Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What to Wear Wednesdays: Hue and Contrast

Short and sweet as promised!  Well... a lot of pictures at least.

Let's get to the basics today.   Let's start with thinking about black and white photos.  There is true black, true white and lots of gray in them, right?  

Hue.  A hue is a gradation or variety of a color; tint or shade.

Here are three dresses that would look great on a Deep.  Notice that when made into a Black and White photo the dresses are nearly the same color, the same hue.


Here are three dresses that would look great on a Soft.  
Notice that when made into a Black and White photo the dresses are nearly the same color, the same hue.


Dressing for your best HUE works best for Lights and Deeps.  If a Deep wears (almost) anything in a dark shade then they will look fantastic!  And a Light in a light shade.

Notice the Soft choices in the above pictures, see how the dresses nearly match the woman's skin tone?  This is what Soft gals want to do with CONTRAST.

Let's chat about each Coloring starting with the Contrast Opposites, Soft and Clear.

Soft = very little contrast, soft differences between hair, eyes, skin.  Your clothes should reflect the same.  Notice how these gals have very different dresses, yet the print seems to fade into itself.  As a Soft you want your "black and white" picture to look like your skin tone is a part of the dress.

Deeps:  You are in the Soft side of the Contrast equation.  Lower contrast is better.  Stick to darker hues that don't have lots of white space.  

Warms:  You're also on the low contrast, Soft team!  Keep your colors warm and your contrast low.  These are beautiful prints for a Warm.

Soft team I added jungle prints because so many women have mentioned that they cannot wear traditional zebra or leopard.  It may not be true black and white zebra print, but these fashions will look fantastic on you!

On to High Contrast:

Clears:  HIGH contrast!  BRIGHT colors!  Your "black and white" photos should have black and white as much as possible.  

Some women in the Clear "group" should match their zebra contrast with their hair/skin combination. 

For example:  Pale skin (for your ethnicity) and dark hair is a high contrast.  If there is a big difference between your hair and your skin hue then make sure your look from head to toe is nearly a "black and white" photo.  Your best contrast is the zebra print below on the left!

If you are a Clear with tan skin and medium colored hair, you should stay closer to the right blue/purple dress with slightly less contrast.  

A note of caution to my Clear gals:  I found the blue dress picture which nearly matches Shari's swatches for a Clear.  I picked it for it's colors, not it's style.  If a Clear wants to wear a long skirt they need to make sure there is enough contrast from waistline to hemline.  Most long skirts or maxi dresses will make a Clear look like a blob of color instead of a beautiful woman dressed for her mission.  This blue dress is good yet most I saw today should be kept to the Soft group as far as contrast is concerned.

Cools are on the Clear team!  Wear your bright colors and high to medium contrast dresses with confidence!  Don't leave all the color for the other gals, you are COOL, so work it!  *winks*

Lights, you are also in the Clear group.  Keep your hue light and your contrast can be medium to high.  

Don't you love the first dress?  Shari!  See how the black isn't near her face, it gradually increases as it gets toward the bottom?  Do I get extra credit for finding this dress?  LOL!

Ladies keep it light and bright over here!

Alright let's wrap it up today.  Hue is knowing your best colors and sticking to similar shades.  Contrast is finding the difference between your hair shade and skin shade and matching it in your head to toe look.  Yes, Head to Toe.

I hope this helped.  If you are SO confused please feel free to send me a note.  I will get back to you as soon as I can! is my new official email address... it's so shiny and new that I haven't even gotten one email yet!  

I want to genuinely thank you for all of your support this far.  I know it has only been a few days and you have so lovingly opened your arms to me.  

God Bless you Ladies and have a wonderful weekend!

See you next week!  You will love the post from Shari herself on Friday!  Don't miss it!

Lots of Love!


shari braendel said...

Wow and more wow! Laura, you simply rock. Can I just say how thrilled I am that you are taking my basic information and helping our readers understand it so easily? Love it...and you!

Kathy H said...

This is brilliant!! I'm the 31 yr old Pure Natural from the other post and I just want to fist pump and say "go girl!!" I'm so happy that Shari decided to keep the blog and that God brought you two together to collaborate. This information is helping me learn in ways that I never could have before. So thankful for the both of you. Keep up the awesome work. You have a gift for explaining things.

~Brenda said...

I agree with Kathy, you do have a gift and I’m happy Shari decided to keep the blog. I find the photos to be a great help, I now understand hue and contrast so much better. Keep up the great work!

Laura Gutknecht said...

Kathy ~ High Five right back atcha girl! I'm so thankful to be here! It has been a great place for me to be myself with all you gals!

Brenda ~ I'm glad Shari is sticking around too. She wasn't out of ideas... by ANY stretch of the imagination! She has so much more to share, tomorrow's post is great... tell your hubbie to tune in too!

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness !

Michelle Angelique said...

I am late in reading these posts (I didn't realize until I saw a post on facebook that Shari had partnered with you and kept the blog open). I second Kathy's response. I never truly understood about the "hue" and "soft colors" until I read this post. Thank you! It makes so much more sense to me now! Having the visual aide with the black and white photos really helped! I think I will have to carry my digital camera with me and take black and white photos so I can see if it is the right "hue" from now on! Bless you! :)