Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As I was writing an article this week for a magazine I write for, I was doing some research for the best mascaras. I found out what women like about the products on the market and thought I'd pass on this knowledge to you.

Mascara is one of those cosmetic items that we all seem to wear, even if we wear nothing else but a little lip gloss. So here it is, a review of Mascaras and what you might like to know about them.

#1 Rated Mascara:Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara:This mascara is chosen more often than any other mascara for its ability to lengthen lashes with minimal clumping. Users are fiercely devoted to this brand, saying that its long, thin brush makes it easy to apply to small inner and lower lashes, and noting that this long-wearing mascara is easy to remove. One drawback: Reviewers say it has a tendency to go on a bit wet, increasing the chance of smudging before lashes dry. It is available in five shades and costs about $25.

#2 Dior DiorShow Backstage Mascara:If you want mascara to give your lashes the most volume, reviewers repeatedly say just one coat of this mascara produces dramatic volume and provides nice length too. Still, many users warn that its bulky brush (it contains one of the largest mascara wands on the market) can take some getting used to; some say its design makes it especially difficult to coat small corner lashes. 
It comes in chestnut, azure blue or black. $25.

#3 Mary Kay Love Lash Mascara: A new product from MK, this is a great mascara that seems to seperate each lash and make them look their longest and prettiest. Try it, you'll like it...$15.

#4 Cover Girl LashBlash Volumizing Mascara:This is Cover Girl's only award winning mascara and that's saying alot cause they have lots to choose from. For bold, high volume lashes, it's smudge and smear proof and is safe for contact lens wearers. Find it in the orange tube for about seven dollars.

#5 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: This mascara is fondly known as America's favorite mascara for 40 years...can you believe a mascara has been around that long? It's still in the top of reviewer's lists too. It's under seven dollars it conditions as it thickens with no clumps and no globs. Sounds like something worth trying again as I'll bet every single one of us is familiar with the green and pink tube.
So there you top 5 mascaras as found in my beauty research this week. Have a lovely rest of your week and I pray God blesses you mightily.
Love ya,


Michelle said...

What magazine do you write for? When is the article coming out? What is it on?

Where did you get this info from? I don't remember you asking for Mascara reviews :) Where do you do your "beauty research" at?

I always use the dollar brand :)

MIchelle Angelique said...

This is so funny Shari, I just had to get a new mascara this weekend cause I was out. lol My favorite is Covergirl's Voluminous in the yellow tube. I saw the ad for the new on in the orange tube, but I knew for sure I liked the yellow so I stayed with it. I have also used the Loreal Voluminous in the bronze and gold tube. I have never in my life used a department store makeup - too out of my budget. Thank the Lord for Covergirl! lol

I know you will have a wonderful God inspired time at Beauty Boot Camp. I am too far away to attend but my thoughts and prayers are with you and all the women attending! God Bless! :)

~Brenda said...

The other day, I was thinking of trying mascara from Mary Kay and it's in your top 5. :)

I too am unable to attend your Beauty Boot Camp however, I know God will bless you, your team and the women in attendance.

Daphne said...

This is too funny...Great Lash is what I use because it's the least expensive! So fun to know that it's a good one, too!

I am so, SO terribly sad that I can't make it to your bootcamp! I have tried and tried to work out the budget to allow for it and it's just not happening. Between medical expenses, our daughter's braces, and a car about to die, we just don't have anything extra right now :-( I will be praying for everyone there and know that GOD will work through you and your team and that everyone will be BLESSED!!! Be safe and have a fabulous time!! Love ya!

Mariah said...

I have another mascara to add to the list that i think is the BEST ever...BUXOM mascara by bare essentials @ sephora for about $19.

I do like the first one from Lancome, I've used it before.BUT...i acutally think buxom is better...crazy, right? :D try it!

Anonymous said...

Michelle: she writes for SUSIE magazine- an amazing magazine for teen girls all over the world. :) i REALLY love SUSIE!!!

Shari: thank you for giving such great tips!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Shari,

I just received "Light" swatches and love them! I am wondering, though, how a person who fits in the light category adjusts her wardrobe colors as her hair grays. I noticed that you recommend that most women move to the cool palette when they become significantly gray. Is this true for lights, as well? Or, do we stay light and just tweak things as we age? Right now, I have some gray in my hair, but it blends with the ash tones of my natural blond. However, I'm sure that my hair will turn grayer or white in the next several years.

Shoofly Mama said...

I *LOVE* that you reviewed Mary Kay mascara! The fashion magazines never do, and it's the only kind that doesn't make my lashes dry out.

Adelyn said...

love love LOVE my green and pink tube!! The best part is that you can completely change whatever look depending on how much you coat on. Annnnd it never clumps. ever. I love it!

Martinez said...

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