Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 28 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

Day 28 Challenge
Please accept my apologies for not posting yesterday! I was in Tennessee at a women's retreat and I had absolutely NO internet capabilities....I was so sad not to post!!! I'm on my way home and have stopped off at my sister's house and am using her computer to post for you.

Today's challenge is focused on Modesty.

Part A: Check all your outfits and make sure they fit the follo...
wing guidelines:

No bra straps showing
No cleaveage showing
Nothing too short
Nothing written on your bottom
Nothing too tight

How short is too short? What is too tight? I'm not going to tell you because this is an issue of your heart. I believe each of us knows when we have something on that is not modest.

Check yourself each day on these guidelines before you walk out the door.

Love you!


~ Daisha said...

Thanks for posting, Shari! I hope you had fun at the retreat! I have been checking my outfits alot lately and I have very few items that do not hang below the knee. After reading page 166 that shows the hem of skirts, pants, dresses & shorts should end in the center of a diamond, I've been following this rule religiously. I was so amazed at how a pair of capris seemed to have been transformed by merely hemming them up an inch! They were on their way to the local thrift store until I applied this rule. I liked them but I just kept thinking, "these just don't look right."

Needless to say, I have had to pass on a couple of items that I really liked because the hem did not fall in the correct location.

Ladies, believe me, Shari knows what she's talking about on this! If you have the book go read page 166 and then apply this rule to your clothes. I'm sure you will be glad you did!

Thanks again, for posting, Shari! I missed you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Daisha, what a good idea. Welcome back Shari !

~Brenda said...

I missed you on Saturday as well!

I will take another look at the hems of my dresses; I know they are modest however, will check about the diamond's.

Carol said...

I still have trouble finding my diamonds. I'm bow-legged and just don't seem to have any! I got some longer than usual capris yesterday. Rolled the legs up and down and up and down in the dressing room. Still not sure, but got them to take home and try on with the shoes I'll likely wear with them.

(Nothing written on your bottom - :-) and AMEN!)

Thanks, Shari!

Anonymous said...

Daisha,I appreciate your comment about the capris. I had planned to get rid of some I bought last summer that I just had to have because of the color. They fell into the 'frumpy' category and I couldn't figure out why. It is where they hit on my leg! So I read here what you wrote, and I can sew for Pete's sake, so guess what? I'm keeping them! Isn't it funny that it never crossed my mind that I could fix them!!? I hem pants all the time and never thought to fix the capris! Thanks for the idea!

~Brenda said...

Daisha, I too appreciate your comment about hemming capri's; that's what I will be doing to 3 pair! I like how we learn from Shari and each other.