Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 27 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 27 Challenge

Part A: Now that you know whether you’re a Rock Star, Movie Star or Glamour Girl today is the day you are going to take it a step further with your HANDBAG. Yesterday I told you to look at all your accessories, prints/patterns and handbags but today I want you to consider what handbag you will use for THIS season. You may have many bags, or maybe just one or two, but the handbag you carry says A LOT about you and your style personality. I call this your STATEMENT BAG. 

Do you have your statement bag for spring/summer? I typically purchase 2 handbags a year. Once in spring/summer and once in fall/winter. If you’ve read my book or been to one of my conferences, you know I say that the best handbag color should match your HAIR because then your bag will go with everything you own. Blondes, you don’t have to carry white (although it’d be great this season!) but camel, taupe, gold or silver works too. Salt and Pepper hair, you can go with the pepper part and get black.

You can also carry a bold, colorful bag that doesn’t match your hair as long it coordinates with the pop colors you’ve chosen to wear this season.

Part B: What color and size bag will you carry this season? Send pics please with YOU carrying it! I want to post! Please “tag” it with Fashion Meets Faith  (I think that’s how it’s done!)

Part C: Do you know the 16 point accessory rule? Please read the accessory chapter in the book and learn how to do that. Then prepare to reveal HOW you’re doing that in the final days of our challenge….you don’t have to show us today, but know that you will be revealing this in the next day or so!

Love you girls!!!!! I’ll be in Tennessee this weekend speaking at a women’s retreat center for a church in South Carolina…I don’t do a lot of retreat speaking (I’m a conference speaker or Girls Night Out speaker typically) but retreats are FUN!  And tonight’s a 50’s pj party too, .after my first session…then tomorrow morning is a tacky fashion show after my second session….I think this is going to be a wonderful weekend!
Hope yours is wonderful, too!


~ Daisha said...

I'm thinking about purchasing a purse for this Spring/Summer season in a metallic silver or gold. My best purse color is black but it just seems to dark for summer! I do have a black purse already that will be my backup for church outfits and special events.

I also have been practicing the 16 point accessory rule and most days I'm at 14 points if I take the time to put together my outfit the day before. I will be posting pictures on my blog when we are done with the challenge. Gosh, I can't believe it's almost over! This has been soooooo much fun!

The event in Tennessee sounds like it will be a wonderful time of fellowship and fun! Wish I could be there. By the way, will you be doing any events in Texas anytime this year?

~Brenda said...

I have a purse for spring/summer, its tan with brown straps. I'm thinking of getting another purse closer to my brown hair. I'll send a picture soon.

Enjoy your women's retreat in TN!

Shari Braendel said...

Daisha, as for events in Texas, I'll be in Austin in September...also doing a bootcamp in Texas/OKC area near that time. Are you close to Austin?

Can't wait to see pics of you both!