Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: Color Series Begins!

You asked for it, so now you're getting it!

We had so much fun learning about the Fashion Personalities that now I'm going to bring you a series on


As I was thinking about which one to start with I received an email from someone and because of her email, we are beginning with

Before we get to her email, I want to take the time to explain the COOL category. See here's the thing. Many of you are already gray...or silver....or white haired....but you color it up, right? And for many of you, that's a fine thing to do. But then there are some of you who struggle all the time just trying to KEEP those grays hidden.

(If you THINK this COOL section is NOT for you....please keep reading....because one day you MIGHT need this info...and perhaps like the woman who sent me the email, it's for you now, but you don't THINK it is..ha!)

When it comes to color, remember, the BEST COLORS for you to wear for your clothes and your makeup is determined by your
DOMINANT COLOR CHARACTERISTIC...that is, what is MOST dominant about you when you walk into a room. It has to do with your skin, your eyes, and your hair color...typically, your NATURAL hair color....but in most/many/all/some cases you don't know what that natural color is anymore...hint, smile.

So let's go over it.

You are COOL...if your MOST dominant, outstanding feature is your gray or silver hair. You might have pinkish skin tone to go with that hair (or you might not) and you may have blue eyes (or you might not.)

You see, when you have GRAY or SILVER hair, THAT is what is MOST dominant about YOU. Therefore, it really doesn't matter what your skin or eye color is because when you walk in a room, your HAIR  is what others will see first on you. And because of this,


If for you, you are having too much trouble coloring your gray hair, then you might want to consider going all in the case of the woman I'm featuring today. (Not every week will I feature a real live woman...but in this case, her email to me was just so timely I had to include it.)

Here's her email:

Dear Shari, This is Tamara...No doubt you remember me from the Girl's Getaway Cruise, but just in case, I am the Creative Memories Consultant that was appalled that your assistant suggest I stop colouring my hair and celebrate my natural "greyhood". Well... I took the plunge and am now officially grey, although I wouldn't really say "grey", but rather white/silver/blue grey,


Everyone, and I mean everyone,
says that they love it on me
 and a few even said that they were willing to give it a try themselves!

I am finding that my clothes look better on me, my make up is more attractive, and I feel really good about myself!
So thank you (and thank your assistant, Renee!). I have attached a picture for you so that you can see for yourself.


Now, would you like to see what Tamara looked like BEFORE she went back to her natural hair color??????

Of course you would!!!!

Now you tell me, which way do YOU like her better???

I know, I know, isn't the GRAY hair AMAZING on her??????

I mean, she's a beautiful woman no matter WHAT her hair color, but the natural gray just makes her look pretty darn sexy, too!

Here she is with some friends:

Pretty hot mama, wouldn't you say????

Okay, now here's a pic of the color swatches for a COOL:

I know it's a little hard to see here but it's at least a sampling. The best colors for a Cool are anything with a blue that means NOTHING with a yellow undertone....okay, so what does that mean?

GOOD Colors: Blues, Pinks, Purples, Rose, Black, Gray, Charcoal, Greenish blues, White, Silver Accessories, Zebra Print, etc.

BAD Colors: Yellow, Browns of all shades, Beiges, Tans, Gold Accessories, Leopard Print, etc.

Got it? So what do you think of Tamara? Pretty neat, huh?

If you are unsure of your best colors, please visit my website for a
FREE Color Analysis...go HERE!

I love you girls!!!!!!

Guess what I'm giving away today???????
A set of COOL Color Swatches!!!!!
Just comment below about WHY you'd want a set of COOL swatches! Are they for YOU...or for a special mother, sister, or other special someone in your life?


Anonymous said...


Tamara -
You look marvelous in your natural hair color! Truly!!

And, Shari -

You must have put this in really EARLY Wednesday morning, because Tuesday isn't even over for me!!! (PST)

Happy Wednesday to you all!!!


Ruth said...

Tamara,you look fantastic with naturally gray hair! Lovely!

Shari, I would love to win the cool swatches for a wonderful older friend of mine who has embraced her white hair. She has "adopted" our son with Down syndrome as another grandson and he adores her. Most weeks he spends some time over at her place and that gives me a wonderful break. She is such a special honorary member of the family.

Tricia said...

I would love to receive color swatches. I consider myself a "plain white button" and would love to wear more flattering colors.

Tamara- you look amazing!

sharon said...

Tamara - You must be delighted with the change! Your silvery hair actually makes you appear more youthful....and who doesn't want that!

Danette said...

Tamara - you look soooo pretty with the gray hair!!! You even look younger!!! Yay for making the switch!!!

jacque said...

I'm not a cool so you can take me out of the running and give the swatches to someone who "needs" them but...I loooovvveee the natural color Tamara! Who would have thought - you look younger with grey hair! You go girl!

b said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! What a beautiful lady - and Tamara looks so much YOUNGER with the gray!

Anonymous said...

I already have my "cool" swatches, but I had to tell Tamara how wonderful she looks. Shari, you based my cool coloring on my hair which is about 50% grey (according to my hubby and my bff...I of course don't see it :-) )After seeing Tamara, I'm ready for all!

Dee said...

Tamara looks wonderful. I'm trying to find the courage to do the same. I'm 61 and think the natural thing would be to go gray, but mine looks ugly. My best friend says I can't go gray because not every body can pull it off. What do you think? I can't decide whether I'm cool or what but always get compliments when I wear pink. Maybe the color swatches would help. Thanks so much.

Stephanie L said...

I just have to say..Tamara, you are beautiful!!! I LOVE the grey on you!

I am 33, I only have a few greys, but I am planning on going grey naturally and this only confirms my decision. What a beautiful woman!

And very good to know about the COOL colors. I have a slightly cool/neutral color of brown hair and I thought that meant I should always wear cool colors. But not yet, I guess! :)

Thanks, once again!

Jason and Brenda said...

Please remove me from the running for the color swatches, but I want to comment for Tamara. The grey hair is soooo perfect on you! I'm so glad you switched to your new God-given color. I wish every woman could embrace their best hair coloring--the God-given one--because it's always the best one for them! You look fabulous and much younger at that!

Mariah said... the hair Tamara!!!

I don't think I need the color swatches yet, but Shari, eventually I need something for each color category, for when I help all these ladies and teens asking for help...let me know the best option and I'll save up for it. :)

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Tamara looks great!

I'm just not ready to go gray. I am using a temporary rinse on my hair and I think I look better. Maybe I am "fooling myself" but even my husband agreed on me on this. My hair is just turning gray so it doesn't look that great, I tried, I really tried..I am 56 almost, MAYBE when I am 60 I will do it...or sooner, that is why I use the temporary rinse (plus it is easier on the hair).I know other women that look fantastic in gray hair too by the way but just not me - yet.

Lauri said...

OMG, Tamara...and I do mean Oh My God in the purest form! He granted you some awesome natural beauty! Never thought I would ever say this: I can't wait to go gray! :) You are naturally and truly stunning!

GrammaGrits said...

Being a definite cool, the color swatches would be great when shopping! I've been gray for many years, beginning in my 20s, and now have mostly white hair in my 50s. Already knew I needed blue undertones in my clothes, but the swatches would be really helpful.

And Tamara looks beautiful with her natural hair color, much younger!

Trish D said...

Wow, Tamara, you look *SO* much more vibrant with gray hair - sounds crazy, but very true!

I would love this set of swatches for my mom. She won't color her hair (all good) but even though it's mostly gray now, she continues to wear the same colors as when she was a brunette, and frankly it really washes her out. Would love to be able to hand her a tool to help her make better clothing choices!

~Brenda said...

Tamara, You look amazing and younger with grey hair, wow! Who knew? Shari and Renee!

Jan said...

WOW!!! Totally gorgeous, Tamara. I finally got mouth closed:>) You are a stunning example of the beauty God intended you to have. I am also a natural cool. My biggest problem was giving up my earthtones of browns and greens. I am working at it. What fun. Be blessed all my lovelies!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! What a difference!! You look amazing Tamara!!

Tamara said...

WOW!!! I can't stop smiling! You have all made my day! Truly, you have!!! It was VERY hard for me to embrace my God given color. Almost all my clothing was either orange, brown, or green, and I had just bought a GORGEOUS yellow leather jacket. I was scared, really, I was! But... I also believe that God is the ultimate designer and knows exactly which colors compliment one another and this includes our own bodies. So, I took the plunge. I am only 46 and I feel wonderful, inside and out!! Thanks for your comments, and for you girls who are hesitant... just try it! If you don't like it, you can color it again, and at least your hair got a break from the chemicals for a while. Love you all! God bless you! And once again, thanks for your wonderfully kind words!

Daphne said...

I'm still awed by each and every post here! Tamara, you look amazing! I had to scroll between the pictures a couple of times to really believe it was the same person! Isn't it so fabulous that the God of the universe knows us and what is best for us? In everything, including our beauty choices!!

Rebecca said...

I ordered a set for myself ... anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail ... so these would definitely be a gift. It's true what everyone says. Once you read this book you want to share it with all your girlfriends.

Daphne said...

BTW---please take me out of the running for the swatches. I've been thinking about it and really don't know anyone I could give them to and so many ladies on here have a wonderful use for them!

Blessings :-)

Karen N said...

Please take me out of the running for the color swatches and give them to a cool person! :)

It's just amazing but you definitely look younger with gray hair! I really appreciated seeing your before and after pictures. We can really see the difference in the colors, and those that work best for you.

Looking forward to learning more in this color series!

Melinda said...

Tamara....I too have salt and pepper hair and I have really come to love mine. I get compliments on it all the time. I am 51 and I will never color it. I have a couple of friends who say they are gray but I have never seen it because they have colored it for years. I have tried to talk them into going natural but no success yet. maybe one day.

Shari....I am a COOL and I love it! I do have your swatches and I keep them in my purse, most of the time. My 81 year old mother is a cool and today someone stopped and told her she looks great in pink! It made her day. Thanks for all you do to keep us looking great!!

Anonymous said...

A friend told me that it is not gray hair but "Experience". My experience is starting to show and I am learning to embrace it - good and bad. Thank you Tamara for showing your before and after pictures. Your smile says it all.

Diana Lesire Brandmeyer said...

She's rockin' that gray! Beautiful woman and now I'm not so afraid of gray--unless of course I get the icky gray. Not sure how you would make that sparkle.

Lizabeth said...

Wow! What a difference going " au naturel" can make! She's absolutely gorgeous with grey hair. And so lucky that it has so many beautiful colors mixed together.

I would like to win the cool swatches! I am a clear but my husband is cool! I know you don't aim this at men butmy husband has finally decided to let the grey be and stop dying it. He looks AMAZING in blue and I bought him a bunch of blue shirts recently and a lavender striped one also that look great. He SO wants a yellow shirt but it just doesn't look good. I want the swatches to show him why. Maybe you could write a little handbook for men too? There are a lot of guys who care enough about how they look that I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes!

Anyway, I love this blog! Thank you!