Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Color of the Season

Hello beauties! Since the day for RED was yesterday, the day of sweethearts and all things roses, kisses and chocolates, I thought I'd bring you news of the hottest color of the season...ORANGE...take a look.

Who can wear this color, you ask?

Well, YOU can my dear!

If you are a LIGHT, then remember the key thing for you is keeping your orange palette light as well. Take a look at this fab color set by Equipment on Polyvore so you can see how to wear this beauty of a color. See how light the jeans are too? Keep your colors light as a feather.

Are you a DEEP? Just because orange is a good color for you, and it is, it doesn't mean you have to wear it head to toe. The combination below shows a gorgeous, classic outfit with just a touch of orange in the addition of orange shoes. The outfit is deliriously scrumptous. This is age appropriate dressing for women over 40 at it's best. And don't forget to add the orange lipstick for extra wow.This set designed by Dress Like a Queen on Polyvore.

Warm? If you're a Warm, then girl, you are in fashion paradise this season! This is your season to rock this color. Let this design selection from Zappos inspire you. Choose other colors from your palette like olive, beige, soft yellow and ivory to compliment the many shades of orange you can wear.

Clear gals, the key to orange perfection for you is keeping it contrasted with either a very dark, bright or light color. In the pic below I'm showing it with white and light pink...but use your colorful imagination and put lots of combinations together. Set design is from Jessica Brasil on Polyvore. (This is good for Light's too.)

And here it is with bright pink, a design set by Nz-carla from Polyvore,
(ignore the redhead, pretend she has dark hair):

Now let's take a look at how a SOFT can wear this fab color. Keep in mind, when wearing any shade as a SOFT, the color should be mid-tone or soft in intensity. Here you go, a design set by Salza from Polyvore.

And last but not least, here's how a COOL can wear this color. Caution, though, if you are going to wear this color, it has to be a very muted down shade. Wear it with a neutral like the taupe shade shown or navy, black or white. I know, I know, this orange doesn't look too orange or even coral-like, so I hope you get my point that muting it is the only way to go for you and you must add a cool neutral with it. This set is from Sareymci from Polyvore.

So there you have it. Just in case you're not familiar with Polyvore, it's a site where you can go and make up your own design sets. Thanks to all the set designers whose set designs were featured here.

Love you girls!


Sue G said...

Great advice Shari, since this season's hot color with kikaPaprika is Poppy and I LOVE it! Since I am a Light, I will just sport it in a burnout tee or scarf and blended with my other fave colors Aqua, Navy & Shell. :)

Ruth J Leamy said...

I love orange!