Monday, February 28, 2011


Happy Monday to you!!!!!

Before we get started I want to thank those of you who were on our first-ever Webinar last night! Oh my goodness I think we (my hubby and I) were a hot mess because it was my first try at this and Dave had to help me...oh gracious...I was poking him so hard on his back to change the pictures on the screen he has a dent this morning! Oh dear. But I appreciate the sweet, kind comments you left me, and the texts and emails afterward....they make my heart happy!

Today we feature LINDA BROWN!
She is the friend of Jeannie who came to Boot Camp in know, the one who convinced Jeannie to come along with her? Jeannie was featured a few weeks ago, so this week, it's LINDA!

Linda is a hospital administrator in Oklahoma and we had such a blast at bootcamp. Linda is a Classic Modern who just needed some updating to bring her "classic" a little more "modern" !!!!

Here we go! First, her BEFORE picture:

And now, her AFTER:

Now let's hear from Linda:

Bootcamp for me was such an awesome experience! I was so excited to

have the opportunity to have my own personal "what to wear" makeover.

So, inviting my best friend, Jeannie, along this experience was the perfect

thing for me! We packed up our required clothes to bring and I was

ready with my list of questions. I wanted to get all the answers so I

could dress in the right clothes, get the right haircut and have a

style that would make me beautiful. (You see, I had obviously been

watching too many episodes of tv shows that gave me that mind set.)

However, it didn't work out quite that way: I finally got it!! The

very best thing I got from Beauty Boot Camp was that God loves me as I

am, and that I am beautiful exactly in the body that God gave me. I

had such a WONDERFUL experience. I have a new sense of being "put

together" using the tools and knowledge to dress my body with

confidence, to look and feel better about how to portray God's love in


My work clothing consists predominantly of suits. Shari showed me how

to use the clothing styles that flatter my shape to change the look

from somewhat severe (and what at times felt frumpy) to a much more

classic modern look. It's a good thing that black is one of "my

colors" because I have lots! However, playing with the RIGHT colors

and style really made all the difference. The most "ah ha" for me was

taking my newly identifed clothing style into my "off work" wardrobe.

Talk about out of the box for me! How fun to think differently about

my style. And I loved learning to accessorize the right way!

One of the other great things that was an extremely valuable lesson

for me was that by knowing what are the right things to have in my

wardrobe, I don't need as many or random pieces of clothing. Now I

have a plan so that items go together. I came home and did some

closet cleaning, to get rid of the things that did not work for me,

and complete my plan for what I can add over time. It's going to be

great to spend less time and money and actually have what really does

work for me to wear! .

At boot camp, I made some great new friends, learned so many things

about color and style, how to accesorize and dress my body, and how to

enjoy being me, the person that God created as His own!!! And I got a

great new sassy haircut, too!

Well girls, don't you want to come to boot camp some day?

Want to be featured here in March? Let me know!!!! Won't you tell Linda what you think of her? Hey girls, I'm thinking about doing a BootCamp by webinar!!!!  I'm going to putting some plans into action but I'm getting some good ideas about how to make that happen....would you like to come, if by webinar???

Love you friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Linda -

I love that new sassy look on you!
Your glasses even stand out more in the revised outfit!! You look fab!!!

Isn't this fun?!?!?! =^D


One More Equals Four said...

Wow! You look fantastic. It is amazing what just a little updating can do! There may be hope for me yet!

Kim said...

Linda, you look so beautiful! Great makeover.

Shari, the webinar was so much fun! A big THANK YOU!!! I thought you and Dave were so "cute" working together. I could just picture the two of you!! Loved it!

The Calm of His Presence said...

Linda, You look beautiful. I love the boots!

Shari, Thank you so much for the webinar. I loved it and can't wait to go shopping for some new spring items for my wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

Linda, you look great!

~Brenda said...

Linda, you look absolutely beautiful! I love your new haircut and outfit! Thanks for sharing your boot camp experience with us!

Michelle said...

Can those of us who signed up but ended up having to miss it get a replay?

Sherry said...

Oh, yes, please a replay! I also did not sign up for the link because I didn't want to take someone elses spot when I knew I would not be able to make it Sunday. Thanks for all you do, Shari.

Jason and Brenda said...

Linda, you look so beautiful and classy in that "after" photo! You really look great! It sounds like the boot camp was an awesome experience for you, and you look so modern now! Brenda B.

Mariah said...

Linda, you look great. Much more modern now. Love the boots and hair color. :)

I also missed the webinar, SOOOO bummed, my kids wrangled me into playing duck duck goose and hide n seek and when 7:45 mountain time came around my husband gasped and told me I missed the webinar...:( my heart sunk...I hope there can be a replay somehow...

Anonymous said...

Linda, I love your new look! Especially the boots. :)

And thank you, Mrs. Braendel, for having the webinar. It was great. I'm really excited now to use the planning sheet and pull together a styling spring wardrobe!

Alex L.

Ruth J Leamy said...

Love the new boots!

Erin said...

Linda, Love the new sassy you!

Shari, The webinar was great! Thank you for all the new spring tips. And showing us how to use the wardrobe planning sheet. Looking forward to the next webinar!

Daphne said...

You look fantastic, Linda! I love the new accessories and the deep red color on you! How fun to share Boot Camp with a great friend :-)

Blessings to you!

Ruth in NZ said...

Just wanted to say to Mariah, Your children are unlikely to worry about whether their mother was in style this spring, but they will remember that you played duck duck goose with them!

Linda, you look great. I love the vest, it hangs so well on you.

Shari, thanks for the seminar. I'm still working through redheads and coral! :)

Michelle Angelique said...

Linda, I love your sassy classy modern look! You look absolutely fabulous!!!

Shari, I was so upset when I realized I had the EST in my mind for the webinar starting - I was so excited and sat down to sign in and realized I was on CST and it had just ended. I hope you can do a replay, if not, I will definitely pay better attention to the time difference for the next webinar!

mary said...

Linda, I LOVE your new look. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it's wonderful to celebrate the beauty God has created in women. Just think, he's returning for his bride, valiant men and strong beautiful women of God (like you).

Shari thank you for helping prepare and release the women of God to fulfill their God given dreams in style. For your bootcamp webinar, have you thought about doing a live-feed video conference hosted by a number of churches? Focus on the Family has done parenting ones, Beth Moore does them; but each church will see the same thing and they send in 'tweets' and pics to keep you updated along the way and share with your audiences.

Carol said...

Linda - wow! I love your look.
And I'm in the same boat as many - would love to see a rerun Shari. I wasn't able to arrange my schedule right for the webinar on Sunday.

Anonymous said...


All I can say is "Wow". I love the confidence you learned. By reading what you had to say gives hope that "this Linda" could learn a lot. Being "color blind" does not help the "correct look for me" but learning like you did gives me hope and interest.

Jolene said...

Shari - Would love to do a Boot Camp webinar. I am so bummed I missed the one last Sunday night. I live in Michigan where we had the Great Ice Storm of 2011 and were without power for 5 days straight. Needless to say the weekend was lost in catching up with laundry and throwing away spoiled food. Hope to catch the next on though!

Linda - you look fantastic!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Love the boots!!!