Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: WARM


Since COOL was featured last week, I thought it only appropriate to feature it's opposite this week.

So here ya go, some looks at some WARM pics:

A Warm gal has red hair...or strawberry blonde hair...or hair with LOTS of red highlights. She can be brunette but decided to go red and is staying red, so she is now Warm.

A Warm woman should stay away from pink....take a look at this pic if you don't believe me:
Even SHE thinks it looks terrible on her! Look at her scrunched up nose!

She's saying, "mom, what are you thinking???"

So what's a gal to wear if she is WARM?

Well, think AUTUMN....think SPRING....think peaches, yellow, browns, greens, orange, rust, beige. Think anything this:

Warm's should be careful with black but can wear it if they wear gold jewelry with silver.

Speaking of jewelry, gold is best at all times, but a silver/gold mix is fine.

IF you wear silver, then you must wear a definete WARM color with it.

BROWN is your best neutral. Not Charcoal or Black.

Here's a few more Warm Chicks:

Pretty awesome, huh? So, what do you think?

And now some gals with AUBURN hair:

Cute haircut, too!

Remember to coordinate your makeup colors for your WARM self, too.

Peaches, browns, neutrals. NO pinks, berries, reds.

Speaking of red, when you wear it in your clothes, make sure it's an orange red, not a blue red.

A great purse color? Copper, gold, burnished brown...match your hair sister.

Got it? Hope so!

The winner of last week's COOL swatches goes to.....drumroll......



Just email me with your address!

Giving away a WARM set of Swatches today...for you or a WARM friend...tell me why you want them!!

And, for those of you who have won prizes in the last 2 weeks, your gifts will be mailed next schedule won't allow this week....thanks for your patience!!!!

Love you girls!!! Hope to see you on the call on Sunday night!!!!!

love, Shari


~Brenda said...

Shari, I have a set of warm swatches and can’t imagine going to the mall without them! The face of the redheaded baby in pink made me laugh and thankful I no longer wear that color! I have been looking for a brown purse with gold hardware; no luck. I like your suggestion of burnished brown; that will be my quest on my next shopping trip. I’m looking forward to Sunday night’s webinar!

kristi-two boys mom said...

Hey Shari,

I've been following your blog for a while, but haven't commented yet :) You are so right in that black is NOT my neutral, much to the challenge of close friends. I do look much better in brown and my wardrobe is being transformed by the month. I asked for your book for my b-day. Would LOVE to have the swatches for my purse to use on shopping trips.

Shaye said...

I read your book- LOVED IT and I follow your blog. I would love to win the swatches. I am transforming my wardrobe,I have pink in there- gasp. Thanks for all the pictures of the fellow warm girls out there.

Kara said...

I already purchased the "warm" swatches & love em! Did you know...these cost $49.00 from soft surroundings? Thanks for the deal Shari!

Em said...

What if we can't make it to the webinar Sunday night because of church?

Usually when people do these, they have a "replay" available online for all of the people that can't make it.

Just a suggestion.

Karen N said...

My three kids and I have red hair (all different shades), so it was fun seeing the pictures of fellow redheads. I loved the pictures of the little girls!

I would like to win the set of WARM swatches for my oldest daughter who will be turning 21 in March. I have ''introduced'' you to her, Shari, through your book and your blog. She is planning on ordering your book, so the set of swatches would be perfect as she begins building her wardrobe.

We are both looking forward to seeing you on Sunday on the webinar!!

Ruth in the Desert said...

I love warm colors and I was very happy to realize I am a WARM person. :)

ElaineDavis said...

I would love to win this set of swatches. I think I'm a warm because SOMETIMES I have red highlights in my brown hair...sometimes they're more blonde though...confusing (and yes, it's all natural)! I'm trying to switch from black (which I love) to brown, but I'm not sure I can give up all reds & pinks!
Thanks for the opportunity : )

Ruth in New Zealand said...

This is one thing I do know I am as a redhead, a warm. I have had so many people tell me that I can wear pink but I have never been convinced. Thanks for your confirmation. The trouble I find is that i get a kind of "leaf litter" look (my husband kindly put it that way) so I have to figure out how to inject some colours other than natural autumn ones. I think I am actually more of a spring than autumn. Thanks again for your input here. I would love to win your warm swatches to help me in my "transformation" :)

By the way, if people could pray for Christchurch, our second largest city in NZ, we would appreciate it. It has been hit by a devastating earthquake and many are still trapped. Prayers form all around the world would be wonderful. Thank you

Karen A. said...

I am really loving these 'in depth' color studies! When I read your book, I felt like a hybrid, so I'm reading these with interest to confirm what I think I am (clear, I'm almost positive). Like your last study of the various styles, this is so helpful in determining the way to head with makeup and clothing choices. It helps to see the colors to avoid just as much as the ones to choose! Thanks for the time you put into this to help us look our best! Karen

Kimberly said...

Got your book and LOVE it! I know I am a warm, and know I can't wear pink, red etc. but oranges scare me! I could really use the color swatches to help me pick out some good shades for me. I tend to wear alot of black. Trying to slowly replace it with some browns.


Amy J. said...

Hi Shari,

I would love a set of warm swatches. I was classified as a warm autumn by a color me beautiful consultant this summer. Sometimes I wonder if I would fit into your deep category instead.

Amy J.

Anonymous said...

Linda, Jasper, TX I am color blind (I got it from my wonderful Dad!). I would love to have a set of the warm swatches. It is maddening to go shopping and the clerk says, "Linda, you look wonderful in that color!" When I get home, my family and friends say, "What were you thinking???". The swatches would be a wonderful help. Thanks and keep sending out the info!

Jan said...

Any chance you could tell me a source for those animal print leggings?