Friday, February 18, 2011


Hey gals! It's Friday and I'm on my way to Roanoke, Virginia to speak at a girls and women's conference this weekend. Anybody live near by?
Come on over!

What did you think of our posts this week? We had Daphne's Heart Makeover and Tamara's COOL't they look super?

Here's the ONLY question for today! But it's a BIGGIE!

Q: Shari,  I love the idea of the Beauty Boot Camp. Unfortunately it is way out of my budget right now - especially considering travel from Michigan. Would there be a way to offer some of the same services or advice in a more affordable format and to reach a broader audience. Perhaps more regional weekend events? Or maybe something by video or phone conference? I agree that more pictures of outfits for each style and body type are always helpful. Perhaps you could feature one at a time. Keep up the great work! Love your book, love your blog, love how you weave in a love for Jesus into everything you do Shari!  -Jolene

A: Ahhh, Jolene, this seems to be the question that keeps haunting me...or following me around, or something like that! First of all, I'm grateful you would love to come to bootcamp...because it really is sooooo much fun..and life changing, on so many levels. So here's what I'm thinking, and you guys can tell me your thoughts and ideas and you can tell me if any appeal to you:
  • A Personal One on One Skype Session (1 hour)
  • A Group Webinar on a Particular Topic (1 hour) (Where you can see me but I can't see you but you can type in questions)
  • A Group Conference Call (1 hour)
As for pricing, a one on one skype session would be the most expensive, followed by the webinar, followed by the conference call.

I would love to offer all of them FREE, but I simply can't because I have to pay attention to my family time and committments so I have to justify everything I do...BUT, I owe about 30 of you a FREE WEBINAR so guess what, it's finally I'm going to open it up to anyone who wants to be on it! There is only ONE catch!!!! All you have to do is CLICK Here and become a
FAN of the FASHION MEETS FAITH facebook page!!!! It's that simple!  WE have a goal to get to 500 Facebook Fans by March 1st and right now we're at 309....yikes, do you think we can do it?

The date for the WEBINAR is Sunday Night, February 27th at 9pm Eastern time.

If you want to be on the FREE Webinar, simply send your email address to (and let me know you joined Fashion Meets Faith!):  and the Webinar Link will be emailed to you a few days before the Webinar.

The Webinar will be about what is hot for Spring..and how to work with your Wardrobe Plan Sheet to get your best Spring Wardrobe together EVER!!!!

Are you excited?

Also, below in the comments, I'd love to hear how many weeks you could commit to if I held a Beauty Boot Camp by Webinar....I think I could walk you thru camp by web! And, what would a reasonable fee be for this?

Okay's almost SPRING! Hope you'll join me on the WEBINAR on the 27th!!!

Love you!


Lorri W. said...

Shari, I live near Roanoke and so wish I had heard about you coming here earlier. I have prior plans or I would be there.
I would love to see a Beauty Boot Camp webinar. I think a 4-6 week commitment would be doable. I'm really not sure about a reasonable fee, though.
Thanks for your blog and all you do to try to help those of us on a tight budget.

Danette said...

A 4-6 week commitment is perfect. I'm with Lorri - I have no idea what a fee should be.

Love and hugs!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I am excited!!!

Mariah said...

I was just thinking this morning if there was a way you could train someone to be a consultant by web for a fraction of the cost. boot camp would be fun. I think $10/per person per session is reasonable. It would be $40-$60 for the whole 4-6 week bootcamp, considering it would be one day a week, for one hour...right? ...maybe that's too cheap on your end Shari, but that's about all I could afford to pay, personally. :)

Jolene said...

Thanks for answering my question today Shari! Love all the ideas for skyping, webinar, conference call, etc. Anything to bridge the distance and budget gap! I agree that 4-6 weeks would be a good timeframe. Not sure either on a price, but understand that you would have to charge for your time and expertise! Hope to get in on the webinar on the 27th. Thanks for helping us look beautiful inside and out!

Daphne said...

Shari, I think the Skype session sounds great...but since I don't have Skype, the next best would be the group webinar :-) Would you do a "dedicated" session for a specific group, in addition to open sessions? I'm thinking something along the lines of a session for our church women or youth group. I also think the 4-6 week commitment seems very doable and gives a good amount of time to address different areas. I hate to put a $ amount on your time, but I'm rather in the same financial boat as Mariah :-)


Michelle said...

What if we don't use Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari -

I am not a Facebook girl either.

But I do have a question for next week. So, I listened to your bossiness *wink* and got rid of some pants that I rarely wear anyway. (No wonder, eh!?!?!) Now, as I finally am getting a few solid POP colors back in my wardrobe, I am wondering about my prints. Some of the colors in the mix per top are not in my category. I'm thinking I could keep anything that screams my color. But should I toss anything that is not totally dominant in my colors?

Thank you for the advice you offer us girls every week! I am amazed that you do this for free when you consult for a living. You're book is awesome - I have read it more than a few times and refer back to it often. Don't short-sell yourself, Girl! =)

Have a fabtabulous weekend!!!


Molly said...

I have been a Facebook fan for a couple of weeks now. I hope I can join y'all on the 27th! I definitely need the advice. I took some time this afternoon to browse through the first of spring clothing in a local shop....found myself wishing you were there to tell me what to buy! (Hey, I'm a work in progress!!)

The webinars would work best for me at this time.

Erin said...

Shari, I have a fashion question. I love the idea of nude colored shoes for spring/summer. However, I am a clear with black hair. I think that a black shoe is better. What are your thoughts? For example, I have a turquoise and white sundress. Black shoe?

Tasha said...

I would follow the webinar for the boot camp as many weeks as it would take. : )I think it would be a great option.

I don't have a Facebook page but I but I become a fan through my husband's page. LOL

I will email to get info for the Free Webinar.

Tasha said...

Don't know where to email my email address for the free webinar....

It is

Thank you,

If you read comments before they are posted, you don't have to post this comment.

mary said...

Sounds like you might need a staff ;-) Maybe you have a "fashion institute" in the making? So, you charge tuition and keep writing books to make your income. Equip them and send them out (WWJD), then assign teams to a region. I really think the personal touch is so much more affective. You could maybe even start a subscription paid magazine since you do promote many designs from other could draw income from advertising in print, and online advertising.