Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm backkkkkk!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I promised I'd return with a decision of whether or not to continue blogging and tweeting. I needed some time to think and pray about this decision and honestly, I thought the outcome would be to discontinue my blog and twitter.

Over the last several weeks and during the days of my praying, I had several women email to offer to help me out. I wasn't sure that was the answer but I considered it. I thought perhaps I'd blog once in awhile but wasn't sure what that would look like. I thought maybe I'd use facebook only. I thought maybe I'd tweet and then thought maybe not.
Social media can be so mind boggling.

But then a girl emailed me and basically read my mind about what I needed. In fact, she was so spot-on that it was kind of eerie. She offered to help me in a "side-kick" kind of way and offered to help me research any topic I wanted written that I thought would be useful to you. 
We brainstormed for quite awhile and after a few days I decided to give it a whirl. Besides, who doesn't like a little help every now and then?

And hey, who couldn't use her own personal side kick? 

So let me introduce you to my Side-Kick Laura! A self-proclaimed Nerdy Tomboy (she's an engineer by day!), Laura will be taking the information I give her, researching the topic, and spilling the goods right here. She'll be writing at least once a week (yep, that means sometimes there will be more than one post per week) and I will be leading her along the way. She'll be getting her hands dirty with fashion insider info and making sure that the information she brings you is approved by me. I'll be writing too and we have so many awesome things planned for you that we can hardly contain ourselves! In fact, she already has a post planned for this friday that you don't want to has to do with your coloring when you get a tan and what colors you should's a good one!

So yes, I'm staying. I'm not going didn't think you could get rid of me that easy, did you? heheheh!

Thank you for all of your AMAZING and WONDERFUL comments and personal emails. Thank you to those of you who offered to help. I appreciate it so very much. We have a lot of things planned that I believe you are going to love and even a cast of characters that might even have something to do with YOU! More on that another time.

Have a wonderful week and lots of love to you....come back this Friday!


P.S. Do any of you live near Indianapolis? I'm doing a 1 and 1/2 day Beauty Boot Camp and the cost is only $'s not the full 3 day one but you will get almost all of the's a can't miss event if you're within driving distance. Here's the link to check it out! Please come! I have two additional instructors with me and one of them will teach you about how to transform your closet and the other one is teaching you how to shop at Goodwill! Ohhh so much good info!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad to know that you are 'staying' on the blog! I really get so much from all your informatioon and would truly miss you if you were to depart (although I would understand, being a mom myself). What a relief!

~Brenda said...

Shari, this IS exciting news; I’m looking forward to what you and your ‘side-kick’ Laura have planned and reading her 1st post on Friday! You’re an exceptional woman and have helped me greatly in the clothing area of my life. I wish I did live close by Indianapolis; I would be at that Beauty Camp.

~ Daisha said...

I am SO HAPPY that you are back!!! I know this is going to be great! Although, I think I get great ideas from the thrift stores where I shop, I'd be interested to hear what the instructor has to say about shopping at Goodwill. Will she be coming with you to Austin in September?

Carmi said...

Very happy to hear this!! Welcome Laura!

Jason and Brenda said...

I'm so glad you have a way to continue this blog. It is helpful and full of insight that the book just isn't big enough to cover! Thanks, Laura! Also, thanks for doing the blog for so long, Shari!

Michelle Angelique said...

Shari, I was so happy to see that you decided to keep your blog! :) I would have loved to offer to help you but even though I have learned a lot from you the past couple of years I feel like I still have too much to learn to be a "side kick". I have caught up on all the blog posts know and truly enjoyed what Laura wrote about. Blessings to you both! Can't wait to read more! :)