Friday, July 20, 2012

Is your husband bald? What are HIS best colors?

Follow Up Friday

I get lots of emails about everything from eyeglasses to eyeshadow and everything in between but the most popular category of questioning is about colors. So if color is important for us as women, why wouldn't it be for our husbands? Well, it is, of course!

To determine the best colors for the man in your life, it's based hair, skin and eyes, just like you.

But what if your husband is bald?

If your dear one is bald, then we analyze just his eyes and skin. Eyes become a focal point so we look at this first. Are his eyes blue? Are they brown? Are they hazel or green? Once you determine the answer to that (and that's easy to see!) that narrows it down some.

Then look at his skin. Is it a bit rosy or is it more bronze? Does he have facial hair? What color is that? Gray, reddish, brown, black? Gather all that info together and then we can determine his colors. It's important for men to be wearing the correct colors too. Here is a quick guideline that might help you. Keep in mind it's best if I see a picture of your hubby to determine for sure but this will get you close.

Blue, Green eyes and Pink skin: Cool

Blue, Green eyes and dark skin: Clear

Blue, Green eyes and Fair skin: Light

Blue, Green, Hazel or Brown eyes and Neutral skin with Reddish Beard: Warm

Hazel, Green, Brown eyes with medium skin: Soft

Brown, hazel eyes with dark skin: Deep

If a guy has any gray or silver in his skin, no matter his eye color, I would put him in the Cool category. If he has lots of red in his beard, then Warm would be my anaylsis.

Here's a couple questions you might like an answer to:

Does a belt have to match shoes?

Well, no. Of course that's the short answer. The answer is no if you're wearing a pop color or metallic belt and your shoe is a neutral (or the other way around). But if both items are neutrals (brown, black, camel, etc.) then it's best to coordinate by matching them.

Can anyone choose a white purse? It's not matching anyone's hair color.

If you've been around me long enough you know that I tell you the best color bag to choose should match your hair color. So what about white bags? Can anyone carry them?
Yes, you can. Summer is a great time to carry a white bag and it goes with everything in a warm weather wardrobe. A white bag can be a great asset to your wardrobe and makes a great fashion statement. In fact, in July's newsletter, I talk about a white bag as being one of the 10 best style tips for summer!

Thanks girls...isn't it fun having Laura posting a few times a week? She is an amazing asset to my life! Wow!

 Are any of you coming to Indianapolis in August?!



Jason and Brenda said...

My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. He's almost hairless, but I'm not sure which category to put him in. I'll hold him up to the computer screen tonight to compare him to these guys. ;) ha-ha-ha
Thanks for touching on the topic. He wants to look nice, too!

~Brenda said...

My husband had dark hair however, is now bald on top with hair on the sides; what we call salt & pepper color. LOL He has dark skin and gorgeous blue eyes; I put him in the clear category, this was fun!

Anonymous said...

How fun !