Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: SUMMER CAMP!!!!!!

I'm soooooo excited to tell you about the spectacular:

SUMMER CAMP FOR GIRLS in 5th-8th grades!

This is where fashion, modesty, faith and beauty are all wrapped into one big package for the young women in your life!

I've got to interupt our usual order of blogging news to bring you this announcement!

Seriously, I couldn't be more thrilled to tell you about the exciting, amazing fashion camps that you will want to RUN (not walk!) to make sure your girls get registered for.

Last year, we had our very first camp in Charlotte, NC and it was such a success that this year, there will be TEN camps nationwide!!!!

Hannah Arrowood is the camp director and you will NOT find anyone more capable. She has a heart for girls and is truly gifted. Hannah has gone thru my Certified Image Consultant Training and she assisted me last summer at camp. The campers fell in love with her!

Here is a list of the cities where the
Dare 2 be Rare
Camps will be held this summer; check this out:

Atlanta, GA

Charleston, SC

Charlotte, NC

Indianapolis, IN

Miami, FL

Phoenix, AZ

Raleigh, NC

San Diego, CA

Virgina Beach, VA

These camps WILL SELL OUT, so don't think too long about this. The camps have limited space and Dillards is the nationwide sponsor and location in each of the cities.

The camps are for girls 5th-8th grades and I promise it will be a highlight of your daughter's summer. Click on this link to find out how to register and to get all the information.

When you register, tell her I referred you! Hannah will give an extra hug to your daughter this summer! Smile!!!!

Here's what your girls will learn at the camp:

•Her exceptional perfect beauty. How to choose styles that bring out her positive features!

•Shopping guideline for a stylish, God-honoring wardrobe. How to wear what's in style without surrendering her values!

•Confidence to dress her body shape. Understanding which clothes make her look amazing!

•Her best colors. A color analysis will help her know which colors like her back!

•The 'how-to' of makeup application. Age appropriate make-up instruction and skin care!

Here's what your camper will receive at camp:

•Her own personal set of color swatches & personalized book

•A goody bag including a T-Shirt and other surprises

•2 days of personal instruction from certified Image Consultants

•New found CONFIDENCE!

Are you excited for your girls? You should be. This is a can't miss opportunity for the young ladies in your life.

Tell your youth director about it, and all your daughter's friends!

Well, what do you think?

Love you girls!!!! I hope there's one in a city near you!

Love, Shari


Mariah said...

sounds like a blast!!! my daughter is 2 yrs old, but you better believe she's going to know all that when she's able to say a full sentence. :) lol.

Hopefully the other followers on here with older girls will be able to do this. Sometimes it's a great ice-breaker to those girls who are hard to get on the same page with or are just kind of reserved. It's so fun to make someone feel great! :) God bless this ministry!

Melinda S. said...

Speaking of girls this age, I've been wanting to ask a question (or is there a different place that I'm supposed to put questions?)

After I read your new book, I was talking to my teens about the 16-point accessories goal. My 10yo and 7yo have started counting accessories, too--it's very cute! But they can only get to 7 or 8--how many accessories are appropriate to pre-teens? I'm thinking 16 would be WAY overkill for kids whose primary occupation is still riding bikes! But when they go to church and such--what do you think is a good amount for kids under 12?

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Melinda S., great question!! This came looks like a lot of fun!! Although I have to laugh at "body shape" for 5-8th grade girls. I didn't get a "shape" until college. :)

My 4 yr old girlie definitely has the makings of a fashionista!! Lord help my classic-natural lovin' self! With 3 brothers she's not shy of playing in the dirt but when we go out this winter, she's all about a cute skirt, top and BOOTS! When she's old enough a camp like this would be fun!

~Brenda said...

The camp does sound like fun and would be beneficial to teach girls at a young age the importance of and how to dress appropriately.