Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 30 Challenge: Frumpy to Fabulous!

WOW! Today is the final day!!!!! This has been such a wonderful experience for me as I hope it has been for you as well.

For some reason, this didn't post on Monday as it was supposed to...I thought I published it but it is no where to be found...odd!!!!! It's almost like it was there and then if this is posting on Wednesday, this is why. Weird.

 As we end this challenge, I pray it’s just the beginning for you. The beginning of seeing yourself as beautiful, of NOT berating yourself in front of the mirror (or your children), of knowing that you are made in the image of God and that He does not make mist...

akes so YOUR BODY is not a mistake either…it is made just as He made it…perfectly fabulous!

Here is what I ask of you today, on the 30th and final day of our fun time together.

Part A: Send a picture!!!!! I have a new Pinterest Board going LIVE this week so it will either be posted there or on the Facebook Album. I (and others!) want to see your fabulous self! When you send a picture, tell us what your style personality is, what your DCC is and whether you are a Movie Star, Rock Star or Glamour Girl.

Part B: What was your biggest take away in this 30 Day Challenge? And if we have another challenge for Fall/Winter, what would you like it to be or include?

Love you girls!!!! So BLESSED you are part of my life!

Thank you for playing along!!!!!! It was fun!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

My biggest take-away is that I don't have to have a ton of clothes to look nice. As long as I have good basics for my style preference and body type, I can change up the looks. No more stuffing the closet with things that just don't work (but looked cute in the store). I guess bigger still is that striving to look good is not nearly as important as striving to live the life that God wants me to live and to be thankful and ever-mindful of my importance to Him! I loved the challenge!! Karen

Erika :) said...

Does a classic modern ever not like to wear heels ? They hurt my feet. Thanks for a great 30 days Shari !

~Brenda said...

The 30 day challenge was a refresher course for me; I have your book and applied it to myself and closet. I remembered to look for the correct frames for my heart shape face when I bought new eye glasses! I’ve hemmed 3 pair of Capri’s to hit at a diamond in my legs; I was surprised at the difference in how I looked! I enjoyed revitalizing and reading comments from others. When I go shopping, I come home with fewer clothes however; what I buy is the correct color and style. This saves a trip back to the mall to return items that I only thought looked good. I feel confident about myself and clothing style!

I would enjoy a fall/winter challenge on whatever you share with us!

I have sent you my photo however; I didn’t type in the info you need; will do that today.

~ Daisha said...

I have REALLY down-sized my entire wardrobe. I am now trying to get my daughter to do the same. It is so easy "Shopping Happily On Purpose" now. I use to buy items just because I liked them...didn't matter if they looked good on me...were the right color or style. Now, my color swatches are always with me and I always have an inventory of what's in my closet so I know if what I want to purchase will go with something else.

Thanks so much for doing this challenge, Shari!

Looking forward to it in the Fall!

Love ya!

Erika said...

Hi Lovely Ladies,

Does Kohl's have any good brands for the Classic Modern ? Thanks

Anonymous said...

A fall challenge sounds lovely.