Wednesday, September 21, 2011


If you've been to the mall or browsed thru any fashion magazine you've probably noticed a trend called

Graphic, bold, vibrant colors being worn in "sections" on your body in the form of wardrobe pieces make up this trend. By wearing one piece (say, your skirt) in one color (say, red) and then choosing a top that's purple. That's colorblocking.

It might be wearing a beige pair of pants and a black sweater and a red blazer. Get the picture? If not, take a look at these pics:

It throws 'column dressing' a little off kilter so remember that in case you're a little bit fluffy.

In the case of the not-so-perfect body (okay, so for most of us!) then try colorblocking in shoes,boots or a purse like these:

So there you have it! It's a terrific way to have that high fashion look, and wearing even just one of these items will make any outfit look Fall 2011 updated!

Hey, if you haven't heard about the
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I sure hope you'll come!!!!!

Love you!!! Shari


Karen said...

I was wondering if you would have any suggestions for colorblocking with a beige-taupe dress. I am thinking of wearing this dress to a wedding in October and need something to keep warmer. I am a WARM and a D body type, if this info helps.

Anonymous said...

Shari....please please please please offer this amazing beauty boot camp at this price again really soon because I can't come to the November one! Melinda

Melinda S. said...

Is this a decent place to ask a question?

My 15yo wants a pair of high-heeled, calf-length boots. Are there things I should look for or types I should rule out, to be sure the over-all look is modest? (I am very UN-fashionable, and my dd is creative/ecclectic, but she wants to head more towards fashionista. I just don't know where the lines are, to help her with this sort of thing.)

Thank you!
Melinda S. (My other daughter, Katherine, was in Guatemala with you 2 summers ago.)

Elin said...

I still don't quite get what colorblocking is? Is it like wearing one color with your shirt and then a differnt color with the pants??

Shari Braendel said...

Karen: with your beige dress, try colorblocking wearing a purple or leopard print short sweater and a wide red belt. Then you could wear leopard suede pumps and look fabulous!

Melinda: As for Beauty Boot Camp, I'm hoping to offer again, but it likely may not be at this amazing price...I was just able to get an unbelievable rate at the hotel....I'll try, though!
As for your daughter's boots, look for a pair with a wedge heel...this way it won't look too 'old' for her and still be very fashionable.

Elin: Colorblocking is wearing "blocks" of colors....let's say you wear one color pants, another color top and then still another color wide belt. It's wearing 'chunks' of colors together.

Anonymous said...

Shari, can you share some fall makeup colors/tips? I really need some advice here and don't have a lot of extra to "experiment" with. Thanks for any input. Jenny C.