Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 24 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 24 Challenge

Today you get to look at what you wear to bed!

Part A: Inventory your sleepwear and toss or donate stuff that no longer flatters you.
Is your sleepwear in a color that makes you look wonderful? While you’re at it, is your bedroom decorated in colors that make YOU look amazing? How about the style of sleepwear you wear? Is it cute and sexy or old fashioned and frumpy? What about your robe and slippers? Your spring/summer attire will be different from your fall/winter p.j.’s.

Part B: Add to your S.H.O.P. list new, beautiful sleepwear! 

Part C: Today is the LAST day to vote for Susie Magazine to get on the shelf at Walmart. PLEASE vote twice today…once on your phone and once on Facebook and PRAY that Susie Mag gets on those shelves in a store where it can have so much influence on our young girls!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to do this one. Definitely adding to my S.H.O.P. list and will go home and purge after work today!! Why I hung on to some of this stuff is beyond me!

The room.....also on my project list, but thanks for the nudge. I'm going to start making some changes there too!

~ Daisha said...

I REALLY need to do this! I've already gotten rid of some of my things but I still need to do some weeding out. I'm hanging on to a couple of pajama shorts only because I have nothing else to wear but they really don't flatter me at all! I'm adding these items to my S.H.O.P. list now.

~ Daisha said...

Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog! My bedroom is on my project list as well. One of the reasons is because my husband decided it was time for us to upgrade to a King sized bed from a Queen sized. Now, my pretty bedspread (that I had recently purchased) has to be passed on to someone else.

~Brenda said...

After reading this post, I went through my sleepwear drawer and like Daisha and Anonymous; I needed to do this. I have added new summer sleepwear to my S.H.O.P. List. As for the bedroom colors, I got to looking around and realize they are colors that I wear; amazing how that worked out!

Carol said...

You mean my grease spotted XL men's thermal undershirt and my men's plaid pj bottoms have to go?? I really do have nicer things, but somehow gravitate toward the comfy. But that's loungewear. What I sleep in is my husband's favorite and I think that will have to stay the same ;-).