Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey fashionistas!

Have you ever considered that your pajamas and sleepwear should be attractive too?
If you're a married woman, I'll bet in the early days of your marriage you considered looking mighty pretty for that man of yours...and now...not so much!

We get tired of fixing up, right? It's much easier to throw on your gray or navy sweats to wear around the house at night and early morning. But have you ever stopped to think that your sleepwear is a part of your wardrobe that should be in colors that flatter you and styles that do, too?

Yes, it's nice to look good for your man, but how about looking nice for you too...even in sleepwear!

One of my facebook friends, Jolee Bishop Beamer asked specifically about this topic. Here's what she asked (and a picture of her too!)

What do you suggest for sleepwear? Something that my husband will find attractive but that I can still wear around the kids or in the event I have to run outside in an emergency. I'm sure there's a fine line between Fredrick's and my college wear!

Yes, Jolee and bloggy friends, there is a fine line but there are some great ways to be comfortable, yet look like you're ready for bed, too!

First, some sleepwear you should NOT wear: and why not? because you'll look like a granny when you're not...and if you ARE a granny, you'll look like your granny's you all get what I'm trying to say here? They will make you look way older than you are! Take a look.....again, of what NOT to wear:

 Now you know what NOT to wear, let's take a look at
Keep in mind that as you shop for sleepwear, have your color swatches with you. Color is THE most important aspect of sleepwear. Purchase sleepwear in a color that is VERY flattering to you. Don't sway very far from the color that is shown on your swatch. As you look at these PJ's, think of the color first, the style second. The sleepwear I've shown are all from Dillards and range from about $30-70. I have found that sleepwear from a Department Store tends to be better quality and doesn't shrink when I wash it, though,
this might not be so for all pieces so read labels.

The other important aspect of your sleepwear is the fit...don't wear something too short (if you have kids you may be bending over alot) and always follow the guidelines I've taught you for covering the fullest part of your body. If you have a tummy, then find something that has a top that is longer than the fullest part of your belly. For those of you with fuller bottoms, a night shirt or pj's with more relaxed pant bottoms are wonderful. I love the hoodie type pj's but really, any of the pics below work whether you're in the house with hubby and kids or if you have to run outside in a jiffy.

Here are pics of flattering sleepwear:

And if you want to be comfortable AND get your husband's attention, you can always wear sleepwear with his favorite team's logo...and then get ready to go to bed...early!  

Thanks to Jolee for asking this question, I hope it helped you know what to wear to bed!
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I love you beautiful women!
Love, Shari


Suzigirl said...

Thanks so much for addressing this issue, Shari. I've been thinking about this ever since my husband recently said "move over Granny" while I was in one of my favorite nighties :) I was upset at first, but then God helped me realize he was trying to tell me something: he doesn't want to sleep with his mother.
So, for Christmas, I'm having Hubby pick some attractive jammies for me so we can both be happy.

~Brenda said...

I enjoyed this post, love wearing the tops and bottoms sleepwear. Will be getting new for fall; I have to remember to buy them in my 'warm colors".

Stephanie said...

I've been on the look out for new pajamas since my favorites were bought BEFORE I had children 8 years ago. But everything I'm seeing would either lead to me having more children or me looking like my mom - neither are very desirable right now. Your post gives me hope that there are cute pjs out there and to keep looking.

Mariah said...

Great post...something we definitely should focus on as wives. I don't have cute pj's yet, but I do wear a cute pair of "athletic" type shorts and a cute T-shirt that is a little bit for fitting, but still loose for comfort. Now that it's cold, I'll be wearing thermals and a no, I don't know...guess I'll be asking for some PJ's for Christmas too, like suzigirl said.

Jamie Jo said...

Okay, I confess that my nighties look more like the first one in your post. So where can we find some of the cute ones online, for those of us who live overseas? Where do you find these photos???

ruthinthedesert said...

The most important thing for me is texture. My sleepwear must be soft, preferably a satin-like texture. I don't worry about modesty--that's what bathrobes are for. I prefer bedroom wear that can't actually be worn outside the bedroom. :)

Melinda said...

Ok....I LOVE PJ's! I work at home so my "uniform" is a pair of PJ's. I wear PJ's a lot!! When I need new work clothes, I go shopping for new pajamas. But because of my body temperature at night under covers there is no way I can sleep in I just wear a little tee underneath and when I get in bed I take off PJs and sleep in tee!!! hehe

Ruth J Leamy said...

Melinda, I know what you mean! Most pj's have too much fabric to sleep in! I like to actually feel the sheets! I like the leopard print set here.

My husband isn't a sports fan, so thankfully I can skip those. LOL

I was shocked when I attended a women's retreat and found out that some women wear cartoon jammies like little kids!

Pam said...

Never really thought about putting so much thought into my pj's! I'm sure my husband will quickly notice the difference : )

By the way, I'm noticing that I receive the What to Wear Wednesday emails a whole week after you post them on the blog. I didn't receive last week's about wearing white after labor day until yesterday, and after talking with a friend today and hearing her mention yesterday's about pj's, I realized I hadn't received it yet in my email. I guess it's coming next Wednesday? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Love, love, love your fashion tips and am excited about you coming for an event at our church in November! Can't wait!!

Sweet Blessings,

Rachel Beran said...

Oh, thank goodness! I scrolled down before reading...and saw the first set of jammies. I thought, "Oh goodness,she wants us to wear that?! NO!" Fewww! I like cute and comfy jammies. Thanks for the tips!

Melinda said...

Shari I would LOVE to come to your beauty boot camp in November but I have something else that weekend but please, please, please offer this at this price again!!!!! You don't know how BAD I want to come!!! THANKS

Jungle Mom said...

Oh dear! I'm my granny's granny! Need to work on that one...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I must be strange! I can't stand sleeping with anything tangled around my legs and my hubby would not be impressed by anything here, even the sports ones! Even though I'm plus-sized, none of my sleepwear could be shown decently on here, but hubby's happy and that's what counts! :-)

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