiber like cotton. Then simply wear it around your neck either draped in front or close around your neck. Here are three pics to help you visualize how they might look:

Okay sistah chicks! Hope this was helpful today....

Remember that YOU are a BEAUTY....
exactly as you are.

You DON't want to miss Monday's Makeover next's a 'heart-felt' makeover in honor of Valentine's Day!

Love you all!



Libbi H. said...

Lovely post! Great tips

Karen said...

I love the idea of focusing next on body types. There are a lot of us who are hybrids, and some tips would be so helpful! I LOVED the fashion personality series and got some great tips for keeping my classic look fresh!

Kim said...

I think I'm agreeing with everyone! Body types!! Plus, I still would love more color help. I don't know if I will every feel completely confident with this area.

Are you coming to Michigan? Let me know! However, I would wait till the snow melts and it warms up. You Southern gals, might struggle. Hehehehe! Love ya!

Carol said...

Oh Mariah - I'm sitting at my desk chuckling. I love your sense of humor! Notes to self...horror-mones and bi-polar dresser. I'll be using those. Hope you don't mind!

Shari - The pictures were so much help. I vote for color next!

Karen N said...

Thanks so much for this series on Fashion Personalities. It has been so helpful!

I would like it if you would next do a series on Body Types, and after that one on Color Groups.

Mariah said...

:D I actually heard the horror-mones thing somewhere when I was a teenager, so I can't take the credit. :)

I would love to see a post series on body types and colors...that would be fantastic.

Guess what I did today? I spent ALL day shopping, with my 2 and 4 yr old for a 13 and 15 yr old girls who are going to the Capitol Building next week for Teen Pact. They needed helping dressing up professional. :) Long day of shopping, but lots of fun! :)

Mariah said...


What kind of outfits are Cruise appropriate? I know you've been before, Shari, what would you suggest?

My husband and I booked a cruise for the end of this year, and over the summer I want to collect some pieces for outfits. I'm thinking high heels won't be pleasant if I have to walk back and forth across the ship all day or on an island, etc...but idk, maybe it's fine. What's about the Captain's Dinner, fancy or not? etc...maybe you could do a fun pre-summer vacation post...:)

Megan C said...

Help...colors! After reading the book, I'm still uncertain how to figure out DCC and color accordingly.
Thank you!

~Brenda said...

Mariah, you could be a standup comic; love your way with words!

Shari, I would enjoy a series on colors. I just love your blog and how you answer fashion questions.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Mariah is too funny! I think a series on body types or coloring is a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Mariah, I would go for flip flops or tennis shoes when walking around. I wore heels to the dinners, when I went on a cruise, and even from walking around and getting my pics taken, my feet started to hurt, but mabye thats just me.:) I loved your whole horror-mones thing! LOL.
And Shari, I vote colors!

Anonymous said...

Shari -

Thank you for being BOSSY! =)
I will make the necessary color corrections right away!!
Speaking of COLOR -
That's my vote!
I originally reported in as a CLEAR but, as I keep returning to and studying your book, I am thinking I am a DEEP.

- Diana

Kate said...

My vote is for COLOR as well! With my blue eyes, fair skin, and medium brown hair, I am sometimes diagnosed as a clear and sometimes as a soft when I took the quiz. I had a hard time determining from the book as well. I didn't feel my coloring really resembled either group of women in the pictures. Some more variety of pictures of the DCC's would be wonderful!