Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Top 4 Summer Fashion Essentials

Stay chic this summer by adding budget-friendly, colorful and unique accessories to your look.

 Most of us can can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe every season so we have to shop smart to get the most bang for our buck. So here you go, four essentials that will have you looking right on trend.

     Sunglasses The most essential summer accessory is a fabulous pair of rockin’ sunglasses!  Pick up a fab pair that adds a simple touch to your summer outfits. Pay attention to your face shape and get glasses proportional to your size; "Rock star, Glamour girl, and Movie star" also apply to the size of this important accessory. One of the most popular styles right now are shield sunglasses.  You can easily spot these one piece sunglasses that have a distinct fade to the tint.  They have great style as well as protection from the sun! If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you’re already a head of the game in this department since it featured the best styles for each face shape.

Big floppy hat A hat is a great way to stay cool and sun protected during the summer. But it’s also one of the best ways to add a simple touch of flair. Be sure to also add a pin, flower, or  scarf on your hat  for a festive flair.

Statement Bag in Pop Color
 Your bag says a lot about you. Whether you are prefer simple and chic  or relaxed and laid back, your bag says it all. Choose a summer bag that reflects your personal style and pay special attention to size. Pick one based on fabric weight and color to coordinate with you. This summer, whether you are sunning poolside or sipping lemonaid at an outdoor party, carry a sizzling bag that shows the world you are one chic gal!

Unique footwear
Try something new! Test yourself. So many times we get stuck in a fashion rut. Try a new style.  If you usually wear flats, try heels. If you normally wear flip-flops or thongs (not the underwear kind!), try a cute sandal instead. You might not just like it, but love it! Don't ever get too comfortable with your style.  Always try to change it up, even if it's only once a month. Do something new. Shoes are a great way to try a new look with minimal effort.

You see, as we approach summer, don't let all the new trends and short shorts have you thinking there's nothing for you to wear...or that's it's completely overwhelming. Opt for the four summer essentials above and all your basics will come to life!

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Erika said...

Hi Lovely Ladies,

What are your favorite Classic modern brands or styles ? I don't have facebook so I have to post here.

Erika said...

Welcome back Shari. It's nice to see you posting again !

~Brenda said...

I love how you show us fashions that are easy on our wallets!

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personal style ?