Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 11 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous

Day 11 Challenge

I hope you’re feeling good about your 30 day plan to fabulousness! Pretty soon your friends and family won’t even recognize you!!!!

I hope you planned your field trip for shopping without your wallet and will do that this week. Don’t wait too long because we need to plan for REAL shopping soon.

Part A: Today we’re moving the focus to your hair. When was the last time you had a real change to your hair whether it be in cut, style or color? Is it time? Well, let’s see. Are you getting compliments on a regular basis? Is your hairstyle up to date? If the local TV station was doing a show on the best hair styles in your town, would you be chosen?

Hair is one of the very first things that someone sees when you walk into a room. It’s your calling card, so to speak, because it shows up first…it announces you.

If you’re doing this challenge with a friend, I want you to call each other and have a very serious conversation. (If you’re not doing this with a friend, then pick a friend who you really trust and will be honest with you. Don’t just pick any honest friend, pick your most fashionable friend.) Ask your friend to give you her honest opinion about your hair and ask her specifically to give you some recommendations on what she thinks would look great on you.

Part B: Make a hair appointment to get your hair cut, colored or styled BEFORE the end of our 30 days. If you’ve been going to the same hairstylist for a very long time and she/he has been giving you the same haircut that entire time, perhaps it’s time to consider making an appointment with someone new. It’s time for a CHANGE!!!!

Special Note: I believe we are most beautiful when we are closest to the way God created us. On that note, if He made you blonde, and you’re coloring your hair dark brunette, it may not be the best thing for you. If you’re all gray or silver now, you may stay that way or color your hair close to what it was before it went gray. Just know the best color for you is only 2-3 shades removed from your natural hair color.  I’m all for coloring hair, just don’t make it something that naturally doesn’t suit you.

Once you make your hair appointment, let us know in the comments below!

Love you girls,


Anonymous said...

Any ideas for wavy/curly/ mind of it's own hair ?

Anonymous said...

Good point about hair color.

GrammaGrits said...

Today's the day - appointment already made for the cut!

Anonymous said...

Going for haircut/style on April 24! I went back to my 'real' color about a year ago and it was the best choice for me. I had been a fake blonde for years and really liked my hair color, but since I've gone back to 'real', I've actually gotten compliments, people telling me they love the color and it looks so flattering. So God had the best idea for me and I'm a brunette again!

~Brenda said...

I had the same stylist for 8 years or so and remembered what you wrote in your book when to know it was time for a change. On April 3rd I went to a new hairstylist who tweaked my style just enough for a different look; had a compliment less than a week later!

I don't need to color my hair yet however, plan on doing so when the time comes.

Laura said...

I discovered you one year ago, so last May I had my 20-something pony-tail changed to a 30-something short modern look. Got lots of compliments right away. That hair stylist cut my hair 3 times, and then due to personal problems, cut down on her number of clients. That meant me! I thought I would be frugal and go to a student salon. I got a way too short cut for my round face, and didn't have my hair cut for another 5 months! Last month I went to someone new who updated the cut again. The stylists have also taught me the proper way to style my hair and what kind of products to get. I finally feel like a pretty but age appropriate 30-something mom! I just wish my luck would change and I can find a hair stylist I can count on for a few years.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Glad you mentioned about the gray! I did find a hairstyle I like and it is basically easy to cut, so I can go to the ones that you can run in and out. Thanks to you actually about my "heart shape face" my curly wavy hair below my chin is easy to take care of and I do get a lot of compliments - especially when I don't play with it! Wash and go!