Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What to Wear: Focus on the Family TODAY!

Hi beautiful fashionistas!

Just a reminder that I'm in the middle of a 10 day tour of 4 different cities so blogging is at a minimum till next week...however, I hope you'll watch me

LIVE and in person TODAY on


Click here to see me at 2pm eastern! And call in with questions....tell all your girlfriends!

We're having a Dress for your Body type Fashion show!!!!

I'll be back next week with new fashion news and you girls!!!!



Carol said...

I looked at the website and I think this will be archived so we can watch it later. Just thought you other gals at work might want to know.

Mariah said...

:D SO excited, I'm putting aside so much I have to do to watch this today, because I'm SOOO excited about it! God bless you! Plus I only live 3 hrs away from Colorado Springs, so out here in windy, nowhere, WY...I feel a little bit like you're in my neck of the woods! :)

The Calm of His Presence said...

I'm very excited for you. I will need to watch it once it is archived. I will be in the middle of my afternoon taxi service with my kids :). Goodluck & I will be praying for you Shari!


Anonymous said...

Hi Shari -

I listened to the podcast a bit ago. Impressive interview. Do they give you any questions ahead of time?

I just loaned your book out to a long-term sub at our school. I figured I could let go of it for a week or two since I've read it more than a few times already! =)
Any-who, she was commenting on how she wanted to shop with me since I dress so "stylish." I gave her the book to read first - HOMEWORK! ;)

Take care!
Diana C.

~Brenda said...

Shari, I watched the podcast today; you were awesome answering the questions and showing the girls how to dress for their body type. They all mentioned about feeling more confident and that's a good feeling to have!

Kim said...

Just watched it! (From the archive). Great! My favorite part was seeing the makeovers - especially how excited they were about their own appearance. Brought tears to my eyes.

Now, I want to learn more about "column dressing" especially since I'm a "D" body type!

Amy said...

I watched pieces, and you were FABULOUS! (You know I wasn't surprised.) I miss you!!!


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