Monday, February 14, 2011

A Makeover of the Heart: Daphne Roberts

Happy Valentine's Day!

I pray that today brings you much joy and that this special blog post brings a smile to your face.

My special guest today is Daphne Roberts. Daphne has been a reader of my blog for as long as I can remember having blog readers....much like many of you...and I am sooooo grateful for that. Daphne's makeover is of the "heart" well as the visual kind. Daphne has opened her heart up to share her struggles with cyclical depression and how her makeover affected her overall well being.

Let's meet her now....and I'm showing her first pics in her before and after COMFY clothes....look at how simple changes in color (she's a DEEP, so by adding a comfy sweatshirt in the RIGHT color brightens her up). Take a look:

Daphne in her BEFORE comfy outfit (notice too light color tends to fade her beautiful coloring.

And her she is in her AFTER comfy clothes! Just a change in the shade of colors, the brighter pink top and the deeper bottoms, makes all the difference!

Let's hear from Daphne now:

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! In honor of the day, I am sharing a story from the heart with you. I pray that this touches some of you and helps anyone who may go through similar times.

I’ve been faithfully following Shari’s blog for over a year. I love the practical, Godly advice that she gives to us “regular” gals.

I sent the Makeover questionnaire and some pics to Shari a couple weeks ago, in the midst of what I call a “downtime,” and as I started to come out of that, I looked at it again and cried.
It seemed like a mask over what my life really is. I felt like I had given canned, expected answers…truth, but not at all what I was really feeling.

You see, I suffer from cyclical depression, among other things. It is something that I’ve been aware of for years, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until a couple years ago after I had already been diagnosed with some heart issues and sleep apnea. I never quite know when it’s coming, but I sure do know once I’m a couple days into it!

When I was diagnosed with the other things, I made some changes to become healthier. I lost 50lbs and was only 4lbs from my goal weight. Then the Dr. put me on meds to treat the depression. I gained 10lbs in 3 days. It also made my heart issues worse, so we changed meds. I gained another 5lbs. Somehow, that just didn’t seem to help the depression! I lost my motivation and, since my self-worth had become tied to my weight loss, I lost my sense of who I was.

That was a year ago. I’ve lost a bit of the weight again, but am working harder to rediscover myself in Christ.

My wonderful husband has always been so loving and supportive. I have never felt anything less than treasured by him. The Lord blessed me beyond measure when He brought us together!

It has been with his loving kindness that I’ve come to see just how much this affects our family and I’ve been trying to work through the tough times in a more positive way.

He bought me Shari’s book for Christmas and I read it in a day!

 I became overwhelmed because I saw so many “problems” in myself that needed attention! He gave me a big hug and reminded me that God didn’t do it all in one day, so it was ok for me to take baby steps. He has encouraged me to buy some new things that fit into our budget and will expand my wardrobe options.

The second week of January, I could feel myself slipping into a “downtime.” I resolved to remember what I had read in the book and to not spend the next couple of weeks in pj’s or sweats! I didn’t want to even run to the grocery store that way, anymore! I focused on remembering that I am a beautiful creation and that I am WORTH taking care of…please allow me to share a few things that I worked on during that time.

First of all, shower right away in the morning.

 I’m not kidding when I say that there are days when that seems like too much and if I put it off, it doesn’t happen. Secondly, wear real clothes. I found that for me, even a coordinating lounge set or track suit is better than pj’s or sweats. I actually have a picture here of the set that I bought. I’m a DEEP, so I have black pants and a dark raspberry colored top. Another tip is to do just a little bit with your hair. I really do mean a little, too. I spend about 3-5mins most days; just enough so that it doesn't look like I just got out of bed.

Also, you’d be surprised sometimes how far a quick swipe of pressed powder, mascara and a little lip gloss will go!

We home school our 2 beautiful children, so another trick for me was to smile at my kids and give them hugs throughout the day. The biggest help has been to really give this over to God. I find myself talking to Him a lot more now and it’s easier to get through a day knowing that He’s right there beside me. It’s not that I don’t still struggle, it’s that
 I know that I’m not struggling alone.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing my story with you. I tried to stay focused, though my whole story could be a novel! If you experience similar things, please know that you are not alone and there is at least one person in this world praying for you because she knows how you feel!

I’d love to support my sister, who has a site where she sells tile necklaces that she makes. I’ll be giving away two of her pendants with the ribbon necklaces. We will contact the winners and let them choose their tile design and ribbon color. I’m including a photo of a couple of her necklaces.

If anyone else is interested, they can visit her site at . She mostly has kid’s designs up, but can make a pendant using most any image you like.
(Note from the time of this posting, it told me the etsy shop was having trouble showing.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you sweet Daphne! Your beautiful story and smile will bring joy to many today and we appreciate your honesty.
Love you much, my friend.

Ohhhh girls, don't you LOVE her honesty? Her realness?
Well, show her some LOVE of your own.....and maybe you'll win one of the necklaces!!!!!!

Happy Heart Day y' they say here in the south!

Love you!!!!!!



The Calm of His Presence said...

Daphne, You are truly beautiful inside & out! Thank you so much for sharing your story. Even after my makeover there are still days all I want to do is stay in lounge pants and sweats. Thank you for showing how beautiful you can be even when lounging. I think I'm running to target today to find something in my pop colors :). - Mary

Karen said...

Hi Daphne! I'd like to second what Shari said, thank you for being so honest because it's true, a lot of us have big struggles and the EASY thing is not to mention it. But it seems when you do, you are blessed beyond measure because what you have done is to help others who struggle. Does that make sense? As for your makeover - you made great color choices - LOVE the pink/raspberry on you! I have similar coloring and am always drawn to the deep pinks/raspberries when I shop (as well as black and white!) Also, thanks for saying you can fix your hair so fast, because it looks great and sometimes I think I have to spend way longer than that to look good. Guess that's not true! It is always great to hear the stories of how God is meeting us right where we are, always encourages me to hear that! What a blessing to have such a supportive husband - I'm sure you treasure that! If it were just about your makeover, I'd say you nailed it, but your story is so much more than that. Thanks for encouraging me! Karen

Lorri W. said...

You rock, Daphne :) I can totally relate to your story in alot of ways. There have been many days when I think how do I look my best when I feel so bad? Girl, you just do it. Like you said, a shower, quick hair and a little mascara and lip gloss - it really does wonders. Thank you for sharing from your heart.

Stephanie L said...

Wow, Daphene, thank you so much for sharing your story! It really touched my heart. And can I say, you are truely beautiful!

Danette said...

Daphne, you breathed life into me today! Thank you for your transparency and open heart! You look absolutely amazing!!!

jacque said...

Thanks for being so honest Daphne! It's so great to hear from real people. So often all we see is the sugar coated and that gets depressing to us "real" girls out here. You look wonderful and I love all your little tips. I've found too that a smile and a hug goes a looooong way to making a day better, even if you're not "feeling" it that moment. Keep looking up!

Anonymous said...

Daphne.....just openly sharing your struggles helps others suffering with the same know they too can move on! Thanks for sharing! You have blessed many people today!!!
Kerri Lynn

Jolene said...

Thank you for sharing your story Daphne - and how you found your true strength in God. You are beautiful inside and out!

Emily B ( said...

Daphne, thanks for being so honest with your story. It's refreshing to see women open up here wharing their struggles and triumphs. May God bless you and your sister!

Jason and Brenda said...

Daphne, What a beautiful woman you are! You look absolutely pretty AND fun! I really appreciate your honestly and openness. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but it will encourage many ladies out here. God thinks you're absolutely delightful! Blessings to you and your family.

Mariah said...

I see a beautiful woman in these pictures and I can't see why she would ever go into a "downtime", but I too, have the same depression issues. It's weird, because I could be so joyful one minute, thanking God for my family, and then the same day want to cry my eyes out. I eat healthy, so it's not that, I sleep decently so it's not that. I still have yet to figure it out. I thought I had it all figured out a couple years ago and then life happened and I was crying on the lap of my savior at square one. Depression is serious and lonely and I NEVER thought it was really a problem, I thought people should just snap out of it. I scoffed at others like that. Now I know, people with depression aren't less of a Christian, they are real, life affects them and solving the problem isn't always the answer. Like Daphne said, you just have to get up and take a shower, get ready, and smile! Through it all...thanks for that! You are truly beautiful, Daphne!!!

~Brenda said...

Daphne, thanks for your openly honest makeover; I'm sure you have helped many women today. You look great in your new colors and I love your smile!

GrammaGrits said...

Daphne, thanks for your honesty in sharing - it will touch many hearts. You look gorgeous, and your suggestions were right on! Blessings!

Jan said...

Thank you, Precious Lady. Hope is given to many this day, from the heart of one who has been there, and most likely will traverse that road again, hopefully not as frequent or as deep. It helps to realize that when going thru the struggle of depression of any kind, you aren't alone. Sometimes it is too painful to share. Thanks for your hope to others. Jan

Ruth in the Desert said...

What a wonderful testimony!

Crystal said...

Dear Shari and Daphne,

Daphne, thanks for sharing your story. You have an inspiring testimony. My mother has suffered from depression, so I do some of the tricks you shared so that depression doesn't become part of me.

I take my shower right away and get dressed and ready for my day no matter if it is even a stay-at-home day, which is my favorite kind of day :) I do it some for my husband but mostly for me because I know my self-worth will be better by taking that time.

Another tip I've learned recently is to look in the mirror and say verses out loud of how God sees me.

Have a blessed day to both of you!

rskmom said...

Amazing story - thank you for sharing!

Karen N said...

Thanks for sharing your makeover - both inside and outside.

I really appreciated your statement that ''you are a beautiful creation WORTH taking care of'' as I am dealing with my worth and how God sees me.

I love the raspberry color on you - it's so joyful!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the honset testimony. I get tired of hearing - and occasionally hurt by hearing - that if you turn it over to God, you won't be depressed - no need for "happy pills" as a former pastor told me. Christians shouldn't be depressed. Baloney! Just like God works through a physician's hands and knowledge treating a physical concern, I think He uses the correct therapist or counselor and medication as His hands on earth for those of us who need that kind of help.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Thank you for your transparency!! As a home school mom I know all too well how easy it is to spend the day in pjs or sweats and how hard it can be just to take a shower every day. Sounds like you're making great progress with small, doable goals! Keep up the good fight! (And that plum jacket is gorgeous!!!)

Anonymous said...

Daphne, thank you for the challenge to stretch and do the things that are sometimes difficult. Your story resonates with many of us reading the blog today. The beautiful part is you are trusting God one step at a time. As you make the next right choice, He is right there being faithful to you. Thank you for sharing your story and the photos. You look so pretty in the belted dark pink coat!

Dee said...

Daphne, I appreciate your testimony. It is wonderful and amazing how the Lord can use complete strangers to confirm what He is speaking to your heart. Identity. Thank you for your story. Blessings to you.

mary said...

Pretty in pink! You're beautiful, and I bet your kids listen better when you feel "put together". Thank you for sharing.

Kelsie said...

Just today I made myself get a shower instead of waiting till my boys were down for their nap. I knew I needed it NOW. I appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one who struggles...And Daphne, you look great! I'm amazed at the 1st Before & After pics!! One day at a time, girl - keep it up!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Daphne -

Thanks for your courage and honesty! Wow! Those colors really make you shine! And I love your hair! -)


Lauri said...

Daphne ~ I admire and appreciate the courage it took for you to share your story. I admire and appreciate your appreciation of life and your recognition of what you have. Most importantly, I admire and appreciate the fact that you have inspired others to seek healing.

Thank you ~ Lauri

Daphne said...

I wanted to write a thank you earlier this week, but have been very sick, so I'm sorry this is rather late.

First of all, THANK YOU all so much for your kind words and encouragement! Each of you is a wonderful and dear daughter of the King and I am so blessed to know you through this blog! I pray that those of you who suffer as I do (or have any other suffering!) would find peace, grace, and healing in the hands of our Savior. It is a painful journey and one best not faced alone. Know that you all are being held up in prayer. Blessings to each of you!

P.S. For anyone wondering...many of the pieces in my pics were purchased at Sam's Club at great prices :-)