Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Resting and Re-evaluating

Hey gals,

I really can't believe it's June already but it is! How did it get to be summer so quickly?

When summertime hits, I always look at it as a time to rest, relax and renew..and to re-evaluate.

At the end of my days, I want to face Jesus and be able to answer him for a job well done. The fact is, I don't look at my work as a job and I know he didn't actually mean 'job' when he says it that way. But, really, what we all do is work, right?  What a privilege I have of doing this thing I do, just as I hope you consider it a privilege what you do.

So as I re-evaluate, I've decided to give up some writing and social media things. Why? Because I need to streamline. I need to prepare to be available to my son as he goes through his senior year this next year. I need to be totally present for my family. I need to be fully prepared when I travel to speak at events. And honestly, writing is hard for me. It doesn't come naturally but I do it because I like connecting with you. And the social media stuff? Some of it I like but sometimes I find myself wasting time with it. Especially twitter. Gracious, I don't like that one.

So as I've been thinking and praying this through I'm considering doing away with my blog and twitter. I also just resigned as Fashion Editor for Susie Magazine because my focus is moving me in a direction of equipping women more than teens. I figure if I can get to the moms and help them to see themselves more beautiful and confident women in Christ, then they will pass that on to their daughters. And hey girls, I'm 50! I think I'll leave the teen events for the younger gals!

Anyway, back to issue at hand. Most of my activity seems to take place on the Fashion Meets Faith facebook page and even if you're not a member of facebook, you can look at the postings there. Just google Fashion Meets Faith facebook page and you'll find it.
So I'm taking the next several weeks to pray about this.  I'll let you know what I finally decide but for now, it's a strong guess that those two things (blog and twitter) are going to go away. If you're a blog reader, I thank you so much for reading my blog but I promise I'll let you know where to find me!

For now, off to take my lab for a much needed daily walk, and then pack for my trip to Illinois tomorrow where I get the privilege to speak on Friday night to a conference full of beautiful women...maybe you'll be there!

Love you gals,



~Brenda said...

As a wife and mother I completely understand the importance of priorities; if you decide to stop blogging; I sure will miss you!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I think it is great that you are praying about this! I too totally understand. I am thankful I have your book. :)

Michelle Angelique said...

I completely understand your need to be present with your family. Thank you for this time that you have shared with us through your teaching and inspiration. I am your friend on facebook so I will keep an eye out for you there. I pray the Lord continues to use you and helps you with this transition time in your work and home life.
Hugs and blessings!

Anonymous said...


I pray the Lord will make it obvious to you as to the direction He wants you to take from here. I have so enjoyed your blog. I don't know of any other Fashion blog from a Christian perspective. It is an area that I am totally ignorant about and I have learned so much.

The Lord will bless the path He directs you to take.

Your ministry has blessed me thus far.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the other ladies. What Shari does is a big blessing. Many of us need a lot of help.

Maybe we can help each other with questions while Shari takes a time out.

Karen said...


I understand your need to prioritize and focus on the important things. I will miss your blog though, as I have been reading it for several years. I was wondering if you will leave it online, so that we can still refer to what you have already written.

God bless,

~ Daisha said...


I agree with the other ladies as well. I will truly miss your blog but I do have your email address soooo...unless you decide to change it, expect to hear from me from time to time. May God bless you in what he has equipped you to do! Love ya! See you in Austin in September!

Anonymous said...

What kind of accesories does a pure natural/rock star wear ?

Anonymous said...

I am another one who understands your need to focus on your family and your son. I will miss this blog terribly as it is my fashion guide and I look forward to seeing what's new for the upcoming season. I have your book, thankfully, and my swatches, but I admit I use your advice and guidelines A LOT!! If you get a chance, would you let me know what a good style guide/magazine would be for women my age (50's). I am a young 50's, and don't ever want to look frousy! Thanks for all you do and have done Shari. God bless you as you work through this process!

Anonymous said...

What kind of accesories does a pure natural/rock star wear ? Any ideas? I'm really not sure.