Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little Metallic, Anyone?

Spring is just around the corner and if you're anything like me (and I know you are) then you just can't help get a little excited thinking about adding a few new pieces to your already existing wardrobe. Because really, aren't you getting tired of wearing boots and sweaters?

The thing about Spring is the way COLOR shows up in the most unexpected ways. For example, how wearing coral and pink together is just so this:

In this very wonderful outfit from Neiman Marcus, I love how the model is styled with a metallic purse and shoes. And that brings me to this week's fashion topic.

Metallics bring fabulousness to any outfit and I'd highly recommend having a metallic bag and shoes in your spring wardrobe. How do you determine which metallic is for you?

As always, it's based on your DCC (dominant color characterisitic).

Here's a guide for your viewing and shopping pleasure.

SOFT & LIGHT: Any metallic works for you and I ADORE this flat from the boot company FRYE. If you want comfort, this brand is amazing and well worth the price. $138.

It's a combination of metallics, it's got bronze, silver and gold so it will go with just about anything you wear!

WARM & DEEP:  I found this wedge from Payless for only $29.99!
It's very awesome.

If you prefer a flat, then check out this pair in Bronze by Nine West for $79.
Pretty cute! (It comes in Silver too)

Cool: Here's a great silver flat sandal from Chinese Laundry for $59.95.
Remember Cool Gals, Silver or Pewter is the only way to go for you.

Want a little more substance to your sandal ? Then check out these comfy babies by Etienne Aigner at the affordable price of $59:

And last but not least CLEAR gals, since you can wear silver or gold, just make sure it's on the brighter side of things...nothing muted for you. Take a look at some I found for you:
This fabulous pair is shiny gold is a Lilly Pulitzer beauty.It's called the Resort Chic Wedge and chic, it is. A little pricey at $228 but wanted to show you a pair of shiny-ness so you can be on the lookout for one less pricey perhaps...or not.

Here's a shiny silver flat in a way lesser's by Dirty Laundry and is $35.99 from

So whether you go flat, wedge, low, high, dressy or casual, there is a metallic for you. Find a coordinating bag that has a little metallic on it and voila, you are ready to jump into Spring! Your bag doesn't have to match exactly, you just want a touch of the metallic wonderfulness to bring your wardrobe to center stage.

If you have the time to comment today, could you tell me what price range you typically pay for shoes? If I knew how to post a survey thingy I'd do that, but...I don't!

Love you girls...happy shoe shopping!


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Lorri said...

Hi, Shari,
I love reading your blog and all your advice. I typically do not like to pay more than about $50 for shoes. But I can be flexible. If I'm going really trendy and know it will probably only be a one season deal - I like cheap. If it's a classic style that will last for years - I'll pay more :)

Henna-Maria said...

Thanks for asking :)
I am always hunting for deals in anything, but I have learnt through many experiences that it is worth paying more for a good pair of shoes. My husband is able to shop with me a lot longer with comfortable shoes (his back does not start hurting as quick!) so we have invested in good looking but comfortable shoes! I think last time we paid about $80 or $90 for his shoes. And it would be about the same for my good shoes (Clarks).

I am willing to buy cute shoes for outings where I know I won't walk much even in second hand shops (few dollars), but I invest more for every day use.

I don't know if this is more about my personality (practical) or that I am not a shoe freak. Cute shoes do not make my knees weak :) but a cute top/scarf/purse might!

Anonymous said...

I tend to buy shoes that are around 100$ but they are Keens or Merrills--more of the clunkier shoes, but they keep my feet from hurting. As interested as I am in trying to be fasionable, I know that my shoes are not. But at the end of the day they are safe and my back doesn't hurt. Unfortunately no pain wins.

Anonymous said...

I have fibro that tends to act up in my legs so while I do not wear shoes that actually pinch my feet or anything like that I have found that practical or cute - I usually hurt in the end. So, I usually opt for cute/stylish for work (where I sit at a desk)and going out. I think I've hit the jackpot when I can find cute and practical in the same shoe :)

Anonymous said...

I have fibro that tends to act up in my legs so while I do not wear shoes that actually pinch my feet or anything like that I have found that practical or cute - I usually hurt in the end. So, I usually opt for cute/stylish for work (where I sit at a desk)and going out. I think I've hit the jackpot when I can find cute and practical in the same shoe :)

Michelle Angelique said...

Hi Shari! So glad you are back! :) As a single Mom I have to go wtih affordable. Which for me is usually thrift store prices or if I can splurge on myself $25. I love seeing what is in style and then keeping an eye out at the thrift stores and recycling. :) Blessings and hugs!

~Brenda said...

I had bunion surgery 2 years ago and realize that wearing comfortable yet, stylish shoes is the best way to go. I no longer wear shoes that pinch my feet, no matter how cute they are. LOL With that being said, I spend about $60 on dress shoes and like to buy my casual shoes at The Shoe Dept. and Payless. I love sandals and look forward to warmer weather when I can get them out of my closet. This is a fun survey!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Oh my I would trip and fall in shoes like that, but oh how nice it would be to wear those. Here in Iowa not too much fashion. Comfort is the word here. I admit I go for that too and I don't spend too much money on shoes. I liked looking at these though. I am going to look for color to wear in the spring.

Laura said...

I have learned that my flat feet will not forgive me if I wear ill-fitting or too high shoes. And so much the better if they have good support. That leaves flat ballets out of the question. So I find I need to spend a lot on shoes - usually $100 or more (I am in Canada so maybe we can't get the great deals you get in the States). Since I am a Clear, I have been buying everything in black so I only need one pair of each type of shoe. I would love to have more color selection but I cannot afford to at the price of shoes my feet demand. I used to have more variety, but after I had my first child, my feet went from a size 9 to a 9.5-10! So nothing I had before fits anymore. I have been needing to spend money on regular shoes so have not been able to buy pretty ones.

Daphne said...

I don't like to spend more than about $30 for a pair of shoes...except for my running shoes. Those are usually around $90, but my feet are so much happier with good support for my half marathon training :-) I'm not a shoe freak, so when I can find a pair that works for lots of things, and for not much money, I'm thrilled!

Jill said...

Having worked retail, I know the value of a great-fitting pair of shoes! I'll invest $100 or more in a classic style that's comfortable. Trendy shoes...$30-$50 depending on fit.

Highly recommend Dansko for cute and comfy! A little pricey, but well worth the money!

Anonymous said...

Like others have said, I will pay more for classic styles and colors that I will wear for years, try to stay under $75 though and always shop for sales. For trendy shoes, I go cheap so I don't mind parting with them when the trend is past. Walking/running/fitness shoes are very expensive & not much you can do there unless you stumble on a sale and they still happen to have your size! Karen

Megan said...

For fun fashion shoes, I try to stay under $50. I like to bring my sister in law along when fashion shoe shopping or she emails me links. For staple shoes, I consult my husband. He helps me look for comfortable shoes that work to help back pain, lots of walking with kids, etc. He doesn't worry about the budget for those kinds of shoes since he thinks they are so important!

Brenda B said...

I stay under $25 most of the time. Sneakers are the only time I will spend $50 on a shoe. Thanks for getting our input!