Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pure Natural Clothing Style

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because others around you seem to be all fashionista-like and you just don't feel comfortable all dolled up like that?

Are your favorite shoes Clogs or Toms or a simple flat while some of your friends are wearing 4 inch heels?

Do you feel most comfortable in cotton, linen, and denim and would rather your entire wardrobe be made up in those fabrics? Do you wear dresses only when you have to?

What about jewelry? Do big splashy bold accessories make you break out in hives at just the thought of it and you'd rather wear simple pearls or a classic sterling silver chain?

If any or all of the above describes you, then you are probably a


 when it comes to Clothing Personaly Styles.

Meet Trish Allred:

I met Trish a few weeks ago at my Wednesday morning book study. Adorable, precious, caring, and so very pretty, Trish comes each week in clothes that truly reflect the beautiful woman she is. I asked her if I could snap a picture of her because I love when someone knows what they like in clothes and understand their style (even if they can't put a name to it).

On this early Fall day, Trish is wearing a cotton plaid blouse, Miss Me Jeans (with great back pockets with flaps), a wide leather belt and suede clogs. Her natural blonde hair is caught up in a clip and her look is pulled together.

Pure Natural doesn't mean 'thrown together'. It means putting thought into your clothes and wearing pieces that reflect your natural loving self, just like Trish.

Trish also inspired me to buy a stop watch. I'm hoping to be inspired to use it too. LOL.

Trish recently dropped 25 pounds in about 2 months by doing the following:
She marked out a 2 mile stretch of road and with a stop watch, she ran for 60 seconds, then slowed wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down and walked very slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for 60 seconds (using her stop watch for timing). She did this (and still does) for 7 days a week and in the first month lost 15 pounds and then another 10 the next month or so.
She did say she cut out breads and cheeses, too.

I told her today that I got the stop watch the day after she told me about her success and it's a very pretty addition to my kitchen counter. I'm hoping to use it soon with tennies on as I run/walk for 2 miles each day. I was very encouraged when she told me today that she had her stop watch for 3 weeks before she actually got up the courage to run so I'm feeling much better now! LOL.

I pray you will embrace your individual style today, whether you are a

 Pure Natural, Creative Original, Style Fashionista or Classic Modern.

Have a beautiful week! I pray you are encouraged today.

love you!


Miss Janet @ HOME said...

I believe I am a classic modern...
and I like it that way!


Ruth J Leamy said...

Great post! I think I'm a blend: creative fashionista. :)

~Brenda said...

Trish, congrats on losing 25 lbs!

I'm a classic modern...and enjoy my style!

Kathy said...

I'm so encouraged by this post!! I am a pure natural and do feel like such a slob for liking the clothes that I like. I take my insipration from Lands End and LL Bean catalogs. But it was encouraging to hear that you can still be considered "put together" without knowing the latest trends and wanting the fashionable styles. Some of us PN's need all the help we can get! :)

Daphne said...

Great job, Trish!! And Shari, just make yourself get out there the first time! You'll love it :-) I was SO not a runner, but I started very slowly in April/May and ended up loving it so much I trained for and ran my first half marathon in August!!!

I think I am a combo PN and CO. For my every day, I love to wear jeans and comfy tops, but I do like to dress up sometimes, too, and accessorize. But I know I'm not an SF or a CM ;-)

Brenda said...

I like how you show the beauty of the pure natural style. It is so simple and unsophisticated, that it almost seems frumpy. Your model looks great, completely comfortable, and I'm not embarrassed to have a pure natural style anymore! :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think I come closest to a PN too - comfort is VERY important to me. I do feel the need to wear makeup every day so not sure what that means! Shari have you done an "informational" type blog on PN? I feel as if I could use some tips. Love your blog! Thanks and God bless your day, Jenny C.

Melanie Dorsey said...

Trish looks great. I have a very good friend whose style is Pure Natural too.
Mine is at times but mostly Classic I think. far as running goes - Go for it! It's a great stress reliever and also makes your skin look better.
I run 5 - 6 days a week and am training for my 2nd 1/2 marathon.

Wrinkled Shirts said...

I'm in for Texas hot mama! Can't wait to get the scoop!