Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 13 Challenge: Frumpy to Fab!

Day 13 Challenge

Part A: Do you have 3-4 tops for every bottom?
You should have more clothes for your Majority Lifestyle Wardrobe than you do for your Minority Lifestyle Wardrobe. Do you?
On your S.H.O.P. list, write down your needs as it appears now in relation to your wardrobe.
Do you need to weed out your wardrobe more? Do you have items in there that you don’t wear or shouldn’t wear yet you’ve kept it in your closet just in case? Please move those items out.

Part B: If you were invited to a special occasion event this weekend, would you have an outfit to wear to it? For example, a wedding, a cocktail party, a special luncheon or dinner event? Do you have all the accessories and shoes to go with this outfit? If not, add it to your S.H.O.P. list. If you do have it, please try it on with all accessories and shoes and make sure it still fits, is still in style and looks great on you. You should feel very special in this outfit. If you don’t, add it to your list to be on the lookout for a new special occasion outfit, including accessories and shoes to go with it.

Part C: Please vote today to get Susie Magazine on the shelf! Thanks for dong this! You can vote twice…once by text and once on FB. Here are the codes/links to vote. I’ll probably remind you to do this everyday for the next 2 weeks….it’s sooooo important!

You’ll text 4959 to 383838.

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Love you gals!



~Brenda said...

After reading this post I wasn’t sure if I had a special occasion outfit hanging in my closet. As a matter of fact, I do. And I have more majority lifestyle clothing than minority. I need another top for a skirt then I will have my quota of 3-4 tops for bottoms. I feel as though I am right on target!

Marissacramsey said...

I probibly have one shirt in my majority and two minority dressy dresses one black cocktail and one flowery wedding. I am scared to empty my closet of things that don't look good until we are allowed to go shopping at the end of the month. FYI my birthday is the 29th what better way to celebrate than a brand new wardrobe that actually looks good on me!

~ Daisha said...

Ok, so I know I wasn't supposed to be doing any shopping yet but...I had to take my brother-in-law to the store today. I said I was only going to browse while I waited for him, however, I came across a deal I could not pass up! I bought a pair of navy capris and a pair of Charcoal Gray slacks. The slack are from Express and I got both pair of them for $15! Anyway, I've weeded out my closet a little bit more and I was REALLY getting scared because it is looking REALLY sparse. Surprisingly, I'm not going to have to purchase an entire new wardrobe. I've been able to put together 12 outfits already with 5 bottoms and 14 tops. I could get more if I mix & match, which I probably will do eventually. I am so excited! I never even thought about putting some of this stuff together before!

Bobbie said...

Thanks for this series. I LOVE it.

Shari Braendel said...

You girls are doing great...and Daisha, I think it's fine you bought some things at such a great price! And happy birthday at the end of the month Marissa!!!