Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 25 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 25 Challenge

I can hear you scream now…yep, today’s the day to try on your SWIMSUIT! I can’t take you through a 30 day challenge in the spring and summer season and NOT talk about swimsuits, now can I?

Part A: Read Chapter 5 in the book (Good Girls don't have to Dress Bad). Write down a few tips that refer to what you should have in a swimsuit in regard to your body type. For example, B and O body types look best in halter top styles. D types look best in skirted suits. But there are lots more tips for each body shape and your swimsuit is no place to disregard this information.

Part B: Try on your swimsuit. If you have more than one, then try them all on. Once it’s on, go over to the full-length mirror and take a look. Is it in a flattering color for you? Does it have the correct straps for your body type? Does it have the other proper style elements important for you?

Part C: Inventory your Swimwear accessories: Cover Up, Flip flops or Mesh sandals, Beach bag, Straw hat or cute baseball cap for sun coverage, Sunglasses, Beach towel.

What do you need to add to your S.H.O.P. list?

Have fun with this part! Don’t berate yourself by saying mean things to the woman in the mirror. Be nice to her!


Anonymous said...

Yuck. After a long winter, pasty legs, yuck. But I'm going to do it in the spirit of the challenge. Last year I added a tankini and love it. Got black bottoms and can change up the tops. Okay, as much as I can 'love' a swimsuit....!

~ Daisha said...

I never learned to swim, therefore I usually try to avoid large bodies of water. I'm already "tanned" so I won't be doing any sunbathing either. So...unless I can be convinced that I need a swimsuit for other reasons, I think I will skip this part of the challenge.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you Daisha!!!! I have times when I need to show up at a pool in the summer and then the beach usually in the fall. On one hand it serves as motivation, but on the other hand, this is one unforgiving piece of clothing!! Karen

~Brenda said...

I haven't owned a swimsuit in over 10 years. I no longer get a chance to go to a pool nor the beach. So, I will step aside for Day 25. :)

~ Daisha said...

Karen, my husband and both my children (now ages 18 & 20) all swim so there are times when I have to tag along, such as when we stay at a hotel and there is a swimming pool. I will usually sit by the pool with a book if I can find a shaded area. I'm thinking maybe I will buy a pair of those shorts that are sometimes worn over the top of a swimsuit that I can pair with a tank top, just so I don't look so out of place if I find myself in this predicament. Some hotels and public swimming pools won't let you inside the gate unless you are in swim attire, even though you don't plan to swim. So...did I just convince or what? lol

Anonymous said...

Daisha, you are so cute. You have a lovely "tan" .