Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Wore!

Hello you beautiful fabulous women!
I'm a little excited about today's post because, though I love to see what people wear, I've had to train myself to not analyze everything someone has on...ya know what I mean?

Just this week, I had a new friend from my book study (not my book, but another friend's book, which you should run to buy, (not walk) because it is truly one of those lifechanging books that brought me freedom in a way I didn't know I needed free from) but oh, I digress, anyway, my new friend started explaining away her outfit and how it just wasn't good enough, and that she didn't know how to put things together, and on and on about how she didn't know how to dress and that I was likely judging her until I yelled STOP!

Honestly, unless a woman's boobs are falling out of her top or her dress is uber short I have trained myself not to judge another's clothes unless asked. You see, with the kind of biz I'm in, clothes are the thing for me. Fashion, beauty, appearance, all that, it's what I do, it's how I make my living.

 Before I became a Christian, I was pretty direct. I had somthing to say about most every outfit I saw. I was probably still nice about it, but nice in a not-so-nice way with a smile....yikes.

But now, not so much. I've learned to curtail those thoughts and judgements unless asked so when I found out about What I Wore Wednesdays on my friend MommaKristi's blog 
I had to jump in and offer my fun is that?

But then it turns out there's a whole community of gals who link up and show each other what they that's a dream come true for someone like me! I can look at their clothes and tell them what I think because they're asking, right???? Oh my goodness how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you want to check out MommaKristi's blog today, go tell her what you think of her outfits ...I'm gonna go back and give her some advice, but I offered to give away a copy of my book on her blog because she talked about my book! Without even telling me about it! Isn't that so nice of her?

So if you will pop on over and show her a little love from our corner of the world, tell her I sent you and tell her she's beautiful, too...and comment on one of her outfits...then why don't you join in on Wednesdays, too? I just found out about this gal's blog called The Pleated Poppy where they show off their outfits and link up on Wednesdays.

Now don't go forgetting about me on Wednesdays!!!!!

 But it sure looks like fun!!!!!

Okay, couple more things....not sure this is the place to ask this, cause I don't know if any of you do this, but I'll give it a whirl.

Are any of you up for trading services for you doing a new blog design for me on WordPress to help my blog look fabulous and in return I'll help you look fabulous? I LOVE some of the new blogs I've been seeing lately (just like the ones I  mentioned in today's blog (MommaKristi's and Pleated Poppy) and really want a new one for myself. And I figure maybe some fabulous designer would like to trade services with me....if you are that person, or know of someone, would you let me know?

And finally: Beauty Boot Camp Retreat is turning out to be less people than anticipated, but I think that must be the way God wants it so I'm perfectly okay with that...more personal attention for you!!!!!  If you are considering coming, please know that I may never be able to offer it at this price again...$289 all-inclusive in Mrtyle Beach...and you get a whole new YOU!!!!

Now jump on over and visit MommaKristi! 

Love you girlies.....Shari
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Karen said...

Just visited MommaKristi and popped over to the Pleated Poppy too.

Thanks for your advice about colorblocking with my beige dress. Now I have to go shopping!

Love your blog!

MommaKristi said...

Oh how I wish I knew how to do computer work because I'd love to trade for services!! LOL, but I hired someone to move my blog from blogger to word press.

and if there were a way for me to go to the retreat I would so be there. It's so close to the relevant conference and I work weekends....I'm still praying for some sort of miracle to happen.

Gracie said...

I apologize if you get multiple posts from me! My iPod isn't cooperating. But, I wish I had designer skills too! I got my design from the cutest blog on the block. I got a free one until I figure out what I want, but they do customs.

I'm going to have to get your book! Kristi told me I needed it after I recommended Curly Girl to her! I think it would be fantastic wrapped up in Christmas gifts with my Mary Kay products for customers and relatives.