Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fashion Camps for Girls!

I hope you're having a beautiful week and you're enjoying the fabulous weather. Here in North Carolina I can't believe how amazing it's been! I just got back from being on the road for 9 days and met some awesome women in

Los Angeles at the Divinely Designed Conference, in Alabama at Girls Night Out and in Boston at a wonderful afternoon tea.

What about you? Have you ever considered hosting a Fashion Meets Faith Conference, tea or Girls Night Out in your area? If your women's ministry is looking for a way to reach out to the community with an event that will benefit women and girls of all ages, this may be just what you're looking for. And besides, I'd LOVE to meet you personally. If you're interested in receiving a packet of info, please email my conference manager at: .

We are now booking for Fall 2011 and next Spring 2012.

Speaking of events, if you live near any of the following cities and you have a teen or tween daughter, please consider registering her for the Dare2BeRare Fashion Camps.

 Hannah Arrowood is heading these up and this will be an

experience of a lifetime for your daughter.

Hannah is a delight to be around and every girl I've ever met who has met Hannah says the same thing. The best thing about Hannah is that she LOVES Jesus! This is an investment into your daughter's (or granddaughter or neice or any young woman in your life) spiritual development, along with instructions of how to dress in a society that teaches us to dress in less. The Dare2BeRare Summer Camp will be the highlight of your daughter's summer.

Here are the cities
where the Fashion Camps will be this summer:

Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Miami, Phoenix, Raleigh,
San Diego and Virginia Beach.

Click on above video.

Here's a personal note from Hannah:

Dear Moms & Daughters,

The world is telling our daughters, nieces, and friends that you are only beautiful if you fit the "mold". If I were to ask you if the tween/teen girls in your life struggle with self-confidence, modesty and purity, what would your answer be? I would dare to say it would be YES! It is time to make plans for the summer, and we would love to be a part of those plans.

Clothing racks, dressing rooms, games, confidence course, you might think that we are all fun, but the Dare 2 Be Rare Summer Fashion Camp is committed to more than just an exciting program. As we travel across the United States this summer, partnering with local malls and churches, our goal is to minister to tween/teen girls. We want each participant to understand where their beauty and worth comes from - Jesus Christ.

See you there! We will have a blast.
In Him,

Blog readers, will you do me a favor? Will you pass this on to anyone you might know in one of the cities above?
Tweet it, Facebook it, Email it, Blog about it, whatever you can do to get the word out.

Our girls NEED programs like this so they can understand what true beauty really is....and they need help in dressing to know they can still be stylish yet modest. I hope you'll help us get the word out! If you will let us know in the comments below how you can help us (did you tweet, Facebook, blog about it, etc.) you will be entered to win a copy of my book

ONE More Thing:::: Go HERE to the main page of Hannah's site(you'll see it at the top of the home page)and sign up for weekly email/encouragement and next week she is giving away
So be sure and sign up so you can have a chance to win that...each registration is valued at $150!

Thank you sooooo very much for getting the word out. Programs like these pave the way to our daughters' you gals!

Love, Shari


Pinkshoelady said...

I put this on Facebook. We are so excited to have my 12 year old signed up. I want her to learn that her beauty comes as much from her faith as her face.

A Musing Mom said...

My twelve-year-old stole my copy of Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad. And she's dying to go to Hannah's camp. But...we live in Chicago. So let Hannah know if she wants to do a camp here, I know of one young lady who will round up some friends to join her!

Marcia said...

This camp sounds wonderful! I know my 12-year-old daughter would love it. Unfortunately, we live in Eastern PA and there isn't one close enough to work for us. If you decide to have a camp in the Northeast, you'll have some takers out here for sure!

The Calm of His Presence said...

Hi Shari,

I've shared your link on my facebook. So glad your events went well!