Friday, March 25, 2011

FYI Friday!

It's Friday, so it's Q&A day!

Q: I am a cool with salt/pepper hair. My question is, are all ladies who have gray or salt/pepper hair cool?  -Melinda

A: Most are, but there are some who fall into the Clear or Deep category too, depending on how MUCH gray they have and how dark their hair is. It's all about what's dominant.

Q: I took the color analysis and it says I am a Clear. But the characteristics for Deep are similar to the ones listed for Clear. What is the difference between Deep and Clear? -Cynthia

A: The difference is the color of the skin and the color of the eyes. Most Deeps have a more medium complexion compared to a lighter complexion for Clears. And Deeps never have blue or bright green eyes, (some have hazel) but Clears can have blue, green or dark brown eyes. And typically, Clears have darker hair than Deeps...but again, not always. It's all in the individual.

Q: I love that middle dress in the last picture on your blog post for the Lights. Are you able to tell us where the pictures are taken from?  -Deborah

A: I get asked that question alot, regarding where I find the pics so you can buy them, but honestly, I get them everywhere and because I'm usually getting lots of pics for each blog post I simply can't keep track of where they are from. I sure wish I could though!

Q: My husband and I are attending a benefit event to which we are to wear "cocktail attire". My usual is "sippy cup attire"! I am not sure that my "little black dress" from 10 years ago, although it still fits, is appropriate for this mid-30's mom! Can you give some "cocktail attire" examples? Thanks! -Nikki

A: Oh Nikki, you have me laughing! "Sippy Cup Attire" is just not gonna cut it! And I'm afraid your LBD from 10 years ago might not cut it either, but I'd have to see it to be sure. I'd love to know what your DCC is but since I don't I'll answer this for everyone.

Simple, solid colors are best if you want to have something you can wear over and over again and not have it be remembered. I'd recommend going for a sweet, classy dress that's knee length or shorter and one that has a bit of sparkle so you can go minimal on the accessories and rock the look with a pair of fabulous heels. Find a dress that's in a color from your swatches that is in a deep to medium shade. Another great color would be a silver, copper or nude shade if it suits your DCC. Here are some great styles for your viewing pleasure. And for these pics I'm showing WHERE you can get them! 

 The dress above is a Jessica Howard from Kohl's and on sale for $95
 Yes, the above dress is black but I love it! Great for an X body type but the top part is crocheted! It's also from Kohl's and about $95 too.
 This green dress also comes in navy and is from Macy's at $158.  For: d,b,x body types.
 Another pretty dress from Macy's and I think all body types could wear it. It's by Evan Piccone and comes in 6 colors! Terrific dress for $99.
 A fab dress for fuller figure...from Lane Bryant in black. Sizes 14-28.  $79.95
 I adore this dress!!!! It has animal print panels in the pleats and a shrug for those of you who don't like to show your arms. It's at Catherine's for $75 and comes in size OX-5X.
And finally, a cute little number in sizes XS-XXL. It's only $49 at Maurice's.

Okay gals, hope this helps a bit for some questions today. I pray you have a fabulous weekend...I'm flying to Ohio today to speak at The Church of the Nazarene on Saturday.

And by the way, I'll only post on Monday's if we have a Makeover to feature....anybody?

Love you girls!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari -

Recovering from the flu, I'm sitting here in 8 points, if you'll allow for my slippers. HA-HA

Thank you for answering Nikki's question for all of us. Something else to add to my wardrobe list. ;)
As little as I'll wear it, I will be searching look for some fab bargain though. =) Quite honestly, I do that with all my clothes.

I am with Cynthia on the Deep/Clear question. I think that, even with a mirror, I am not clicking the correct skin tone or something. But the Deep colors look good on me, so I am not worried. =)

Thanks over and over again for you resourceful book and the continuing support offered on your blog.

I do hope some ladies step up to the Makeover Monday plate! It really doesn't hurt! I was apprehensive, but survived and live on! TeeHee


Jason and Brenda said...

Shari, I'm not commenting directly on this post, but rather about the Webinar I just watched this weekend. THANK YOU for helping me know what's in style this season, giving me tips on how to look stylish. I have a vision now of what I want to get--I just have to find the store that sells my perfect item! Anyway, I hope you'll continue to periodically offer the webinars. It was so incredibly helpful and having pictures to view with it was also a great idea. Thank you! Brenda B

NikkiMc said...

Thanks, Shari!

Anonymous said...

Super cute dresses! Thank you!