Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 23 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 23 Challenge

Part A: Since we spend a good amount of time at home, it’s only right to look at your wardrobe and make sure what you’re wearing around the house is good and proper!

Whether you’re home most of the time during the week OR you are at home only in the evenings after work, etc, you’ll want to take care that what you’re wearing around your family while at home is decent. That means, not ratty, not torn, not immodest and also that you wear a bra. I say that because my tendency is to go pretty casual and I’d rather go without that darn thing BUT I have a teenage son at home and find lots of his friends here on a regular basis too. I opt for yoga pants and tanks (in my color of course!) but I also wear a sports bra (actually it’s called the Genie Bra, check it out, it’s awesome!) and this does the trick under my comfy clothes.

Part B: Inventory your “around the house” clothes and make sure you have the correct garments. Do you need anything? Should you throw some things away and get new?
Add to your S.H.O.P. list if necessary.

Please look pretty while hanging at home too. It’s important to you AND those around you.

Have a great day!


~ Daisha said...

I really need to work on this area! I always wear appropriate clothing at home because, I too, have a teenage son at home. My problem is that I just want to throw on an old t-shirt that probably has paint stains on it and a pair of "really worn" shorts. I have thrown out most of this stuff so that I won't be tempted but I will need to add some things to my shopping list to replace them.

~Brenda said...

'Around the house' clothes are what I call them too; I have them inventoried and found only a couple that are in really bad shape. Even though my husband & I are empty nester's; I still like to dress 'decent' because I never know when someone will stop by.

Jenny Leigh said...

I would LIVE in workout clothes if it were acceptable. haha But I do have many pieces (ok, way too many pieces) that need to go. It's hard to let them go when they finally get to that super soft state. Ah, but I will be a big girl and toss them away with fond memories! Thanks for reminding us to look like we care when we're around the ones we care for the most!!

Laura said...

Got a good start on this one. I bought a dark teal track suit that is great for comfy days at home. The color looks amazing on me, and really helps if I haven't done much with my face or hair. Totally beats grey sweats! I also bought some pretty pink pajamas that makes me look nice at night and in the morning.

Michelle Angelique said...

Shari I am so glad to hear that your "at home clothes" are yoga pants and a tank! :) Mine too! lol Now I wont feel like I am being a slouch. Of course my tanks or tees are all in my colors and I always wear my bra since I too have a teenage son at home and his friends.

msbaker said...

when at home do you follow the 16 point accessory guide too?

Shari Braendel said...

Msbaker, you don't need to follow the 16pt at home...but you should still look cute at home! Maybe add earrings, at least.