Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to Wear Wednesday: CLEAR

Happy Wednesday fashionista friends!

Ohhhh it's been way too long and I'm glad to be back! I've got lots of things in the works for you and I can't wait to finish our posts on the Color because it seems it's been going on forever!!!!

Next week you'll be hearing from my friend and new author Lynn Cowell regarding her new teen book called His Revolutionary Love and I know you won't want to miss that.

But for THIS week, I'm going to go over CLEAR so you can understand it more pun intended but it just worked...LOL.

Here are some pics of CLEAR gals...take a look:

Notice that the main thing these women have in common is that they have high contrast coloring. This means that there is a big difference between their hair and skin, mostly. And the majority of CLEARs will have light or bright eyes, although not always...that's why I said it's the majority. Others will have hazel or dark brown eyes.

These gals can wear high contrast colors and white looks fab on them. Or red and black...anything that is light and dark...or soft and bright...worn together.

Their makeup is best in berries, pinks, plums. Stay away from beiges and browns or anything too pale.

Now take a look at some colors that are AMAZING for CLEARs to wear:

Isn't she cute? She's a CLEAR kitty! And wearing the right colors, too!

And here's a pic of what your closet should NOT look like if you are a CLEAR:


Tay said...

How do I know what color I am? Do i have to read your book to find out?

The Calm of His Presence said...


It is great to have you back as well! I've missed your posts. Thought about you during your 10 day tour and prayed everything was going well. Thank you for going through the colors with us. This series has been great.


Shari Braendel said...

Thanks Mary! And Tay, you can go to my website and get a free color analysis...go to: or go to and it will direct you with the ColorE site. Follow the prompts and you'll get your analysis! If you purchase the swatches then you'll receive an email that instructs you to send a photo so I can confirm your analysis. Hope that helps!

~Brenda said...

Hi Shari, I'm glad to have you back and like Mary I've missed your posts.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Shari, Glad you're back!!! HUGS

Julie Cagwin said...

Shari -- you FREED me from my guilt of black/white. No wonder I feel like I look pretty when I wear it!! I AM A CLEAR!! Blue eyes with almost black hair!! Thank you!!! ;)

jhn500 said...

Nice to read you today Shari!!
I have a question for you and one for your readers.
For you-I am a clear...and I would like a new, versatile spring jacket/coat. My question is, if I get it in one of my "pop" colors, how conscious do I need to be of what I wear under it? I like red, but say I end up wearing hot pink or purple one day(or whatever color it may be) do I need to color coordinate from the jacket to the top? Or since it is a jacket, can I get away with not worrying about it?

For your readers, have any of you tried the "isabelt" that Shari talks about in her book to help with the gap in the back of pants? Does it work and if so, how is it different/better than other belts?
Thanks so much!
Blessings on you today Shari,

Elisarose said...

I'm a clear, and I love all those yellows!!
Also, I love the hairstyle on the third picture down... wonder how hard that would be to duplicate?!
I'm new to your blog and enjoying reading through the archives. :)
- Elisabeth Hilliard

Anonymous said...

YAY! Shari's back!! =)

Wonderful blog,as always!

Thanks! Diana C.

Abby said...

Clear here. Very helpful. :)

NicoleM said...

I'm so glad you're back. Missed your posts- and can't wait for more makeovers. Did I miss the announcement for the winner of the last color swatches for light? I need to get out and get shopping for my makeover and that would be the icing on my cake!

Leesa C said...

Hi, Shari!
a couple of questions, of course! :)
1. How is the best way to pick good colors when shopping online? Often the color I see is not the color of the product when it arrives.
2. you have a note that this is NOT what your closet should look like but there is no picture--??
3. How does one go about doing your Monday Make-overs?
Thanks, Leesa

embe designs said...

I find these posts about the colors to be helpful. The more tips and pictures the better!
I'm a clear with brown eyes (not dark brown, borderline hazel). But I really tan in the summer. Is it possible to change in the summer to a deep coloring?