Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi all! If you see all this writing and think to yourself, "oh, I'm gonna read this later, or it's just too wordy so I'm not gonna read it at all" I PROMISE you that you should READ THIS TODAY.

I'm about to share with you an email that I received from someone and it is such proof that God is at work. That God cares about each and every person and I'm so amazed and what He did for this woman. I'm not sure you know how excited I am about Beauty Boot Camp Retreat that's coming up, but honestly, I don't remember being so pumped for something in a really long time. I know, that I know, that I KNOW that God has a purpose for this camp. But I have to you, I have NEVER had a doubt as to whether or not I heard God correctly in the planning of this because every door I walked thru, just kept moving me toward holding this camp. I am confused, though, because I thought we'd have 100 women attend (as I've never offered anything like this for this low price before) but obviously God has other plans because there are only 24 women signed up. But you see, it's never about the numbers, it's ALWAYS about the individuals. If you want proof of that, read this email I received and get ready to believe God BIG for your own life.

Dear Shari,

I just HAD to share a "God thing" with you this morning. I hope it will confirm for you in a small way that God is definitely at work regarding your bootcamp. First of all, my good friend Edie and I each have 1 child. They graduated together and are attending different universities. We both have put our children first and have let our weight get way out of control. We decided that it is our time in life to do for us.

Within the last 2 months, she has lost over 30 pounds to date and I have lost 20! My goal was to lose 25 by your bootcamp, but I am going for more! It has felt wonderful to have to give away my pants because they are now way too large. LOL! Neither of us really wears nice clothing nor do we wear makeup. I am SOOOO looking forward to learning how. Your gift from God will truly bless us.

 Finally, I wanted to share my "God thing". I lost my full time job (after years) back in August. I am now working 2 part time jobs (waiting tables and at Lifeway) while attending school full time. As a single mom for 15 years I have always been very strapped and have never in my life had a vacation. I'm not exagerating.... never. So when your bootcamp became available I shared it with my friend and dreamed of a way to be able to go.

My first thought was that I have never spent $289 on myself in my entire life. After just losing my job, there is no way I can justify it. But..... I truly believe God has placed this on my heart. I prayed about it and came up with an idea/plan. I asked my manager at the restaraunt to hold on to my timecards which pay me $2 an hour. I figure I will budget my tips but maybe I won't miss the $2 if I never see it. She agreed and after working several weeks, I asked on Saturday if she would be willing to add my time cards. I figured if there was enough money, I would commit to your bootcamp. I left it in God's hands.

Shari, I can't express enough how truthful I am being....... Please know that she had NO idea how much I needed. She added it up and looked and me almost sheepishly and said "you only have $289". NOT $250, NOT $295, but EXACTLY to the penny what I needed! Isn't God wonderful!

I have no doubt He orchestrated that to let me know He was in control the whole time! When I explained to my manager why I was so flabbergasted, she became excited. I shared with her, as an unbeliever, about your Christ centered bootcamp and she is now looking into attending herself. How cool is that!

Just wanted to share and hopefully encourage you in some small way. Lastly, because I had to register so late, I missed the opportunity to have my hair cut there. We both would really like this done. We are driving in and will arrive about 11am on Friday. Do you personally know someone in the Myrtle Beach ara that we could make appointments with that afternoon before the bootcamp starts? Someone with will take our face shapes into consideration?

Thanks! And have a wonderful day!

Starr Dove

Ohhhhh Starr, you have COMPLETELY made my day and made me see God ever more.

And girl, I talked to the hairstylist on our team, and she has agreed to meet with you and Edie on Friday afternoon of Boot Camp and give both YOU AND EDIE a no additional charge. Because we love to see God at work...and you showed us that He is so in control of this Boot Camp! We love you!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!

Okay bloggy friends, we STILL HAVE ROOM FOR YOU!

Don't you just love this story????

Love you, Shari


Doris said...

Wow! That is awesome! Oh how I would love to come. I really would. But there are too many reasons, it seems, why it's not to be.

I pray that you will be greatly blessed and those who are able to attend this wonderful week-end.

Denise Daugherty said...

I can only say Wow.

Candace McQuain said...

So wonderful!!! That gave me goosebumps!! I just love how God works!! Shari, you and your team are doing something so amazing!! May God bless you all for your obedience!!

The Calm of His Presence said...

Praise God!!! I had tears in my as I read this! I can't wait to hear how God worked in each woman's life!


Anonymous said...

We serve an awesome GOD!!!

~ Daisha said...

Absolutely Awesome!

jdjmcc said...

I have wanted to go and join you- it sounds like so much fun! My hubby told me I should go with my mom the other day. But, I wasn't able to find a reasonable flight to get there! :( I hope you all have a wonderful time!
Jessica M.

Melinda said...

"I am all around you, hovering over you even as you seek My face. I am nearer than you dare believe, closer than the air you breathe!" Man, I just know I am going to miss a blessing at Beauty Boot Camp, but there is absoluetely NO WAY! My daughter has a court date during that time and I have no control over that. God is going to do something so big that weekend and I'm going to miss it!!! I hate it when that happens but God knew, so obviously it is not HIS plan for me to be there to see all His glory. I will just have to read about later. Thanks Shari for listening to God and obeying Him.

Lauri said...

Wonderful story! As always, I took your advice and read it immediately...I'm glad I did! Thank you and thank God!

Daphne said...

Starr, this is amazing! What a testament to our Lord's grace!! I will pray for you, Edie and everyone at bootcamp. Be blessed, safe and have a fantastic time!!