Friday, August 3, 2012

Important Trends for Fall

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Fall Fashion Buzz for Belk, a fabulous, southern department store with locations all along the east coast.

Along with other members of the media, I was treated to the top trends and fashion news for Fall 2012 by Arlene Goldstein, VP of Fashion for Belk.  And oh what a treat it was!

As I was sitting there taking all kinds of notes, soaking in all the wonderful information, it occurred to me that YOU would like to see what I get to see too, right? So hold on, but in just a few weeks, I'll announce a FREE webinar that you can join me for to hear and see all the juicy news about the latest trends and how to wear them!

In the meantime, I just couldn't wait to tell you about a few of the beautiful trends so you can begin getting your wardrobe prepped for Fall. So here goes.

Fall is about major pieces. What that means is you don't have to re-do your entire wardrobe to look fashionable this autumn but what you want to do is add a few major items to give your wardrobe the uplift it needs. And what are those, you ask?

Take a look at this list and find out!

The Fitted Blazer

Ankle Pants

A Pencil Skirt

The Glitzy Top

Shift Dress

The Metal Collar

Bold Fashion Watch

A Boxy Sweater

As these are major pieces, there are also major statments happening.

Like this:

Vivid Color


Mod Modern

Lady like Dressing

Color Blocking and Color Banding

Does this get you excited? Or does it make you nervous that you won't know how to carry these looks off? Don't worry, that's what I'm here for! Each week I'll be taking a day to explain one or two of these trends so you know how to wear them so you look like your fabulous, fashionable self, no matter your clothing personality.

We'll also announce news of the FREE WEBINAR where you can join in to hear all the news in one place, at one time...sometimes it's just better to hear a real, live voice explain it all, right? Right!

I hope you enjoyed a little preview of what's coming for Fall...until next week,



Birmingham Fashion Blog said...

Can't wait to hear about the webinar and see some pictures!

Anonymous said...

Lady like Dressing . It's about time they took notice !

~Brenda said...

Looking forward to seeing pictures and knowing more!

Karen said...

Looking forward to the Webinar!

Sue Gust said...

Definitely want to be on this webinar. The last time you did this, the information was SO useful and effective both personally and for my fashion business. Thanks, Shari!