Monday, February 21, 2011


Happy Monday Makeover to you beautiful gals!

Before we get started, just a reminder to those who maybe didn't get a chance to read my blog this past friday....I'm doing a webinar next Sunday night for anyone who becomes a fan of the Fashion Meets Faith page on facebook AND for the 30 or so gals who won the contest in November. If you want to read more about it, go the my last post and check it out.

If you DON't have facebook and you didn't win in November, then email me and let me know...I'll let you be on the call anyway.

Now for our FEATURED model
Diana Carter
Vancouver, Washington!!!!

Q: Describe the woman you saw in the mirror before you read this book:

I saw the same person I see now. =)
I have learned to like myself over the past few years.

This is who I am. This is how I look.

God made me. – That makes me a child of The King. – A princess!

There are things I can change, like losing them last few pounds.
There are things I cannot change, like my chin. ;)
And there are things that just happen naturally, *sigh*.

LOVE YOUR BODIES NOW youthful girls!! HA-HA

Do I still feel insecure at times? Yes!

But I eventually come back to His word, and rest in His peace and joy!!!

Q: Inquiring minds want to know all about you! Give details!

50 years old. (How did that happen?!?!)

In the 27th year of our marriage.

2 adult sons – both soldiers.

A beautiful daughter-in-law.

2 precious grandsons.

All of them now three hours ahead of us! =(

We are empty-nesters with 9 BIRDS! TeeHee

I am an elementary school teacher and a life-long learner.

I love to read & write,

work out to DVDs & walk in the warm, sunshine

(& roller blade about once a month),

bake bread & cookies,

and try to grow/improve mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Q:  Did this book affect you spiritually? If so, how?

This book proved to be another milepost in my journey.

There were things I knew,

things I needed to be reminded of,

and things that provided a new lens to look through.

Every chapter offered spiritual encouragement.

I found it refreshing to consider fashion from a Christian perspective!

Q: What was your favorite chapter and why?

Well, my biggest goal was to create a plan for my wardrobe –

What was working & what needed to be purchased?

How can I get the best bang for our bucks?

Chapter 3 (What’s Your Score?) really made the most impact though.

And I am still counting my accessories every morning –

even when I am dressing to clean those bird cages! HA-HA

I am not a big jewelry wearer, and need to get on board with the new style of scarves, but I do not stop until I get to my 14 points each and every day.

And sometimes I even make it to 16! =)

Q: What practical steps did you take to give yourself this makeover?

That brings me back to my original goal –

I pulled everything out of my closet and drawers,

and started sorting and tossing.

Since I had administered color analysis back in the 80s,

I had a basic idea of what colors to buy.

But, between gifts and a few items that were more in-season colors,

I owned a few pieces of clothing that belonged in someone else’s closet.

And – wouldn’t ya know – these were items I didn’t like wearing!

I’ve lost 25 pounds with just about 10 to go,

and had already gotten rid of anything too big.

Now I have a small box of “goal clothes” in my closet.

And I am almost ready to take them out of that box!!

Plus I have a list of things to purchase as priorities and budget allow.

I have been checking off items little-by-little.

Q: What was the biggest challenge for you during this process?


With a list in my purse,

I am not willing to buy just anything that catches my eye.

Those black boots are my first ever!

When I won my “lacey animal” tights from Shari,

my husband and I both agreed it was time to make that investment.

I am a quantity girl, but my quality husband convinced me to spend the money on a good pair of leather boots. And I LOVE them!!

(After buying the boots, I immediately went to Walmart to purchase a new purse!)

Q: What did you determine your clothing style is and do you like knowing this?

I am a Creative Original! WooHoo!!

I should have known, because I am the only teacher in my school with a leopard print, corduroy skirt! ;) And I am always on the lookout for something a little non-conforming. I dress up most days (jeans on Fridays) and prefer skirts with some kick to ‘em. And collars/necklines that aren’t too ordinary.

I wear my pearl earrings most days, but am mixing it up once in awhile now.

I would rather add clothing to my wardrobe, so have started wearing some jewelry my mother gave me a few years back. And it is older than me!

Plus, our youngest son bought me a bracelet from Afghanistan last year.

Black! It goes with so much of what I have!

Q: What was the most memorable or transforming part of all of this?

Being a creative original, I was tickled to get those tights from Shari!

I would never have bought them for myself. Black. Navy. Off-white.

But, let me tell you, I made a few people laugh the first time I wore them.

HA-HA (And many more just stared, but they do that anyway!) HA-HA

But I realized that I felt very comfortable in them!

I went out and bought some turquoise and red ones!! ($5 each at Target!)

Oh, and before the tights, my second grade girls thought I had a new outfit on one day. Since most of them had me in first grade, they had seen all three pieces of clothing before. Just not together! I am having fun mixing and matching in new ways!

Q: Who do you see in the mirror now?

A stylin’ Nana with 14 points to show for it! :^D

Q: Any final words for us?

Are you kidding?!?! I’ve already yapped your heads off!!

Q:  Why do you recommend this book to others and what benefit does it have for someone who reads it?

I totally recommend GOOD GIRLS don’t have to DRESS BAD to all you girls!

It is the best thing out there that addresses overall style!

And from a Christian perspective!!
I bought it in August, and have already read it
3 times!

And talk about a reference/resource book –

This is the one I return to over and again!

Oh my goodness Diana, you are just wonderful!!!!! And girls, Diana has a gift to give to someone today!!!! It is perfect for Monday Makeover! She is giving away a copy of Cinderella Penguin!!!!!

How appropriate is that?

I love it!  So just leave a comment below about what you think of Diana and her makeover (and her fab tights!) and maybe you'll win!

Ohhhh, and the winners of LAST week's gifts of the 2 necklaces from Daphne are:
Karen and Jan!!!!!

Daphne wrote a thank you note on the blog post last week (so check the comments from last Monday)...and girls, she ended up in the ER so I'm grateful she's out now...Daphne, what happened? Tell us please!

Okay girlies! love ya!



Libbi H. said...

So SO cute!

Mariah said...

Look at you, Diana!!! You are rockin'!! It's great to see you express your style...I think you paired the tights well! A more subtle style in clothes makes the tights stand out fabulously! Looking good and (young!!!)

~Brenda said...

Diana, congrats on getting rid of 25 pounds! You look stunning and give us girls in the 50+ group a real boost!

Jan said...

Love the look! It would take a bit for me to jump into leapord tights, but maybe, as you say, they were a gift, I would chance it! Lookin' good and thanks for sharing your make-over.

Michelle said...

Luv the tights! :)

How did your trip to VA go Shari? Any pictures? Would luv to hear another report.

Kelsie said...

Diana~ You are beautiful! And I must say, in each picture my eyes were drawn to the tights. Wow! You did a great job putting those outfits together, girl! :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari & Jesus-Girlfriends!

As of this weekend,
I no longer have a goal box!
I can fit into those clothes now!!
Just a few more pounds to go... =)

Any-who, as I was going through that box,(which is now my "mending box", I ended up boxing items not in my color range. Too light or too warm.

I even returned to my closet
and pulled out a few more tops
that really aren't my best depth in color.

As I pondered and prayed about how to replace these items,and mourned the loss of my very fave skinny pants (light yellow),I felt inspired to dye them.

As of last night, my fave pants are a beautiful shade of PINK!!
And, I am about to head off to the store for red, chocolate brown, and purple dye. That way I can save my fave capris (bright coral-ish)and some other items that fit me just fine,(but aren't the best color/shade for me). AND I will save us money from a limited clothing budget for two!

Of course, these are all cotton pieces in a solid color.

When you feature the DEEP color scheme, will you show us some persimmon shades?

I am more convinced that I am a DEEP,not CLEAR.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed all the information you shared and your love for children♥ What a fabulous idea to dye favorite clothes to your pop colors!!!

Daphne said...

Diana, you look fabulous! I love, Love, LOVE the tights and boots! I think your outfits are darling...the necklace in the last pic is super :-) Also, what a great idea to dye some of your fave fun!! Congrats on the weight loss!!


P.S. For those who are curious, I was in the ER with some odd heart behavior which the doctor decided was most likely a reaction to some cold medicine I'd taken. I've had a horrible cold/flu for over a week now :-( Getting better, just taking a long time and am not supposed to take cold meds now. Thank you for your concern!

Ruth in the Desert said...

I LOVE those blue tights!

vicki said...

you rock

One More Equals Four said...

You look great! Congrats on the weight loss!

Jason and Brenda said...

I like how the tights and your necklace match in the last picture. It really pulls the entire outfit together.

It is fun to have a CO for the Monday Makeover. So many of us are CM or PN. You sound like a lot of fun, and it sounds like you're really enjoying the whole beautification process! That's so great! Keep enjoying it!

Colleen Gudge said...

Girl you just sparkle in those pictures. I'm so blessed that I have you as a friend and get to see all your fabulous outfits in person!

Fellow Fashionistas- For those of you who do not know Diana personally, we have a very special relationship. We are co-grandparents. Diana is naturally warm, sweet and lives a life devoted to Jesus in all she does! She'll have to tell you our story someday. God is good and gracious in our lives especially when he gives us such great sisters like Diana!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! What can I have a great attitude...good style and a wonderful way of looking at life... you inspire me to be better!
I love you girlfriend!

Lizabeth said...

How fun you are! Congrats on the weight loss. I know it's not easy but is so rewarding! I am on the last 10 lb journey too...

Your photos are beautiful! Keep having fun with it!