Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16 CHALLENGE: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 16 Challenge

I went to my sister Kathi’s yesterday to help her get caught up with this challenge and it really helped me see where some of you might be struggling and see if I wasn’t making something clear to you. It was so helpful to me and hopefully will be to you as we continue on with the next 2 weeks of challenges.

Part A: When it comes to organizing your closet, it may be better for you to separate your clothes into sections by keeping your Majority Lifestyle Wardrobe together and your Minority Lifestyle Wardrobe together. It will help you see where you need to add pieces. If you keep them both in one section, it can get confusing. It’s your call on this one but it just may be helpful to separate them.

The thing that makes each season so special is TRENDS. It’s also the thing that will make YOU look up to date or NOT. In saying this, take a look at your bottoms/dresses for each Lifestyle Wardrobe. Do you have bottoms/dresses that are trendy? For example, maybe you have all basic pants and jeans. Why not add a pair of white skinny jeans or a flirty skirt that ends at the knees? Or how about a pair of ankle pants or capris in a pretty color since this is the season of colorful bottoms?

QUESTION: What do you need to add to your wardrobe (both of them) that will make you look ‘in’ for Spring? Perhaps a pretty dress in a solid bright color? Or camel Bermuda shorts? Or a new pair of trendy jeans in beige, black or coral? You pick the style and color, but add 2 new bottoms to EACH of your wardrobes to give your style a lift for spring. Add this to you S.H.O.P. list.

Part B: Plan a day to go SHOPPING FOR REAL! Look at your calender and mark it in now. If you have kids, plan to leave them at home…if this means booking a sitter for them, then do that. If you have a friend you are doing this challenge with, perhaps you can take care of each other’s kids while you each go shopping, or enlist your husband to care for them when he’s at home. Whatever is best for you, DO NOT take your children with you when you go shopping. Schedule your date and comment below as to when it’s going to be. We still have some things to cover so it may be best to plan for the end of next week or the week after our challenge is complete.

Basically, today is a “think” and “plan” kind of day….you may want to search online to see what kinds of pretty trend bottoms are out there so you know what to add to your list.

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Anonymous said...

Just a comment - I got a pair of raspberry colored skinny jeans and love them! I also got an orange jacket. Didn't spend a fortune on either one, but that is because they are trendy. I read not long ago about the difference between bowing to a trend and nodding to a trend. I am a nodder, since trends are fleeting and like you say, can change with the season. I sink money into classic pieces that I will wear for years, but tend to look for bargains when shopping for trendy clothes. My quandary now, what shoes to wear with my raspberry jeans! I also save money by sewing, especially skirts and some jackets. In this way you don't fall apart when the trend passes. My sister and I have a shopping trip scheduled for mid-May when we will go to Easton Town Center in Columbus OH. Can't wait!! We're taking color swatches and shopping lists! We do this each May, spend two nights and shop for three days! Karen

~Brenda said...

Actually, I’m keeping my closet organized by spring/summer and fall/winter; seems to work for me. Since I am a WARM I want to purchase an orange top for spring; I see that color a lot and a certain shade of orange is one of my ‘pop colors’. I have plenty of capris’ however; fun skirts for minority wardrobe are what I added to my S.H.O.P. list. I haven’t scheduled my shopping day as yet.

Shari, your ‘think and plan’ day is a good idea!

Shari Braendel said...

Karen, so fun to have a shopping day planned with your sister! Wear metallic flats, wedges or print wedges with your raspberry jeans (Payless has some great ones!. Also, when in doubt, match your if you're a brunette, go for brown shoes, blonde, wear taupe, etc. And Brenda, you're right on track! love hearing from you gals!

~ Daisha said...

Karen, your shopping trip sounds like so much fun! I should plan to do this with my sister(s). I think I'm going to plan my shopping trip after Mother's Day because I know my kiddos are going to give me money. {insert BIG grin here}. As for my organizing my closet, I think I will separate my majority and minority wardrobe, at least until I figure out exactly what I need. I know this my seem "over the top" to some of you but I actually took picture of the outfits I matched up last week & they are saved on my phone. Now, if I forget what "amazing" outfit I threw together when I have nothing to wear, I can just look at my pictures for renewed inspiration. For today's challenge, I added my hot pink skinny's and a bright purple sundress to my wardrobe. I am amazed everyday at what I have dug out out my closet while completing these challenges! I even came across a few pairs of shoes I completely forgot I had and I my gold metallic sandals I bought last summer!

~Brenda said...

Thanks, Shari!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea of taking pictures with your phone. That could even come in handy when shopping :)!!