Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lace and Color Banding

There's something wonderful when each new season approaches as it gets me cleaning and organizing my closet and planning how to pull new outfits together without breaking the bank, something most of us thinks about, I suppose.

Just today I asked my husband if he would take both pair of my boots and get them cleaned up and repaired so they'd be ready for me when I want to wear them.
Yea, he's good like that.

After reading so many of the feedback emails you've sent to us regarding what you're looking for in a wardrobe and how we can best help you, the overall emphasis is that you want to look great for your age; you don't want to look like your daughter OR your mother.

 I'm with you on that one.

As you prepare for Fall, remember first and foremost to wear colors that compliment you and clothes that flatter your figure. Don't rely on well-dressed mannequins in store windows to determine if that particular outfit will look good on you because most of us aren't built like mannequins. We're real women, with real bodies, whether that means being fluffy, thin or somewhere in between. We're not made of plastic (well, maybe some have plastic parts, but we won't discuss that here, hehe!) and most of us have a need for some type of shaper to make us look smooth all over.

Adding one or two trends to your basic fall pieces from last year can update your look in a jiffy.

For example, lady like dressing is really big this year. So what might that look like for you? How about a lace blouse like this. Wear it with a pair of jeans that suit your body type (if skinny jeans don't work for you, then don't wear them, opt instead for a great pair of bootcut jeans instead.) Or wear these with a pair of yoga pants. I'm excited about the new So Slimming Jeans from Chico's and I'm IN LOVE with kika Paprika's new Yoga Pant (new fabric this season).

 By adding this blouse to your wardrobe, (all ages look great in it), you have an outfit that is casual or dressy.
Belk $88

Let's say you don't have $88 to spend. Then use this for inspiration and look around for a blouse adorned with lace or ruffles in a price point you can afford.

Here's a blouse from H&M I found for only $24.95.  And it's a beauty.

It comes in Coral and Black.

You see, it's really not about the price (because you can find things in all ranges) it's about knowing what you are looking for to achieve the style you want to project.

What's great about this coral blouse is that it works with the trend of Color Blocking and Color Banding. Color Blocking is when you have 2 colors together in a bold pattern. Like this:
An example of Colorblocking from Belk, $150.

This is Color Banding:
It's when you wear a bold color on top and a DIFFERENT bold color on the bottom.
On two different pieces. Colorblocking usually happens on the SAME piece as in the black and white dress.

So as you begin preparing your wardrobe for fall, putting the summer pieces away and pulling the fall pieces out, what can you do to make your wardrobe come to life without spending a lot of money? Perhaps you can put two pieces together like a colored pair of jeans with a brightly colored top that you never wore together before...get creative!

I hope your week is going great! I'm headed to Dallas, TX today to speak at the Int'l MOPS conference....exciting to be with all those wonderful leaders from around the world. So what do you think of these two new trends? Will you add lace or color blocking or banding to your wardrobe?

Love you girls! Next week I'll be in Indianapolis for the Fashion Meets Faith Workshop...I think there's a few spots left! Come join us!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

I for one love the coral lace top. It is understated and elegant, with just the right amount of lace (for me). My sister would look fabulous in the other one (isn't it interesting that Shari's book helped me to know what looks good for my personality, and someone else's?!) I love lace, especially in a more subdued way, but it always makes me feel SO feminine and I love it with jeans!! I am not much for the color blocking (maybe a carry over from growing up in the 60's), but color banding intrigues me, and I have the same color pants as on your model, AND an orange shirt...hmm..never would have considered that combination! Thanks for helping me think in new and fun ways! I am also 'getting' the tones, such as the same brightness in the top and bottom pieces, making if flow even though the colors are vastly different. I have learned so much from you Shari!

Michelle Angelique said...

I love the ruffled brown lace top! I would wear that with jeans! :) I am not one for color blocking or banding, it goes against my personality big time. I can coordinate or compliment but not contrast like that. But I am happy to add ruffles and lace to my wardrobe! Thanks for the explainations and pics Shari! Have a safe trip! God Bless! :)

Laura Gutknecht said...

I love the lady-like dressing... I have been trying to do that for about a year now. I might not be ready for lace, but I have warmed up to the ruffles especially when they add volume where it's supposed to go!

~Brenda said...

Shari, thanks for explaining about color blocking and banding. I do like the idea of a lace top and will look for one on my next shopping trip.

Enjoy your week-end!