Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

 Day 12 Challenge
PART A: Many of us have need of two types of wardrobes…one for Monday thru Friday  and a different kind of wardrobe for the weekends. This is what the terms Majority Lifestyle Wardrobe and Minority Lifestyle Wardrobe refer to. (See Style Sheet) What you wear between the hours of 8-6 during the week is your MAJORITY LIFESTYLE WARDROBE. What you wear for weekends is referred to as your MINORITY LIFESTYLE WARDROBE. On your Style Sheet, fill in what this is. Here is my example:
MAJORITY LIFESTYLE WARDROBE: Home, Errands, Writing, Lunch w/friends, Walking the dog
MINORITY LIFESTYLE WARDROBE: Speaking events, Church, Date Night

PART B: Under the Style Notes section, write down what kinds of clothes you need for each of the wardrobes. For example, for my Majority Lifestyle Wardrobe, I need Casual, comfortable, relaxed clothes. For my Minority Lifestyle Wardrobe, I need clothes for stage and better dresses, slacks for church.

PART C: I’m going to ask a huge favor here for Susie Magazine and ask you to VOTE to get Susie Magazine on the shelf in Walmart for our teen girls. What we are doing in becoming fabulous will lend itself greatly to your teen daughters. This is a Christian magazine that your girls will LOVE…and with your vote, may help it get on the Walmart shelf!!! Out of 4000 magazine entries, Susie got in the top 10….now the voting begins to get it to #1. We’re allowed two votes every day: One text vote, and one vote through Facebook. Can you help us by voting twice daily—and by spreading the word?

You’ll text 4959 to 383838.

And here’s our link to vote thru Facebook:

I believe that beauty begins on the inside and what better way to help our daughters than to make a Christian teen magazine accessible to the girls around the world? I love you gals for helping in this endeavor…YOU are a huge part in making it a success!!!!

Comment below when all 3 sections are completed!

Love you!!! Shari


Anonymous said...

Great challenge for today Shari! Since I work in an office, that is my 'majority.' I tend to let the 'minority' side go unless I'm going out for lunch or showing up in public somewhere! Recently I have been thinking it would be nice to look better on the 'minority' days, i.e., put forth more effort! I actually prefer feeling put together even if I'm cutting the grass! Time to give this challenge some thought! Karen

Kate Meyer said...

I'm so glad you posted about Susie Mag!!!! They do a lot of good and I'm praying that they make it to the shelf :D

~Brenda said...

I’m a homemaker so, my majority style is casual and dressy casual. For minority I wear some dressy styles whether its dresses, skirts or dress pants. I’ve added this to my Style Sheet.

Having Susie Mag on the shelves at Wal-Mart would be awesome!

~ Daisha said...

Completed all 3 Sections!