Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kickin' Style!

No matter your clothing personality, there's just something about shoes that draws us in.

Whether you're a Pure Natural who prefers low and comfy, a Classic Modern keen on trendy but classy, a Creative Original who wants to lace up in a pair of colorful tennies or a Style Fashionista drooling over the latest 'it' pumps, as a woman, we all like shoes!

But this season it's all about WEDGES. And no matter what your clothing style is, you can find a pair that will rock your wardrobe and your pretty feet.

And what better way to wear some amazing footwear than with a flirty skirt to show off those kickin' shoes, right? Take a look and find your favorite one.

If you've just come off the 30 days of Frumpy to Fabulous Challenge it's exciting to know you can 'window shop' and not feel like you have to buy everything!

 It's calling Shopping Happily On Purpose..or S.H.O.P.!!!!!

As you kick off your Spring season, find a perfect skirt (or two) for you and a great pair of wedges and you'll be right in style.

Before I sign off, did you know there's a Beauty Boot Camp right around the corner? Yep, it is! It's the weekend of June 22-24 in Charlotte, NC!!!!!! If you live nearby and don't want to spend the night there's a discounted price for you.

Love you!!!!

Heading to Kansas City, MS to speak this weekend so if you're nearby, come on out!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This has been a great series. I'm still catching up. How does a rock star/pure natural wear jewelry.

~Brenda said...

Skirts are on my S.H.O.P. list for summer! Have a safe trip and enjoy your week-end!

TiTaReV said...

I stumble upon your website today and i think its fabulous, im excited to read more about your advices and ideas. God created women to be unique and beautiful in their own personal way, but someimes we need examples and new ways to be up to date but maitaining our personalities.

Nikki Busick said...

I "need" those white sandals with the striped wedge heels. What brand or where can I purchase those? I've been looking everywhere for something like that...