Friday, February 25, 2011

FYI Friday! Column Dressing and Shoes

Well, here we are again,

it's FRIDAY!!!!!

As you are reading this, I'm either on a plane or already in Palatka, Florida where I'm speaking this weekend with my friend MaryBeth Whalen at a women's fun is this going to be?
We even decided to stay over an extra night just to have some girl time!

And then back on Sunday just in time to join many of you on my first ever WEBINAR!!!!! I hope you'll be on it! If not, what's stopping you?

Just visit the facebook page for Fashion Meets Faith and find out how to do it!

And WHAT you ask, if you DON'T have Facebook? Oh girl....just email me and tell me you just HAVE to be on it and that you told at least one friend to become a FB fan of FMF and you can be on it too!

I couldn't leave you out!

Okay, here's your questions for this FRIDAY!

Q:  When it comes to column dressing, how do I wear blue jeans? Do you wear blue tops or do you go with something different? Can I wear pattern at all or should I stick with solids. Not sure if others struggle with that too but I know I have been a little confused. Thanks for all you do!

A: Good question! As for column dressing, if you are a b or o, then your column must be built with your inside pieces (if you have 3 pieces on).
If you are wearing jeans, then you don't have to wear a blue top, but you want to wear a top that has the same intensity in color. Here's a look at at a few examples:

 See, they're not EXACT in color, but close. This will help your tummy to look a little LESS FLUFFY!

The pic below is what NOT to do...notice how the red shirt ends at her full tummy and attention is drawn to that area. Take a look:

So, now what to do for the gals with a d body type? If you are wearing just
 2 pieces, then you do like above, BUT if you are wearing 3 pieces, then you keep your outside pieces similar in color:

Not like this:

This is a NOT because the white sweaters ends at the fullest part of her thighs. (I know, I know, her thighs aren't big but it's the best pic I could PRETEND her thighs are big, okay? LOL.

So what happens if you are an X body type? Pretty much, you can do it either way...EXCEPT, if you have a challenge area in the tummy or the booty, if that's the case, and when you gain weight it's in one of those areas, then pay attention to the column that's fits your challenge area the best!


One more it is, a question from Erin:

Q: Shari, I have a fashion question. I love the idea of nude colored shoes for spring/summer. However, I am a clear with black hair. I think that a black shoe is better. What are your thoughts? For example, I have a turquoise and white sundress. Black shoe?

A: Well, Erin, I'm so glad you're trying to follow the rules! LOL! Are you a rule follower? Sometimes that's a good thing, right?
So, you have a turquoise and white sundress...well here's the thing...and this is the answer for EVERY DCC, not just Clears....

If you are wearing a dress (or other clothes) that has an obvious answer to what color shoe, then you go with that...for example, if you have black on, then go with a black shoe, if you have on brown, then wear brown....go with that. It's when you have on something like a turquoise dress (like Erin's) or a green, or a red, or a pink, etc....this is when you go with your hair color to get the most head to toe look.
As in Erin's case, she has a turquoise AND white dress....I'd go for a metallic shoe in this case...or a printed fabric wedge with some turquoise in it....metallic is a great look for all of you espeically in the summer and spring months. Hope that makes some good sense to you!

Okay girlie pearlies...hope to see you on Sunday night...well, we actully won't SEE you, but you'll get to see my stuff...maybe not ME personally, (maybe) but pics of the stuff I want to show's gonna be fun!!!!

Also, don't panic if you don't get the link till late Saturday or even Sunday afternoon...cause I'm flying out and speaking today (well, it's actually tomorrow, cause I'm writing this on thursday, shhh, don't tell anyone) but you'll get the worries!

Love you chickadees!


One More Equals Four said...

Very helpful...thanks! Hope to "see" you Sunday!

Erin said...

Thanks for answering my question! I am a rule follower! And I love the metallic shoe idea!