Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 10 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 10 Challenge

Part A: Make a Shopping List. At the top of your list write S.H.O.P.  This means Shopping Happily on Purpose! You are no longer going to buy things just to buy them. No more impulse shopping. Have it handy so you can add to or take with you when you are out and about.

Part B: What kinds of bottoms do you want to get you through the spring season? Do you need another pair of shorts? A skirt? Another pair of jeans? You should have 4-5 bottoms…look at the bottoms you told me about yesterday and add to your shopping list the appropriate bottoms you need.
These are the bottoms we are going to build your spring wardrobe around. If you need jeans, go to the shopping chapter in my book and you will see a guide there of 5 types of jeans that fit your body type. The brand and price is listed for your convenience.

Part C: Plan a shopping trip. Do not take money or credit/debit cards with you on this trip. This is a FIELD trip only. Take your swatches with you. What bright, fun colors are they showing in the stores where you like to shop? What colors will go with your neutral bottoms you have or are going to purchase? Match your color strips of your DCC to the colors in the store….they don’t have to be exact, but should be pretty close. After your field trip, decide what colors you want to add to your spring wardrobe this season to make YOU come to life…make sure they are colors that compliment your DCC. This is imperative to taking you from frumpy to fabulous.
Now come home, look at the tops in your wardrobe, and see what you need to add to it. If you need to column dress (body shape chapter in book), then make sure you have a few neutrals to do this. Do you have colors in your wardrobe that will flatter you based on your field trip?
Inventory your tops and then add to S.H.O.P.

Special Note: You should have 3-4 tops for every bottom.

I realize this all won’t take place today but you must plan for it. In the comments below, would love to hear from a few of you of when you plan to take your field trip.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!



~ Daisha said...

Oh, this sounds like so much fun!! I think I will do it today since I will have an hour wait time with nothing to do. I know I am already going to need a navy & gray skirt, navy & gray shorts/capris. I am SOOOOO excited! By the way, are you still planning a Beauty Boot Camp near the Texas/Oklahoma area?

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

What a great tip: 3 - 4 tops for a "bottom". Sounds feasible.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Oops I meant 4 - 5.

Anonymous said...

From day 9, I know I have too many colors that aren't right for me. More weeding out! I also know I have too many bottoms; difficult weeding here, since I wear them all! For this Day 10 Challenge I'm going to focus on my neutrals and plan to shop for those things only. Maybe then I can let more go! Thanks for being so faithful in adding challenges each day Shari! This is great fun! Karen

~ Daisha said...

Well, with my hour of free time today I visited several stores including: Target, TJ Maxx, Rue 21, Cato, Maurice's & JCPenny because they were all in the same shopping strip. I think I may have more of a challenge finding my neutral bottoms since Charcoal Gray & Navy are normally colors you see in the Fall/Winter. I didn't see too many of these colors. Also, I know I was only supposed to be "window shopping" today but I did purchase a white cardigan...only because I had been looking for one for some time. I technically didn't spend any money since I used a gift card I received for Christmas.

~Brenda said...

I like the acronym for SHOP; the field shopping trip sounds like fun however, since I live 45 minutes to an hour away from any stores with clothes I’ve decided to wait until the shopping challenge. I have capri's but, need to add more pants and skirts to my closet in beige and shades of green as well as more tops.
BTW, this morning, I have completed the task of going through my shoes/sandals. I was surprised at the sandals I have but don’t wear. Also, I have completed the task of underwear. Shari, even though I have gone through your book, I am realizing this is a good refresher course for me!

Daisha and Anita; I’m impressed with how both of you are keeping up this challenge – you go girls!

~ Daisha said...

Thanks, Brenda! I, too have Shari's book but I am enjoying this challenge so much and I like the fact that I can ask questions and get feedback along the way.