Wednesday, September 7, 2011

White After Labor Day?

white after labor day
Should you or should you not, wear WHITE after Labor Day?

Whether it's by text to my phone, emailed to my inbox, or asked when someone spots me at the mall, this is the most asked question of the month of September for me so I thought I'd address it here.

A few years ago, Time published an article about wearing white past Labor Day, giving possible reasons why this urban legend of a rule was created. The main reason for the white rule seemed to come from early 20th century American, when many well-to-do city dwellers would "summer" in homes outside of their metropolis abodes, dressing in light, white fabrics to stay cool. According to Time, Labor Day is noted as the end of summer, and many of these people, upon their return back to the city, would pack away all traces of white considered "resort wear." This trend translated into the early 1950's middle class population, and most likely to prior people, who concocted the Memorial to Labor Day only for white rule to emulate the upwardly mobile.

Though no one seems able to prove the rule, if you questioned the generations before you, likely they would just tell you that wearing white after labor day just wasn't done, so they didn't. For years, I, too, followed this rule and put away my white colored pieces until the following Spring.

But rules are made to be broken, right? If you open any fashion magazine this Fall, you will see that white is a trend color and it's being worn in all kinds of ways. It's considered glamourous and beautiful, and understated in a wonderful kind of way. So, say, can you still wear your white denim now that Labor Day is past, well, yes, yes you can.

Let me though, give you a few tips on how to wear it, if wearing white is your pleasure.

When wearing white, choose to pair it with a darker color. See pic above. Color Blocking is a big deal this season and if you can wear black and white together (Clears, Deeps, Cools) then choose to wear a pair of white jeans, a solid, deeper hue tee and a black poncho or cape on top (all the rage this season, by the way.)
Colorblocking in its simplest form.

When wearing white after Labor Day, do pay attention to the type of fabric it is. Lighter weight fabrics like linen or guazy type cottons are for summer only so put those things away till next year. Denim and twills are fine, though.

You'll also want to put away your white in ballet flats, wedges, heels. These are not a summer item. Replace with nude shoes, which happen to be trendy again (like last season) or ankle booties, all the while remembering to purchase your new Fall shoes and boots in a color that matches your hair for your best look, or a sassy print like leopard or zebra.

A white lightweight sweater top or cardigan is a terrific way to continue wearing white after Labor Day. Wear with your dark jeans or trouser pants.

Fun stuff, huh? So if you're mother or office mate or BFF asks you why in the world you're wearing white after Labor Day, tell her,
"Why, didn't you know? NOT wearing white is so passe!"

Love ya girls...thank you for your wonderful birthday wishes, what a treat that was to hear from you here and on Facebook.  And guess what? The Fashion Newsletter is going out next Tuesday!!!!!! A fabulous announcement about an amazing, affordable Beauty Boot Camp Retreat is in there!!!!!! Can't wait to share it with you!

Love you!!!
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Anonymous said...

I love your posts! I read in section 8 above that "You'll also want to put away your white in ballet flats, wedges, heels. These are not a summer item. Replace with nude shoes, which happen to be trendy......." I assume you meant are not a fall/winter item?
Anyway....thanks for clearing this up my husband was joking about this very topic the other day. Can't wait to tell him I was right!!(doesn't happen nearly often enough) lol Thanks for all you do Shari. God bless!

~Brenda said...

I have heard this ‘rule’ all my life, now that I know differently; I will wear my white capris and jeans a little while longer. I like the background sItory!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous way to wear the white jeans a little longer! Thanks for the pointers Shari! I am a diehard "column" dresser since reading your book, but will give the color blocking a try. Shoes and lightweight fabrics are already packed away. I don't mind doing this though, because it's fun in the spring to unearth this stuff again! Karen